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Double Trouble

Play a Toy Box Game with 2 players.

Double Trouble0
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Lord KhazmirLord Khazmir844,455
27 Sep 2014
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I Got this entering attack on asgard with two characters - only one of the characters was gold account - the other was just a local account, not even a silver.
Matt DB87How do you enter attack on asgard. Where is it?
Posted by Matt DB87 on 17 Dec 14 at 02:01
Lord KhazmirAttack on asgard is the hexagonal disc that comes with the start up package.
Posted by Lord Khazmir on 17 Dec 14 at 16:38
BRAN IS HEREWhere the hell is this in game??
Posted by BRAN IS HERE on 16 Feb 17 at 16:59
BRAN IS HERENvm turns out the store i bought it from didnt give me the right disks
Posted by BRAN IS HERE on 16 Feb 17 at 19:21