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Chaos in Downtown

Survive Chaos Squad in Downtown District with at least 1625 Chaos.

Chaos in Downtown0
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This achievement is surprisingly luck based based on (where you join the game, what levels you are given, who is in your lobby, What chaos you are given, who your teammates are, how many people follow through to the end) and that is all before you even get to the 'defend the vats' part. If you get to the end part with lower then 1625 chaos then you can't get the achievement at all and you have to do the mini missions all again (You will be told how much chaos you have just before the end defend mission). When you get there however here are some useful tips:

Unlike the other three chaos missions in my experience it includes all of the special OD

It seems that only the normal OD can wear down the vats so focus on them

Special OD break traps so replace them when they are destroyed

For how I did it, I essentially just spammed every explosive weapon and pyro trap I had into the OD spawning locations as you can shoot through the invisible walls on the sides. This works until wave 3 where there is so many special OD I just alternated between being dead and spamming weapons until the game ended. For the special OD in the air I just ignored them and I managed to complete it.

For what I would suggest, Use the freeze gun as it gives you time to breathe and use explosive weapons such as the teddy bear launcher and the hair spray launcher as they have large blast radius' taking out many OD and they damage the Special OD at the same time.
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Y lI lD lD O I'm not sure but if you need to get 1625 of chaos you need 8 players to start the game. Every time we started with less than 8 players we couldn't get enough chaos. As I think game see how much players are playing and don't give you enough missions for chaos because it'll be too hard to complete with less than 8 players.
Posted by Y lI lD lD O on 01 Nov 14 at 21:44
AN ANGRY HOBO i I don't know about needing 8 people as I joined on the last mini mission part so I didn't do that part, it just said I had 1645 chaos so I continued to the end part. As for the 'defend the vats' we started with 5 people and ended with 2 or 3 so it is possible, just a lot harder than it should be.
Posted by AN ANGRY HOBO i on 02 Nov 14 at 08:26
Y lI lD lD O mb at the start of downtown it was 8 players you just joined when some people left, But as I said, I'm no sure. Every time we started with less than 8 players we had problems with not enough chaos.
Posted by Y lI lD lD O on 02 Nov 14 at 09:26
Y lI lD lD O One tip: don't waste time on birds, you need too many bullets and too much time to kill them
Posted by Y lI lD lD O on 02 Nov 14 at 09:30
Lost Killaz Yesterday i played full chaos squad match and the most players in the lobby voted every time for the map with the most chaos points, but at the end we only get 1604 chaos points-.- the night defending on this map is really hard!
Posted by Lost Killaz on 02 Nov 14 at 11:41
LanceX2 I need Help , I got over 1625 once and we lost second wave. Need good players GT LanceX2
Posted by LanceX2 on 04 Nov 14 at 01:11
I KICKER I This achievement is so hard to get because of the people they match you with when you have the right amount of chaos. I mean 1 or 2 people who don't know how to play is ok but most of time its 3 afk , 3 who don't know how to play and two person who are good but can't handle everything. I played almost 75 game in that zone only and thats what happen every time.
Posted by I KICKER I on 05 Nov 14 at 01:51
FireRaiser1985 I got this achievement when I joined a random game. They were on the last mission when I joined and we were not full lobby (6 ppl). Random and luck based as! :P
Posted by FireRaiser1985 on 06 Nov 14 at 01:33
SliferCynDelta My closest was 1623 and we all never managed to finish it. How long does this last? 10 minutes?

The closest I saw was like 7 birds on screen and red everywhere. Still haven't even passed it :(
Posted by SliferCynDelta on 06 Nov 14 at 23:45
Wilde By Nature yeah same was very close add me for this achievement gt D Wilde One
Posted by Wilde By Nature on 08 Nov 14 at 17:19
SliferCynDelta I've gotten past 1625 at least 6-7 times, but I can never finish it with random people. You have people leaving, or focusing on shooting the birds, turning the valve too quick, kids screaming in the background, playing Christmas songs, or generally just standing around. Another thing is getting too much chaos. Had over 1700, Herker appeared within a minute and we were no match. This is so luck based with random people. You really need 8 solid people.
Posted by SliferCynDelta on 08 Nov 14 at 21:14
falcon5008 Is it possible to get 1625% chaos and LOSE the night defense and still get the achievement, or do you have to win?

