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Upgrade 20 guns to Level 5.

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I just wanted to add a bit beyong Lita's method farming for kills. I can confirm that the DLC weapons count toward the achievement (I popped the achievement using Nothin' But the Hits).

If you're like me, you only have access to one DLC weapon, which puts the total weapon count to 22. The two I didn't do are Captain Ahab (it's extremely slow to level up) and the Charge Beam. DO NOT BUY IT. It costs 100,000 overdrive and all that will need to be saved to buy the collectible maps. I'm about halfway through the challenges and I can already tell you probably won't be able to buy all the collectible maps even after getting gold on all the challenges.

Overall it took me about 4 hours of farming kills. I had 3 of the weapons to level 5 by the time I was done with the campaign. If you try you could easily get more, but like Lita said, save this for when you won't be killing anymore.

EDIT: Let's do some math

Total mission OC ~305k
Challenges ~ 128k

Total = ~ 433k (not counting OC from trucks, kills, etc)

Maps = 225k
All weapons = 396k

Total = 621k

So that means if you wish you buy everything you possibly can, you need to earn an extra 188k OC from kills, trucks and Chaos Mode. That is A LOT to earn that way. So if you cut out the Charge Beam, you only need 88k. That is much more manageable.
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LitaOsiris The only thing with the Charge Beam is it does level up quite easily. I did buy it so I can report back on the pain it takes me to earn Overcharge for the other weapons and maps. I only have maps bought for the first area and have another 7 weapons to buy (Captain Ahab, The Dude, Taunt Bot, Roman Candle, Proximity Mine, Hair Spray Bomb and Shocker).
Posted by LitaOsiris on 01 Nov 14 at 11:23
OOOHHH YEAAHHH Yeah. I'm halfway through the challenges and I only have enough overdrive for maybe a third of the maps, and I didnt even buy the Charge Beam. I think people who buy it are gonna have to do some serious chaos mode boosting.
Posted by OOOHHH YEAAHHH on 01 Nov 14 at 16:02
MR X 93 I downvoted this because you're wrong, after beating the game AND all side quests, I easily bought all the maps with 90,000 overcharge to spare. Haven't even touched the challenges yet.
Posted by MR X 93 on 03 Nov 14 at 18:30
OOOHHH YEAAHHH Have you bought all the weapons?
Posted by OOOHHH YEAAHHH on 03 Nov 14 at 23:16
OOOHHH YEAAHHH Keep in mind that the total amount of overcharge you can get from all the missions is about 305,000. The maps alone cost 225,000. That leaves you 80,000.
Posted by OOOHHH YEAAHHH on 04 Nov 14 at 00:04
Hulu Free Trial I bought the charge beam (only 1 dlc weapon) and poped the achievement with about 3 games played in chaos mode (after getting the achievements for them). It was my last achievement for this game. But I only have 2 guns left to buy. Would cost me 130k to buy them both.

Anyways, I really enjoyed this game. Wish the achievements were harder.
Posted by Hulu Free Trial on 07 Nov 14 at 05:38
LitaOsiris I would agree with not buying the Charge Beam if you have a DLC weapon. You will not have enough to buy all of the collectible maps (I'm about 60,000 short). I have further notes about that in my guide.
Posted by LitaOsiris on 12 Nov 14 at 22:42
Wise Cognizant How do you aceess the Dlc wepaons?
Posted by Wise Cognizant on 07 Apr 15 at 06:33