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Forfeit your mind!

Dominate 100 Uruks.

07 Oct 2014 until 14 Oct 2014

Forfeit your mind!
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Okay since the other 2 solutions are strange and dont explain exactly what you really have to do:

Go to any enemy which you can grab by pressing the "RB"-Button and hold the "RB"-Button (On some enemys you have to do some damage, before they let you grab them) You can do this in combat and aswell in stealth-mode by sneaking behind to them.
Now all you have to do is press the A button while grabbing them, which will brand them and gives you a count for the achievement. Killing them by pressing the X button will not count toward this.

repeat this 99x.

Ofc you can also hold the B button while grapping them, but i wouldnt suggest that as it takes much longer.

sorry for my bad english, but i hope you can understand it.