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Master Collector

Collect at least one Player item from each team in Hockey Ultimate Team mode.

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16 Sep 2014 18 Sep 2014
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There's a lot of confusion surrounding this achievement, so here's my attempt to clear it up:

You will need to obtain a player from each team. Be aware that you do NOT need to get anything from the All-Star Teams, National Teams or Top Prospect Teams since they don't actually have players in HUT. These are the leagues you will need to buy from:

NHL (except All-Star Teams)
Extraliga ledniho hokeje
National League (the Swiss one, not National Teams)

Edit: Thenixhex311 made this handy checklist you can use to keep track of which teams you need:

You can get the players through packs, but it is much cheaper to buy them off the auction house. I used a total of about 45.000 coins to buy each player on auction. Here's the sort of money you can expect to spend per player as of September '14:

Bronze players: 100-300 coins.
Silver players: 200-700 coins. (SHL players can be overpriced up to 2000 coins)
Gold players: 500-600 coins.

You can of course spend even less than the above if you're willing to wait for good deals to appear. Remember that you can always check your Collection if you're unsure what clubs you need to buy from.

Good luck!
thenixhex311I've created some checklists to help those out with both this achievement, as well as a checklist for NHL rosters/jerseys/logo/arena if you wanted to add it to your list


Posted by thenixhex311 on 18 Sep 14 at 14:46
DonKevaniGreat checklist! Can you add the AHL teams to the Master Collector one too?
Posted by DonKevani on 18 Sep 14 at 15:08
thenixhex311crap i thought i DID! Hold on, will do.
Posted by thenixhex311 on 18 Sep 14 at 16:22
Posted by thenixhex311 on 18 Sep 14 at 17:35
Imawhiteboy241I can help by loaning out some of the silver cards if you only have a few left. just send me a message.
Posted by Imawhiteboy241 on 05 Oct 14 at 22:40
xShoot4WarAmpsxAnyone got an Olomouc Card? Literally my last card. I don't even care if I have to give it back. I just want to be done with this incredibly broken game.
Posted by xShoot4WarAmpsx on 02 Feb 15 at 22:49
AttestedBarley2^ Did you ever find one? an Olomouc card I mean. I'm narrowning down to my last few cards for this cheevo, and olomouc seems likes its going to be the hardest
Posted by AttestedBarley2 on 07 May 15 at 17:01
DC 0wnsI have an Olomouc card, but I need an SHL Djurgarden Hockey player. Maybe we can help each other.
Posted by DC 0wns on 13 May 15 at 20:47
duke63031What's with the bonus rewards this year? They're not even worth completing the teams if you ask me. I think I may just get my achievement and move on.
Posted by duke63031 on 18 May 15 at 18:07
duke63031So jerseys and logos don't count correct?
Posted by duke63031 on 19 May 15 at 13:17
DonKevaniCorrect :)
Posted by DonKevani on 19 May 15 at 14:55
duke63031Thank you kind sir!
Posted by duke63031 on 19 May 15 at 19:39
brentiscooolCan i transfer all the cards from 360 to the xbox one version?
Posted by brentiscoool on 09 Aug 15 at 07:28
MCFC Blue NoseDo cards that you can't transfer count?
Posted by MCFC Blue Nose on 08 Sep 15 at 14:03
PrattalmightyThe list is off, I'm working though Extraliga right now and there's lots of team's missing
Posted by Prattalmighty on 24 Dec 15 at 06:09
PrattalmightyAll the European leagues are off, did they put out an update? I'm making a list of everything now.
Posted by Prattalmighty on 24 Dec 15 at 06:25