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Bomb your way to a 4-star Explosives rating

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27 Aug 2008
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This is very easy but takes some time.

Explosives include rocket launchers, grenade launchers, and grenades.

If you are solely focusing on getting this achievement, I recommend the following method.

1. Equip Lobber, Firefly, and Grenades.
2. Use all of the above to kill gang members.
3. When you run out of ammo, reload at a supply point and start at #1. It might take a few hours, but you'll get there.

:) Good luck!
Ashen SeraphIf you have the DLC, use the swarm launcher instead of the Lobber grenade launcher. Far more ammo and travels farther.
Posted by Ashen Seraph on 24 Oct 08 at 13:47
StoodBridgeThis is a nightmare, i am just over 2 Stars rating.
Posted by StoodBridge on 01 Mar 09 at 13:17
d3vilsNightLOL yep the explosives took me a while mainly because I would always get lazy and end up accidentally blowing myself up. ;) Let me know if you want help with any of the other Crackdown achievements, I haven't played in a while and I think I want to play again!! Also I need one more achievement - the Jumping through stunt markers one.... Ugh!
Posted by d3vilsNight on 02 Mar 09 at 15:09
StoodBridgeYeah, i could use some help for the Co-op achievements, but no XBL Gold, better buy some.
Posted by StoodBridge on 03 Mar 09 at 17:31
StoodBridgeGot it today, finally. I used Hothead, firefly and grenades.
Posted by StoodBridge on 05 Apr 09 at 20:27
d3vilsNightHothead works too. I only suggest lobber because it holds way more ammo than the hothead so you don't have to re-supply as often.
Posted by d3vilsNight on 06 Apr 09 at 15:22
MLP ShawnAnyone one where I can find the Fire Fly rocket launcher?
Posted by MLP Shawn on 22 Apr 14 at 18:30
Yummy Baklava@MLP Shawn - I just found one around Czernenko's boss location, the top-left part of the map.
Posted by Yummy Baklava on 12 Jun 14 at 09:31