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Halo 2: Oh, hi!

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04 Nov 2014 10 Nov 2014
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Mission: Regret

** Sputnik Skull Recommended **

At the beginning of the level when you exit the first area to the outdoors, turn right to see a large floating platform separated by a large gap from the other section of the level. Use a frag grenade to "grenade jump" across the gap and land on this platform. It may take a few tries, so ensure that you have a checkpoint to revert to that is close by. Once on it, head to the right inside the dark room. You will need to stare at the corner of room, turn on your flashlight and zoom-in using your sniper rifle to display "HI BEN" written in the corner.

You can also grenade jump from a different platform that is a little closer. To do this jump, you will want to use the same method, but do the grenade jump from the platform where you kill the two large hunters.
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iMaginaryy i had to stare at mine FOREVER, thought it was glitched. So if you aren't unlocking it try just sitting there scoped in for a bit
Posted by iMaginaryy on 15 Nov 14 at 22:05
Darquesyde Just noting that I had the Envy skull activated (thus no flashlight) and it still unlocked after zooming 2x and moving in the general area.
Posted by Darquesyde on 03 Dec 14 at 05:17
XXIl Ares lIXX Can confirm that you don't need flashlight as I just unlocked it and I had the envy skull on. I did however have to change my controller settings to default so I could do 2x zoom with the sniper (I use universal zoom and shoot and couldn't get it to do 2x zoom). I tried looking at it for like 5 minutes and it wouldn't pop. As soon as I swapped controller settings to default and did 2x zoom, it popped immediately.
Posted by XXIl Ares lIXX on 27 Jan 15 at 03:57
yollom69 Worth noting that the HI BEN is only visible in original graphics mode, though the achievement will pop if you're looking in the correct corner regardless
Posted by yollom69 on 27 Jan 15 at 18:35
Ninja Scroll My achievement didn't unlock until the next day. I thought it was glitched.... Well, technically it is since it didn't unlock at the time. Only noticed after logging on TA. shock
Posted by Ninja Scroll on 08 Apr 15 at 02:43
Dan vasNormandy Thumbs up from me.
Posted by Dan vasNormandy on 07 Nov 15 at 21:39
ApathyGamer Might I add for those having a hard time grenade jumping, turn on the skull "Sputnik" and you should have no issue getting over there.
Posted by ApathyGamer on 05 Jan 17 at 03:24
Sascabar Just to add that for me only unlock when i did it in normal difficulty, on easy didn't unlock.
Posted by Sascabar on 26 Aug 19 at 13:56