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Halo 2: View both signs in the level Metropolis.

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10 Nov 2014
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Mission: Metropolis

On the level Metropolis, you'll come to a courtyard with 3 enemy wraiths with the objective of regrouping with the marines.

In this section, follow the road to the left of the area, and in the corner, you'll notice a small building with a flashing sign near it. Walk up to the sign in Anniversary mode and look at it for a few seconds to unlock the achievement.
Sauer Von KrautGotta love your guides.
Posted by Sauer Von Kraut on 27 Nov 14 at 01:06
CM TranceI looked at this thing thinking it was maybe a terminal. An achievement popped but not the one I expected! LOL! laugh
Posted by CM Trance on 25 Jan 15 at 09:36
Bazroy99Maka you're keeping me in Leap Frog this year - thanks!
Posted by Bazroy99 on 12 May 16 at 12:20
KiRRAYNESo easy - thank you!
Posted by KiRRAYNE on 06 Dec 17 at 01:42
BoxKingKevinI spent 45 minutes staring at the sign and realized that I can't have skulls on in order to get this achievement... it was my fault but I still want to blame maka #Maka91Emote #Kappa
Posted by BoxKingKevin on 26 Sep 18 at 02:52
Pure Pip RaptorYou can absolutely use skulls for this achievement. I only used 1.00X multiplier skulls like Sputnik. Do not use 0.00X skulls like Scarab because that seems to be an issue for some people.
Posted by Pure Pip Raptor on 08 Apr at 13:50
MiadaskateNot working for me. Jesus Christ this game is so buggy with achievements.

Update - It unlocked when I went to see my full Achievements list.
Posted by Miadaskate on 19 Jun at 01:36