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The Wolf Among Us

The Wolf Among Us

The Wolf Among Us
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Unlock all Book of Fables entries in Episode 1.

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Matt DB87Matt DB871,819,691
06 Nov 2014 18 Jul 2017
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There will be one missing Fable you have to go back and get in the last chapter. It involves the choices of ripping off Grens arm and choosing not to. Also in chapter 2 make sure to grab the Bluebeard file off your desk in your apartment before you talk to the pig. This is a missable Fable.

After the credits rolled I went to 'Play Game' and chose to 'Rewind' to the final chapter of Episode 1. You can choose a separate save file as to not disrupt your own story line and choices. You'll have to replay the last section which takes place in the bar. If you missed the blackbeard file you can do the same thing and rewind to chapter 2 selecting a different save file.

You'll need to make a decision when fighting Gren. At the end you can either choose to walk away or to rip his arm off. The second time through I ripped his arm off and unlocked the final book entry. The achievement unlocked shortly after I made the second choice, and I was able to quit out right there.

If you walk away you unlock bigbys mercy; if you rip grens arm off you get bigbys vengeance.
neeker75Just like in the Xbox 360 version, you can quit and reload immediately upon making a choice during the bar fight, make the other choice, and get both books unlocked without a replay.

The one on Bluebeard is also missable. It's not mandatory to view this book while playing through the chapters.
Posted by neeker75 on 11 Nov 14 at 02:42
Iron Man TStarkso i have to re-do the fight and choose to NOT rip his arm off if i did that the first time around?
Posted by Iron Man TStark on 22 Dec 14 at 10:48
Matt DB87Yes.
Posted by Matt DB87 on 22 Dec 14 at 11:12
SwanDown voted for not being specific I have bluebeard and am still missing a fable from episode 1
Posted by Swan on 03 Apr 16 at 09:36
ItzHawkZ x@Satisvy, not being specific? This is the most specific you can be, these 2 things are the only 2 things you have to do...
Posted by ItzHawkZ x on 03 Apr 16 at 11:35
MakeMeACoffeeIt doesnt say which choice unlocks which book entry. I played the game weeks ago and cant recall what choice i made originally
Posted by MakeMeACoffee on 15 Jun 16 at 19:33
beastman rulesso do them both again jesus christ
Posted by beastman rules on 13 Jul 16 at 10:10
MakeMeACoffeeOk let's all calm down. As a solution, this doesn't give you all the relevant information. That's all I'm saying; it could be improved.
Posted by MakeMeACoffee on 13 Jul 16 at 10:12
VinnyMLCan someone post a step-by-step way to do this? Any time I choose to rewind it takes me to the start of the whole episode.
Posted by VinnyML on 02 Aug 16 at 17:47
OOGIn the beginning if you have already played this on your first playthrough, keep going left until you reach Chapter 1 episode 4. In the bottom menu, says rewind. Click on rewind and you will be in a new pop up screen. Here you can select your original save file or 3 other file save options without starting over from the beginning.
Ps: if you're having trouble remembering what choices you had made, go into chapter 1, and pause the game. In the pause screen, there is a select screen called 'Book of Fables' go into the 'book of fables' screen; and see all the wonderful fables you have unlocked. If there is a padlock in episode 1, then you have to go back to whichever chapter to unlock this achievement. This guide is for players who had unlocked all their fables during their first playthrough and not meant to be a guide for every single fable entry.
Posted by OOG on 01 Dec 16 at 00:42
rumblesOk just for clarification: If you walk away you unlock bigbys mercy; if you rip grens arm off you get bigbys vengeance
Posted by rumbles on 19 Dec 16 at 01:11
segagamerI can't believe it took an entire comment tree along with not the solution writer simply not accepting feedback before finally someone (rumbles) stated which decision unlocked which Fable. Like "MakeMeACoffee" said, I too completed my playthrough months ago and cannot remember which one I chose. Specifics would have been helpful - please input them into the guide. Thank you.
Posted by segagamer on 29 May 17 at 13:46
AnsonnJust a tip for everyone starting to read these solutions for the fable entries. I backtracked when I ended the game. Missed an entry in every chapter. Doing it backwards let's you choose the episode (I only had 1 save file). All the progress after that chapter will be gone. Saves you a lot of time not having to do chapters/episodes again just for 1-2 entries.
Posted by Ansonn on 25 Jun 17 at 13:07
SeaWoodStageJust a note for anyone who was, like me, initially confused on how EXACTLY to replay a chapter without affecting the decisions in your main playthrough:

1) On the main menu, select 'Save Files'.
2) Select whichever save file on which you've already played the relevant chapter.
3) Select 'Play'.
4) The menu will now let you scroll through every episode you've already played, by individual chapter. Select the chapter you want to replay, and press A for Rewind. At this point, the game will prompt you to choose a save file to copy the data to. Press A for OK, and you can THEN scroll through the available save files, and choose one other than your main file.

I know the above is probably obvious to most people, but I was having trouble figuring out the way the save files work at first, so maybe this will help someone out there. Thanks for the guide Matt DB87, it definitely helped me mop up the Fable entries I'd missed.
Posted by SeaWoodStage on 24 Jul 17 at 13:16
JoujouboxI was used to newer TellTale games where you can copy files from the file selection screen. Then I remember when I played The Walking Dead and wanted to check out the other endings, I rewinded and it asked me to choose a file. I wasn't file if worked the same way in The Wolf Among Us, and didn't want to risk loosing my progress. So I created a new file, skiped to episode 5 then tried to rewind and in fact it asked me to select a file. From then I just did the same with my "real" save.
Posted by Joujoubox on 01 Jan 18 at 20:13