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Watch 5 hours of slideshows

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16 Oct 2014 07 May 2017
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All achievements in this app are UNOBTAINABLE right now!


This is very simple. First you need a folder with at least 2 photos.

To start the slideshow open the folder and choose "SLIDE SHOW" button on the screen or open the first photo and hit cn_A button.

Snap mode is removed from the new update, so you have to use OneDrive in full screen mode.
You can do this in Snap, but the snapped OneDrive must be active screen while you watch the slideshow, so you cannot play games on the main screen, but you can watch your series in another application.

In 5 hours you can see about 3000 pictures, so at the same time you can complete about 3% of this achievement:
OneDriveLong ExposureThe Long Exposure achievement in OneDrive worth 0 pointsView 100,000 photos
Marcus PigeonI think they may have taken this feature out. I don't have an option for a slideshow in any of my folders.
Posted by Marcus Pigeon on 19 Mar 17 at 02:59
CLARION 85same here
Posted by CLARION 85 on 07 May 17 at 20:12
zsoltee53Sadly all achievements are now unobtainable in this app.
Posted by zsoltee53 on 07 May 17 at 21:03