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As the Charger, grab a Survivor and crash them through 8 chairs at the wedding.

3 guidesOnline/Offline - These achievements can be obtained in either an online or offline game mode.Versus - These achievements can be obtained by two or more players in a face off gamemode who have met the achievement requirements.
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23 Apr 2010 07 Sep 2010
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It's far easier to do in scavenge then in versus this achievement. Just start a scavenge game with a friend or two and use two controllers on riverbank. Make sure your first controller is the one starting as a infected.

As soon as the game begins have somebody hold a gas can and hide in a corner and have somebody protect him (the AI does a great job protecting the guy with the gas can as well). Now keep spawning and dying with your infected until you can spawn as a charger. As soon as that happens go to the chairs and have a survivor stand in front of the row where most of the chairs haven't been knocked over. Now just hold your RT and charge the survivor through the chairs. Make sure you're not standing too close to the survivor as well.

Good luck this is the TOUGHEST achievement of the DLC because the AI throws such an infinte amount of zombie's and special infected at you while you wait until you finally spawn as a charger. At least while doing this on scavenge you start right away near the wedding instead of having to go over there everytime.

*You can also do this by yourself with two controllers but obviously it's harder. This was confirmed by cradle crue.*
I don't take credit for the video.

I'd like to know what's wrong with this solution that I have 6 negative votes, if you vote negatively I would like to know why. Thanks
don manolitoYea it's best you don't wait too close so the chairs don't get knocked over. And you'll spawn as the charger sometime, it took a long time for me as well. It's just an annoying achievement, but you'll get it.
Posted by don manolito on 01 May 10 at 18:32
Alex WhiskersI did it with two controllers, I kept restarting the match intill I started as a Charger, then I positioned the survivor between the tree and the stack of chairs on the left, then plowed through the chairs diagonally.
Posted by Alex Whiskers on 11 Jun 10 at 18:43
AlmightyGregorwould deleting the xbox cache, stop the AI infected? I might try this.
Posted by AlmightyGregor on 22 Jun 10 at 08:41
don manolitoI don't think so but if it does please let me know and I will add it to the solution.
Posted by don manolito on 22 Jun 10 at 11:07
DilhackGot it on the first try on scavenge with a second controller - even spawned as the charger first!

Thanks manolito.
Posted by Dilhack on 26 Aug 10 at 19:20
don manolitoIt's a rare event but sometimes luck actually is on your side! Good one Dilhack!
Posted by don manolito on 26 Aug 10 at 20:23
Radient StarThis method... sucks. The AI Survivors murder you as a charger, and the AI Infected knock down chairs and cause gas can drops. I'm voting negative, and that's why.
Posted by Radient Star on 07 Sep 10 at 02:33
don manolitoStrange that it works for everyone else. Sounds like you're just giving up easily. If you'd have any constructive criticism then I could add something but this just proves you're ignorant. The solution clearly states that this is the hardest achievement so it's not like I'm saying that it's supereasy now.
Posted by don manolito on 07 Sep 10 at 09:32
fbsarts@Radient Star: quit with videogames. If you've got no method and no abilites don't blame Manolito for this solution. Do you want an easy way with videogames and a pile of achievement to "show your friends you're a real man"? Just quit and get a life, please. Don't ruin OUR videogames because you're a kid.
Posted by fbsarts on 26 Mar 11 at 14:15
HellCreeper666Worked well, thanx mate :)
Posted by HellCreeper666 on 10 Mar 12 at 11:43
TitleInLargeThis solution doesn't work. Every time I load up the map in split-screen, on local servers or dedicated, the console crashes. And if by fluke I load up and get through 1 round, the console crashes again. God why do Valve always do a shit job with their DLC...?
Posted by TitleInLarge on 28 Nov 12 at 17:05
SalsbarAnyone running into an invisible wall at the chairs should walk up and tap the first row of chairs to fix that from happening. That's what I did and it worked perfectly!
Posted by Salsbar on 17 Apr 13 at 03:00
xZx Moose 74I would add to your solution, that the Riverbank is in the Passing, and as for survivor placement, if they stand closest to the right corner chair facing the gazebo, and the charger hits them on the diagonal you have a MUCH easier time getting eight chairs without hitting an obstacle.
Posted by xZx Moose 74 on 08 May 13 at 21:01
VaseraxGreat solution, easy as pie!
Posted by Vaserax on 15 Dec 13 at 16:59
XxXGhostOfOnyxok I am getting pissed off because the f-ing game refuses to spawn me as a charger. Not only that, but the game freezes so often. THis is the last achievement I need, so could the game please work!?!?
Posted by XxXGhostOfOnyx on 28 Jan 14 at 03:55
XxXGhostOfOnyxI voted positively, so don't worry about my ranting smile
Posted by XxXGhostOfOnyx on 28 Jan 14 at 04:07
Woodster 86did it solo with a guest, kept reloading until i started with a charger. Put the charger in position then sprinted my survivor guest account straight over, didnt bother with a gas can and pressed right trigger as soon as i saw the survivor in the reticule. works well - positive vote
Posted by Woodster 86 on 29 Jan 14 at 21:07
YoungSpicyBoyAnyone else having this problem? Every time I go to ram the survivor through the chairs my charger stops before we even hit any chairs and proceeds to smash away. Needless to say this is infuriating. I see one guy above mentioned an invisible wall but I'm not sure what he was getting at when he says to tap the chairs to fix this?
Posted by YoungSpicyBoy on 03 Mar 14 at 08:38
JayD101"I'd like to know what's wrong with this solution that I have 6 negative votes, if you vote negatively I would like to know why. Thanks"

The 1st was because they didn't like it.
2nd was because they didn't like it.
3rd was because they didn't like it.
4th was because they didn't like it.

I think you get the idea. Everyone is entitled to their opinion and a positive/negative system doesn't require anyone to say anything except offer their opinion of whether they liked it or not. They don't have to like everything you did. Over 100,000 people have this game and that is a lot of different opinions! I'm sure if you really look at your solution you could find ways to make it better and that's probably what someone else thought and gave you a negative. Be thankful you got 94 positives! No 95 now nice work :)
Posted by JayD101 on 26 Mar 15 at 18:37
LGDMFNeed on this L4D2 achievements: Wedding Crasher, Sacrifizzle and Chaos Generator.

My gamertag is: LGDMF
Posted by LGDMF on 27 Jan at 18:06