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I Like Them All

Upgrade 20 guns to Level 5.

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For this achievement you will need to upgrade 20 of your guns to level 5. You need to play through most of the story before you can unlock all guns and even then you need a good amount of Overcharge to purchase them from Two Hat Jack. Some weapons unlock from missions.

Purchased Weapons:
Freeze Bomb: 5,500
Acid Sprinkler: 7,500
Captain Ahab: 9,000
The Dude: 9,500
One Handed Dragon: 10,000
Taunt Bot: 10,000
The Roman Candle: 15,000
Shorty Shotty: 20,000
Proximity Mine: 20,000
Turret Copter: 25,000
Fizzbot Rifle: 40,000
Hair Spray Bomb: 55,000
The Shocker: 70,000
Charge Beam: 100,000

Campaign Weapons:
Dirty Harry
Flaming Compensator
High Fidelity
Pulse Mine

DLC Weapons:
AK-FOFF (variant of AK-FU)
Head-Banger Gun (variant of The Dude)
Hotty-Shotty (variant of Shorty Shotty)
Nothin' But The Hits (variant of High Fidelity)

I've found a mission that's good for farming OD kills called "Getting The Band Back Together". You have to play through until the part when you need to help your drummer. Don't follow the instructions but keep bouncing on a drum. The OD constantly swarm you so you can just bounce and then shoot from any gun.

You can replay this mission from the Log in the pause menu. Note that the mission happens later in the game when you've met Las Catrinas.

Of course I would recommend playing the game and getting every other achievement before resorting to doing this.

Note that there is a weapon amp called "Mine All Mine" which gives a chance of a kill dropping additional Overcharge.

Onsidic has some additional tips:
- Don't forget about the Overachiever amp for weapons that increases the XP level up for the weapon it is attached too. - *season pass content or free from spin in Chaos Squad*
- Combine this with skills that give you increased ammo and/or damage output for those weapons, should make leveling up these a lot faster.

More Info
Now that I have the achievement I know this method is most effective when at least four weapons are leveled up together. On my final run I was finishing the Fizzbot Rifle, Charge Beam and Taunt Bot (all level 4) and I just acquired The Dude and Proximity Mine so they were from level 1. Basically as you use one weapon you will most likely have ammo dropped for your other weapons so once you run out just switch to another weapon and continue on.

Overcharge Strategy
I have still not found a good way to get Overcharge. Chaos Squad does not guarantee it as I played in three games in a row and only got clothes, money and weapons (which does not count towards this achievement) on the spins. After completing all missions, side quests and challenges I did have enough to buy every weapon and the majority of collectible maps but not enough to buy the most expensive ones in Downtown (10,000 each).

I did avoid buying certain maps like the High Points and the Eavesdropping ones because it was just as handy to use a video guide. I also avoided buying the more expensive maps for Tagging. machinimawingman on YouTube has good, straight to the point location guides for those three items.

Which Weapons...
If you get a DLC weapon you can avoid buying Captain Ahab and the Charge Beam (as recommends).

If you're forced to use one of these weapons....the Charge Beam is decent enough at leveling up but you will most likely have an Overcharge problem. If you want to go with Captain Ahab, Calex dEUS has this strategy:

I found the Ahab to be as quick if not quicker than some of the others. Trick is ammo all you have to do is stand near one of the Two Hat Jack Stores on the street , not in a base.

Costs 50 OC to refill ammo , you will easily make this back from killing OD, once you run out of ammo refill from jack and shoot some more OD, the reason it's so slow in the band mission is it takes ages for the ammo to spawn.

Oh I should add also once all the OC are dead move to the next gun on the map , I did this on the East off the map between the 3 shops there and got this in less than 20 minutes.
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Y lI lD lD O Any idea how to get Overcharge fast?
Posted by Y lI lD lD O on 29 Oct 14 at 15:51
LitaOsiris I haven't discovered a quick way for that other than play the game and kill stuff. I've completed the campaign, done a few side quests and killed about 9000 enemies which has resulted in me owning a few of the more expensive weapons in that list.

