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Retreat From Fire

Cause the Alien to retreat using a molotov

Retreat From Fire0
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Mission 6: Outbreak

You will come to the room with the blueprint during the mission. You will have to get the keycard from here.

Once you have crafted the molotov cocktail you have to throw it at the alien and it will retreat. A good spot is the next area that you access with the keycard. A human enemy will be there and he starts shooting if you get close to him. The alien will then come to his position and attack him. At this point you have enough time to aim and throw the molotov at the alien.
Lost KillazThis is a very good guide, this 2 people who gives negatives to this guide haven't the necessary materials to build the item or so, you can build it in another level, you don't need to do this in mission 6 for the cheevo, grab only the blueprint here in mission 6 and you can made it after you got all the materials.
Posted by Lost Killaz on 15 Oct 14 at 10:44
NE0182Thanks :), yeah i thought about giving some instructions on how to get the materials but almost all of them are randomly generated and most people have a lot of them anyway in mission 6.
Posted by NE0182 on 15 Oct 14 at 18:32
SENTINAL 107Good guide, players that give negative feedback to guides that are so easy to fallow have nothing better to do and then they have the balls to not leave a comment angry
Posted by SENTINAL 107 on 10 Nov 14 at 20:24
Chris1984ukI'm not going to leave a downvote, but I completed mission 6 and didn't find the Blueprint or need to use it.
Posted by Chris1984uk on 08 Jan 15 at 23:14
Chris1984ukNot saying the Blueprint isnt there, just that I didn't find it and still finished the level fine so saying it is story related and unmissable is 100% wrong.
Posted by Chris1984uk on 08 Jan 15 at 23:15
NE0182You're absolutely right. Not story related at all. Thanks for that one, i changed it :)
Posted by NE0182 on 08 Jan 15 at 23:26