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That's More Like It

Successfully complete a 1000+ hit combo

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02 May 2014 27 Sep 2014 03 Nov 2015
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Note: Clear out all the bombs first.

Note 2: Also you will notice the combo nearly stops, IGNORE THAT, i have done this 3 times and every time got the same result

Note 3: This was done on easy and i'm not sure if it can be done on the harder difficulties, as you get hurt when you start to go red on Tough difficulty.

I've found the perfect place to do this in the Blackmoor Mountains, near the beginning there is a ledge you reach where you can hold down the cn_B button with Fidget's Lighting attack, will show it in the video, i have already got the achievement so it won't show it poppin but you will see the combo meter get well over a 1000.