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The Gun In The Stone

Remove Excalibastard from the stone.

The Gun In The Stone0
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09 Nov 2014 10 Jun 2019
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This solution does not contain where to find the Excalibastard. I wanted to give a tip on how to farm Badass rank. You can repeatedly earn 91 BAR in about a minute or less, and up to 182 BAR if you have all the items listed below. However, you may not have the items needed to do this and you'll probably have the 2500 BAR from a regular playthrough of the story before concerning yourself with this achievement. However, if you don't have the BAR, or have a Buddy who can help, here is how...

You will need:
-15 Legendary items (doesn't matter what, as long as they are orange).*
-$3 million cash.*
-A friend or guest account.

*If you don't have both of these, it's okay. Either of these will gain you BAR. Having both is preferred

To do this
I used this same method all the time in Borderlands 2 to boost my BAR. Here's how it works.

1. Your friend or guest must have the 15 Legendary items and/or $3 million. Whoever is wanting to get Badass Rank must not be the host. Have your friend or alternate account be the host.
Once that is settled, place the legendary items on the ground to pick up.

2. Join the game and when it asks you to select a character to play as, create a brand new level 1 character. It can be any class, as long as they are brand new.

3a. Pick up the 15 legendary items. This will net you 91 Badass rank. You won't be able to carry all 15 because of inventory space, so drop the ones you picked up close by and then pick up the rest. You must pick up 15 different orange items, as picking up the same orange item again won't count and you won't get all the BAR.

3b. Trade the $3 million from the guest/friend to you. This will net you (another) 91 Badass Rank. Trade the money back.

4. Once you've done steps 3a and/or 3b, save and quit the game. If you're doing split-screen, press start, and press cn_B to save and quit the game.

5. Join back in the game. When you get to the character select screen, delete the character you just did this with. You can delete a character by pressing cn_back. Create a brand new character and start again. As long as it is a brand new character that you do this with, you'll keep earning Badass Rank.

Again, you may not have all the items to do this, but it is a very fast way to boost your BAR, whether you have the achievement or not. The other two solutions have videos showing where to find the Excalibastard. As soon as you pull it from the stone the achievement will unlock.

Happy boosting.
BrasshandeI used to do this all the time on Borderlands 2 as well, though every time a new DLC came out on that my Badass ranks got reset angry. Still, it worked well then and it works well now
Posted by Brasshande on 16 Nov 14 at 19:26
So.. All my challenge progress stayed the same, but my badass rank and bonus stats erased.

When i try to do new character boosting it increases each time, (Each new char has increased BAR.) But when i relog my main character, its still 0... wtf, any idea?
Posted on 25 Apr 15 at 02:19
WestsideSxEoddly it's tracking the cash exchange for BAR but not picking up the oranges, wonder if they patched something or if it tracks if your gamertag ever handled that item at all bleh
Posted by WestsideSxE on 16 Aug 15 at 19:00
Law ViolationThis worked a charm. Great help.
Posted by Law Violation on 16 Jun 18 at 08:11