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Master of Arcade Dishwashing

Complete Arcade mode.

Master of Arcade Dishwashing0
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15 Apr 2010 01 May 2010
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What this achievement means by "Complete" is not do every mission. Its actually just to complete the last level, "Final Showdown".

This can also be done in co-op contrary to belief. The catch is that only the host will get the achievement. So you will have to do it again with your partner being host.

Essentially what you could do is find someone who has the achievement already, have them do the second to last level "Boardroom Blitz" with you, and then do the last level "Final Showdown"(makes sure your host if playing co-op), without having played any of the other arcade levels.

[Boss Tips: "Dude on The Horse"]

The boss will come in 2 stages.
- First he will attack on his horse. You will need to press B right as he is about to hit you about 4 times.
- The second he will attack on the ground. When he jumps/teleports, use the arsenal and air juggle him in the air. His health will go down real quick with that.
- Also remember that when you co-op partner dies, pile drive a few zombies, and that should bring him back to life.

Thanks for reading, hope you the best of luck.
Ragnarok Flamescan you help me get this?
Posted by Ragnarok Flames on 09 Aug 10 at 22:33
Fal1phorYa sure, but you will have to wait until Wednesday, possibly Thursday.
Posted by Fal1phor on 09 Aug 10 at 22:48
A Navy of Duckscan you help me do this too?
Posted by A Navy of Ducks on 07 Apr 11 at 04:21
Fal1phorI don't have gold at the moment
Posted by Fal1phor on 07 Apr 11 at 13:23
A Navy of DucksGetting it soon? What if I got you a 48 hour trial? LOL
Posted by A Navy of Ducks on 08 Apr 11 at 17:07
Fal1phorIf you gave me a 48 hour trial I would definitely help you. anytime today would be the best for me
Posted by Fal1phor on 08 Apr 11 at 19:49
A Navy of DucksI am working on getting one lol asking anyone i know
Posted by A Navy of Ducks on 12 Apr 11 at 06:09