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Collateral Damage

Have a Lost Legion Eternal kill 3 of his friends.

Collateral Damage0
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20 Oct 2014 20 Oct 2014
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I just got this achievement in Tycho's Ribs.

As soon as you enter the first area with enemies, a Lost Legion Eternal will spawn from a building on the right. I shot him a few times so he'd ascend. If he didn't become a Magus, I'd save and quit, then repeat until he did.

As an Eternal Magus, he will lob projectiles at you. You need to weaken other enemies and stay close to them so the Magus' projectiles will hit them. It took me several tries to get the Magus to kill three enemies, at which point the achievement popped.

Note: he can kill the enemies one at a time. All three do not have to be killed simultaneously.
Outlaw MustangsAwesome!! worked like a charm. Took a few tries to get the Magus but once i did. CHEEVO.
Posted by Outlaw Mustangs on 20 Oct 14 at 06:03
Bleach XBAI cant seem to do this solo, the enemies murder me when im staying close
Posted by Bleach XBA on 20 Oct 14 at 20:37
I Highway IDoes he have to kill all three at once?
Posted by I Highway I on 20 Oct 14 at 21:23
vSullyHe does not have to kill them at once. For me, he killed them one at a time.

I use Athena and was able to survive without taking much damage by using her action skill. And being careful to throw the apsis away from enemies as not to kill them myself.

If you don't have good survivability with your character, you may want to come back and do this when you're overleveled so you don't get killed so quickly.
Posted by vSully on 20 Oct 14 at 21:39
xCANExINSANEx93Do his "friends" have to be lost legion enemies, or just anything that he doesn't attack on his own? (guardians) Thanks!
Posted by xCANExINSANEx93 on 21 Oct 14 at 03:34
vSullyAny enemy. I think even the turret counts, too.
Posted by vSully on 21 Oct 14 at 03:39
evllmattI'm not sure if this was just my game, but it may have to come from the same camp. First time I tried he killed 2, and I lured one from another camp over to be killed- nothing popped. Second time it was all one camp and worked, so thank you. Not sure if it matters or not.
Posted by evllmatt on 21 Oct 14 at 07:10
Zasta 360GameTVI made a Video from this Position and show a little bit more (all 4 Transformations etc) and got the Achievement over the Eternal Instability. It is not my best Video because i died several Times. If you want vsully you can used again but take a look before you maybe add;)
Posted by Zasta 360GameTV on 23 Oct 14 at 09:08
oxBURN3Rxo@ evllmatt - I lured a couple from the camp just below and he killed them. Achievement unlocked. I think he may have to kill lost legion enemies only though, because he killed 2 guardians and a lost legion and no achievement. When I lured the other lost legion guys up I got it. Hope this comment helps anyone. Great guide Sully
Posted by oxBURN3Rxo on 31 Oct 14 at 02:36
ResDogsMrPink@zasta PERFECT! Took a few tries to spawn the instability one but it worked when it did. I realize the other guide is the same thing but it doesnt show the hiding behind the tent for cover and using the second or even third lost legion for extra tries. Either way you should make your own guide. Still giving a thumbs up for this guide too.
Posted by ResDogsMrPink on 04 Nov 14 at 02:14
ResDogsMrPink@zasta PERFECT! Took a few tries to spawn the instability one but it worked when it did. I realize the other guide is the same thing but it doesnt show the hiding behind the tent for cover and using the second or even third lost legion for extra tries. Either way you should make your own guide. Still giving a thumbs up for this guide too.
Posted by ResDogsMrPink on 04 Nov 14 at 02:16
Sambawebdidnt work for me :(
Posted by Sambaweb on 04 Nov 14 at 09:11
vSullyTypical completely worthless response to a solution that has helped a lot of people, obviously. What exactly didn't work for you?

It wouldn't ascend to a magus?
It did, but it wouldn't lob projectiles at you?
It would, but you couldn't stay alive?
You could, but it didn't damage enemies?
It did, but it couldn't kill enemies?
It did, but the achievement still wouldn't pop?

There's a lot of possibilities, and I have no idea what your specific problem was if you give me a little bit more information then "didn't work."
Posted by vSully on 04 Nov 14 at 14:15
IM TOM JWYou might want to add this achievement only unlocks for the host of the session.

