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Man of Conviction

Allow Tom Reed to live

Man of Conviction0
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Titan EricTitan Eric83,349
14 Apr 2010 14 Apr 2010
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Spoilers incoming!

There are two achievements that depend on a choice at the end of the single player campaign:
-Judge, Jury and Executioner
-Man of Conviction
In order to get both, choose one decision, then, immediately after the achievement pops, hit the start button, and choose "Retry Last Checkpoint". Play through the end sequence again until you get to the choice, and choose the other option.

You can get both, but you have to be fast in order to not miss the end checkpoint and have to replay the entire chapter.
The only choice that matters is the very end one, where you decide to shoot, or to spare.
DesolationPointI posted this for the other solution, so I'll just copy and paste it here!

Good solution! But if you missed your chance to retry the last checkpoint, you can still do this pretty easily if you haven't started a new campaign. Just select continue story from the main menu, and it takes you to a point very close to the end. Again, that's only if you haven't started a new campaign yet.
Posted by DesolationPoint on 22 Apr 10 at 03:06