Im assuming you need to win but I figured Id ask anyways
Posted by falcon5008 on 09 Nov 14 at 04:57
Jaucoholic @falcon5008 Yes, you do have to win.
Posted by Jaucoholic on 09 Nov 14 at 05:16
I KICKER I Must have been 40-50 times i got 1625 and up... still can't do it. I do about 300-400 kills and the closest to me is always 100-140.
Posted by I KICKER I on 09 Nov 14 at 14:53
AG Bucky Barnes It's essentially endurance as the waves are quite long and a lot of normal od. Freeze bomb for special od such as the herkers but a good mix of traps especially flame ones combined with hairspray launcher, roman candle gun, teddy bear launcher, deployables such as the chopper & acid sprinkler and one of the essentials that PUSH OD away is the fizzco launcher that shoots those green orbs, works like the proxi launcher. Helps push them away at barricades but last second defence on the vats themselves.
Posted by AG Bucky Barnes on 10 Nov 14 at 10:57
PredStealth Looking for players interested in doing the achievement. Add me, GT DE PredStealth
Posted by PredStealth on 11 Nov 14 at 18:18
I KICKER I I finnaly did it and the achievement won't unlock... im kinda losing my patience with this game.
Posted by I KICKER I on 11 Nov 14 at 21:23
LostMantella9 Does anyone know why the chaos achievements don't unlock even when you beat the final section with more then enough chaos, I just finished little Tokyo with 345 chaos, the achievements meant to be for 325 chaos right. I was in the game from start to finish too. The only thing I can think of is that I died on the final defense section, if you have a death does it void the achievement?
Posted by LostMantella9 on 12 Nov 14 at 02:19
LostMantella9 same thing again 818 chaos on the end of harbor district, 750's meant to give you the achievement, didn't die at all this time and no achievement. thought I understood how it worked but maybe not?
Posted by LostMantella9 on 12 Nov 14 at 03:57
LostMantella9 I noticed the leaderboards are currently down, dunno if that's the cause of it.
Posted by LostMantella9 on 12 Nov 14 at 04:26
I KICKER I ^ nah you did good its the achievements system that have problems right now because of halo:mc.
Posted by I KICKER I on 12 Nov 14 at 11:01
I KICKER I Survive = not failling you can die as many times as you want but you must not let the OD destroy your objective.
Posted by I KICKER I on 12 Nov 14 at 11:07
LostMantella9 Yeah I checked it on the achievement section on xbox live and the green bar for the achievements at 100% and it says "Done, unlocking..." or something, it just hasn't popped yet. I've heard its taking some people 1-2 days to get it to sync and pop generally. So I'll just wait.
Posted by LostMantella9 on 12 Nov 14 at 14:14
TH3 F4T C0BRA Will be doing this tonight! March 20th 2015. Focusing on mooil but also doing downtown. Will also help with some others. GT: TH3 F4T C0BRA (zero not an oh)
between 7:00pm and 1:00am U.S.central time.
Posted by TH3 F4T C0BRA on 20 Mar 15 at 17:59
KDolez Can someone help me with this? This is the last chaos multiplayer achievement I need.
Posted by KDolez on 22 Apr 16 at 02:15
KDolez Can someone help me with this? This is the last chaos multiplayer achievement I need.
Posted by KDolez on 22 Apr 16 at 02:36
KDolez Can someone help me with this? This is the last chaos multiplayer achievement I need.
Posted by KDolez on 22 Apr 16 at 03:22
xfsociety Need some decent players to get this done. Last non-DLC achievement I need. Msg me on xbl - GT: xEuph0riaa
Posted by xfsociety on 03 Jun 16 at 17:34
Thurmanator250 Can someone please help me finish these?? Message me Thurmanantor250
Posted by Thurmanator250 on 23 Jun 16 at 18:59
MedinskiyKirill Hello , ready to start the boost given to achieve at any time , simply add them to friends and write what you want to boost
Posted by MedinskiyKirill on 24 Aug 16 at 07:54
PadawanPeru Hello, I need every chaos squad related achievement. Is anyone out there still playing? GT: PadawanPeru
Posted by PadawanPeru on 06 Sep 16 at 03:20
AhhYouMadx Looking for people to do the achievements for Down town and the 2 dlcs. GT: AhhYouMadx
Posted by AhhYouMadx on 16 Feb 17 at 22:07
Juicy Plumbs If anybody is still able to help with all chaos squad achievements it would be highly appreciated, message me, GT: King of kingsjc
Posted by Juicy Plumbs on 29 Oct 17 at 08:28
Firestormental Can't seem to find players for this achievement...
If interested, send me a message on Xbox.
GT: Firestormental
Posted by Firestormental on 08 Jan 18 at 06:30
fireiz i need help with this chievo, it is my last one to 100% the base game
GT: fireiz
Posted by fireiz on 26 Apr 18 at 13:53
Slurm Queen Still looking to do this achievement, it's my last one!
GT: Plum Noodles
Posted by Slurm Queen on 27 Sep 18 at 19:16