I was playing the game in Co-op and my friend got it and I did not she was host. I triggered the eternal to transform and weakened the enemies so they got killed but it never popped.

Your method works better than trying to get an unstable one to explode.
Posted by IM TOM JW on 05 Nov 14 at 10:47
HerrKätzchenWorks like a charm, but I highly recommend doing this on your Normal-playthrough.
Posted by HerrKätzchen on 06 Nov 14 at 20:28
TwistedsymphonyThanks for this solution. A total pain in the ass but I finally got it to work!

My problem is that after reloading 5 times to get a magnus the other enemies would rush me and down me before magnus could kill them and I'd either kill too many either accidentally while trying to weaken them or by getting 2nd winds that there wouldn't be enough left for the magnus to kill.

Finally I discovered that a lot of times if one of the enemies kills you and you let yourself respawn, when you come back only the magnus will be aggressive until you shoot or run. so I finally got by letting myself die and respawn then just waking behind them while the maguns chipped away their health.

Not sure if this would work for anyone else, but it's what worked for me.
Posted by Twistedsymphony on 07 Nov 14 at 14:35
Faalbaardin true vault hunter mode this is pretty hard, been trying a few hours, but the eternal keeps spawning into chaotics :(
ill go for normal-mode later today
Posted by Faalbaard on 14 Nov 14 at 06:10
Faalbaardokay u have to go on NORMAL mode
it took me 2 times to a magus.
i used melee only cause i was on a lvl 50 account, slapped some enemies once and then just hugged them and let the magus do the killing
Posted by Faalbaard on 14 Nov 14 at 17:39
BrasshandeWorks a treat. Don't bother trying this in TVHM though, you're definitely better off sticking with Normal
Posted by Brasshande on 21 Nov 14 at 18:46
BegFourMercyI waited until I was level 50. Respeced and did not spend any points. Mele only.
Posted by BegFourMercy on 25 Dec 14 at 03:32
DestrierThis method worked for me although I had to lure some extra enemies up from down the hill. Make sure you don't have a shield equipped that deals damage to melee attackers or when it's depleted as that could kill the weakened enemies when you're staying close to them.
Posted by Destrier on 15 Feb 15 at 17:42
madmaxeyAwesome! Thanks!
Posted by madmaxey on 12 Apr 15 at 15:11
DrSchlepensteinGreat solution, some things that I would add to your solution:

1) Best done with an overleveled character. Preferably one that is Level 40+.
2) Do it on Normal Difficulty
3) Best to have a capacity shield, preferably Absorption or Turtle shield.
4) Max sure to unequip/replace any equipment (other than guns) that can damage enemies passively, such as Nova Shields or Spike Shields, and in case you have the one O2 kit that can damage enemies with electric, its called 3DD1.E, its a legendary. As if these damage and kill the enemies, it won't count.
5) Make sure to have your character spec'd out properly. Points in anything that increases Health and Shields, and no points in anything that can passively cause enemies damage. Such as Wilhelm's skills Kinetic Armor (can cause explosive feedback to close range enemies) and Hazmat Containment System (can pass status effects to enemies). As if these kill the enemies, it doesn't count.

I was using a Level 41 Wilhelm on Normal when I was trying to get the Magus to spawn and each time I did, I couldn't get it to unlock. Mainly because my shield was a Spike, I was using Wilhelm and forgot about his Kinetic Armor skill, or the O2 kit would would end up getting the kill. I removed/replaced all of that, still had trouble getting it, damn Elemental Barrels in the area took a couple out on a few runs. I actually got it to work from sheer luck as shown in the other solution. I was lucky enough to get an Unstable one to spawn, and had 3 close enough that when it exploded it took them with it.
Posted by DrSchlepenstein on 15 Apr 15 at 01:27
danwood11I took out the guardians first and then used a combo of the soldiers at the top, and then down the hill. Turret DOES count.
Posted by danwood11 on 14 Jul 15 at 22:35
psybOltOnCouldn't even spawn a mage when I tried, and always reloaded to get the mage.
Got the achievement accidentally when an Instability Eternal exploded next to me, taking down 3 others with him.
Just run in, shoot the Eternal, hide behind the shack and if you are lucky the Eternal blows up all the guys gathering there to get a shot at you.
Posted by psybOltOn on 14 Jan 17 at 15:32