The only thing is if you replay that mission with the aim to level up 10 weapons, you'll probably earn enough Overcharge to buy everything else you need.
Posted by LitaOsiris on 29 Oct 14 at 18:13
OOOHHH YEAAHHH hey any recommendations on leveling up Captain Ahab? that harpoon doesnt do shit
Posted by OOOHHH YEAAHHH on 31 Oct 14 at 21:32
LitaOsiris Yeah, if you can get away without doing one weapon, probably make it that one. I haven't tried it yet myself. I've also noticed the Flaming Compensator is quite slow but I've been using it regularly through the campaign so I've already hit level 4 with it.
Posted by LitaOsiris on 01 Nov 14 at 11:03
XtR HyPnOzZ I don't understand what is the "Overachiever amp" :/
Posted by XtR HyPnOzZ on 02 Nov 14 at 12:42
LitaOsiris It seems it's an amp that's part of the season pass.
Posted by LitaOsiris on 02 Nov 14 at 23:20
LitaOsiris It could also be obtained in Chaos Squad from the awards you get at the end.
Posted by LitaOsiris on 03 Nov 14 at 09:43
RockCiayton Chaos squad is way faster to upgrade weapons did like 3 to level 5 from about level 3 in one session
Posted by RockCiayton on 06 Nov 14 at 21:55
LitaOsiris Depends on the missions you get in Chaos Squad. Some are just doing stunts and picking up numbers. I know when I'm going for causing chaos I want to use the weapons I like which are most likely level 5 already. My main objective with Chaos Squad is getting Overcharge.
Posted by LitaOsiris on 07 Nov 14 at 00:03
Calex dEUS I found the Ahab to be as quick if not quicker than some of the others. Trick is ammo all you have to do is stand near one of the Two Hat Jack Stores on the street , not in a base.

Costs 50 OC to refill ammo , you will easily make this back from killing OD, once you run out of ammo refill from jack and shoot some more OD, the reason it's so slow in the band mission is it takes ages for the ammo to spawn.
Posted by Calex dEUS on 08 Nov 14 at 22:08
Calex dEUS Oh I should add also once all the OC are dead move to the next gun on the map , I did this on the East off the map between the 3 shops there and got this in less than 20 minutes.
Posted by Calex dEUS on 08 Nov 14 at 22:11
K1llerM0nkey Should mention i got a gun called Propain Launcher from chaos squad reward this is neither a weapon you buy or a DLC weapon, it only gotten in chaos squad, im sure there more to add to that
Posted by K1llerM0nkey on 09 Nov 14 at 13:33
LitaOsiris Some more information updated in the guide - thankies Calex dEUS for the Captain Ahab strategy :)
Posted by LitaOsiris on 12 Nov 14 at 22:35
Onsidic Ahab leveled faster if you shot it at the big OD guys.
Posted by Onsidic on 13 Nov 14 at 04:54
kliqIMB Ahab levels absurdly fast when used against Fizzco Bots. At level 3 it can 1-kit kill the two normal varieties.

Is anyone else having trouble with this unlocking? I have all twenty weapons leveled up (didn't buy Shocker or Charge Beam) and my progress is still 90%. I thought DLC weapon skins counted. Might have to purchase the season pass sooner than I thought if I can't get this to unlock. 170K in overcharge is an insane amount to grind.
Posted by kliqIMB on 16 Nov 14 at 01:41
LitaOsiris The DLC weapons definitely count - Nothin' But The Hits was in my 20. This achievement unlocked fine for me - maybe it's an XBL achievement issue?
Posted by LitaOsiris on 18 Nov 14 at 18:23
neeker75 I've the season pass, but cannot find the following weapons anywhere:
- AK-FOFF (variant of AK-FU)
- Head-Banger Gun (variant of The Dude)
- Hotty-Shotty (variant of Shorty Shotty)

Are they available now already, or only at a later date?

Nothing But the Hits definitely counts because that was the 10th weapon I got to Level 5, and it popped to 10 weapons achievement.

I'm on 15 guns (at level 5) now, so if these 3 are available, that means I only need to buy 2 more guns to get to 20.
Posted by neeker75 on 24 Nov 14 at 03:15
LitaOsiris I believe all the guns were preorder bonuses depending on where you ordered the game from. They could be made available with the first DLC or they could stay as exclusives.

Interestingly enough I now have an extra gun, the Propain Launcher, that I might have gotten from the season pass just I didn't notice it in my weapon list until recently. Do you have that weapon? It is very fast to level up.
Posted by LitaOsiris on 25 Nov 14 at 18:54
neeker75 With the weapon DLC live now, I got this achievement without having to grind for overcharge. The rager and the one that shoots chemical that melts your enemies (can't remember the name) level up crazy fast. Took about 10 minutes+ on the band mission to get from level 1 to 5. I'm happy.
Posted by neeker75 on 27 Nov 14 at 12:27
PraXis91x I did the band mission on three separate nights (about 1 hour per night) and I got this achievement. When I started I had only 1 or 2 level 5 weapons. I should have done this before beating the campaign though, but it's okay I have plenty to go to complete the game.
Posted by PraXis91x on 11 Dec 14 at 20:00
DopiestDog12 Will have soon thank yo
Posted by DopiestDog12 on 23 Jan 15 at 10:02
Lewis Shutler I got 20 weapons done with no DLC and no achievement unlocking, anyone else had the same problem?
Posted by Lewis Shutler on 29 Jan 15 at 12:30
A Batwoman Does the Captain Ahab need to be shot AT OD in order to level it up faster or just shooting the soda on the ground from Calex dEUS strategy? Because I'm doing both and it's leveling up the slowest out of every gun. I usually just play the first mission from the selecting the mission screen "A Hero's Duty" to level up guns faster.

