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01 Nov 2014
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This one is called "Judgment", is story related, and cannot be missed. This achievement pops after you complete the investigation of the Judgment House, after the final cut scene where you answer the question "Where could Abagail have taken Joy".
borstalHaha, I completed the game and missed it :)

I had one last clue to find before solving so wandered off down into the cellar. After Id done that bit I came back and didnt have the option to solve.
Posted by borstal on 09 Nov 14 at 11:49
NevrSurrenderThat is odd, I read in several places, and the game itself even warns, that if you don't have all the collectibles, that the Judgment House is a point of no return. Also, the Museum itself is a point of no return as well, to grab everything while you are there. But, I did have the "Collector All" by then also.
Posted by NevrSurrender on 09 Nov 14 at 12:56
KhimarhiIn reply to borstal, I also wandered down to the cellar and tried to return to solve the investigation upstairs. I was unable to do it but still unlocked the achievement when I continued the story. SO the investigation upstairs is not needed evidently, i did find the clues up there when i returned if that matters.
Posted by Khimarhi on 01 Dec 14 at 15:27