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Long Range

Score with a shot more than 30m away.

Long Range0
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03 Oct 2014
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Ok so the solution for the WP version, which was to double tap sprint, and then shoot, doesn't seem to work on this version, so instead what I did was play on Beginner, get a striker and roam around the area to lure the keeper away from the goal, once you feel that the keeper is far away enough, hold pass till it's about 75% full and aim back down the pitch, this should send the ball to one of your players around the midfield, then just shoot straight away, and you should get it.

I would recommend putting a bit of power on the shot, just so that it doesn't roll along the ground, as it will probably be intercepted that way. I would also HIGHLY recommend using Xpadder and a controller if you are playing this on a PC, makes things much easier. I don't know if i'm allowed to post links to downloads like that on here, so if anyone needs a link for Xpadder send me a message.

Good luck!
darkavenger786I scored 3 times from 30m away but the achievement didn't pop. Why?
Posted by darkavenger786 on 05 Apr 15 at 11:42