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IRON Raider in Greece

Complete Greece without dying.

IRON Raider in Greece+0.2
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28 Oct 2014
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This isn't as hard as it might seem - save regularly at checkpoints, and if you miss a jump/die, just hit start and load your last game.

Key here is that I recommend you create a save at the very start of the level and DON'T overwrite this save. If you mess up, you cannot do this with replay the level as there is no save option. So if you mess up Greece, Egypt or Lost Valley you would have to start again as a new game until you get back to the level, which would be a serious pain!! If you have the save game from the start at least you can just try again.
xTMx VoytekI don't know if this will work 100% of the time, but I was running through the time trials with infinite health on and therefore didn't die and I was able to unlock the achievement. It popped after one of the sections (I'm assuming that's the part of Greece I died on the first playthrough).

So if you know the section you died on (or don't) try using the infinite health cheat and run through them and see if it helps!

*You unlock infinite health by beating the Egypt time trials.
Posted by xTMx Voytek on 21 Jul 15 at 19:21