I don't have the DLC, will be getting later.. just wanted to level up all 20 original guns excluding the 100,000 one because that's way to much for me to grind out that many OD packs.
Posted by A Batwoman on 13 Feb 15 at 08:21
LitaOsiris I'd assume it would have to hit the OD for the experience to count. I never fully levelled up this gun though - I took the pain of the Charge Beam instead. Although had I waited to play the DLC it would have been fine since the new missions give Overcharge. Obviously some of the new weapons are even better for levelling up but not everyone gets DLC.
Posted by LitaOsiris on 14 Feb 15 at 13:46
Lolligagging The gun that I'm having trouble with is the Taunt Bot. This thing is taking forever.
Posted by Lolligagging on 14 Feb 15 at 23:06
Droowid Has anyone else tried the mission "Heroes duty" for weapon levelling? If you repeatedly grind the bridge, OD and bots constantly respawn.
Posted by Droowid on 27 Feb 15 at 17:11
Wise Cognizant How do you access the DLC Weapons?
Posted by Wise Cognizant on 20 Mar 15 at 23:30
RegnumSolipsi I'm having an issue with this level and wondering if anybody knows of a workaround. I have 15 weapons currently at level 5, but when I check the achievement tracker, it says I've only done 3 of them. I never got the achievement for leveling 10 weapons either because of this issue.

I think the issue is that my Xbox was offline when I started grinding for this, so when my internet finally came back up, I figured leveling a weapon to lvl 5 might trigger the rest as well, but they've done nothing so far. I've done the math and between the weapons I have left to level and those that I still need to buy from Two-Hat Jack, I'm only going to have 19 weapons. That's including the Pre-Order weapons, the Weapon Pack DLC, and all of the weapons from both Mission DLCs. The only thing I can think of is maybe buying the DLC weapons that weren't included in the pack because there's absolutely no way I'm going to be able to grind that much Overcharge. I still need 130,000 or so for my last 4 weapons.
Posted by RegnumSolipsi on 05 Apr 15 at 03:02
Podlaskie Using the Drum in the "Getting the Band Back Together Mission" worked perfectly for me to level weapons up. I was able to get 14 weapons up to lvl 5 in about 2 hours. Great Guide.
Posted by Podlaskie on 09 Jun 15 at 16:40
thomaskorat My last guns to grind were freeze bomb, headbanger 'Dude', taunt bot, one of the three shotguns. Didn't get NothinButTheHits and Charge Beam.
There's a good Fizzbot spawn northwest of Las Catrinas fast travel.
Posted by thomaskorat on 14 Feb 16 at 05:25
Ryn0 L Weird. I had to get 21 guns to level 5 for this to pop. Oh well.
Posted by Ryn0 L on 27 Feb 16 at 07:42
rawxbee If you don't have the Overachiever amp, make sure you use Te Second Amendment amp/ Great for refilling amo without waiting. I also found that if you have the amp that shoots flames from you while you're grinding, you can grind around the fountain near the drum pretty much infinitely without getting knocked off (at normal speed), good for deploy-able weapons.
Posted by rawxbee on 30 Apr 16 at 14:53
TheActualBobo is the getting the band back together bugged for anyone else? after I complete the first part nothing happens
Posted by TheActualBobo on 11 May 16 at 20:59
MikeBut I got this after 19 guns. So glad I didn't have to level up the taunt bot to level 5.
Posted by MikeBut on 23 May 16 at 20:23
bennjjee Great guide. Thanks.
Posted by bennjjee on 31 Jul 16 at 13:06
CarlosMaestre85 With or without a map (I bought those before the guide, but think that the game is generous with its currencies). May I suggest an edit so there were numbers in front of the weapon's name?

Purchased Weapons:
1. Freeze Bomb: 5,500
2. Acid Sprinkler: 7,500
3. Captain Ahab: 9,000
4. The Dude: 9,500
5. One Handed Dragon: 10,000
6. Taunt Bot: 10,000
7. The Roman Candle: 15,000
8. Shorty Shotty: 20,000
9. Proximity Mine: 20,000
10. Turret Copter: 25,000
11. Fizzbot Rifle: 40,000
12. Hair Spray Bomb: 55,000
13. The Shocker: 70,000
14. Charge Beam: 100,000

Campaign Weapons:
15. AK-FU
16. Dirty Harry
17. Flaming Compensator
18. High Fidelity
19. Murderang
20. Pulse Mine
21. TNTeddy

DLC Weapons:
22. AK-FOFF (variant of AK-FU)
23. Head-Banger Gun (variant of The Dude)
24. Hotty-Shotty (variant of Shorty Shotty)
25. Nothin' But The Hits (variant of High Fidelity)
Posted by CarlosMaestre85 on 08 Feb 19 at 15:48