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Cowardly Grunt

Halo 2: Listen to the Cowardly Grunt's woes.

Cowardly Grunt0
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11 Nov 2014
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Mission: Uprising

I had a few issues with getting this to unlock when I ignored all the enemies at the beginning. It isn't necessary for most people to kill the first enemies, but in my case I had to.

Go through the mission killing all the enemies along the way. Once you get inside the structure. Continue going through the mission for a little bit longer, and you'll come to another door. When you enter the door, there will be a ledge and a lower area below you with some plasma turrets and a few enemies. The cowardly grunt can be found under this ledge, but he will only speak once the enemies have been killed. After clearing the area, walk up to him to get the achievement.
Swyer87Anybody else having trouble with this? 3 times now i have done this and ensured i have killed all enemies in the area, the third time i even backtracked to the beginning to make sure i didnt miss anyone and i still cant get the little coward to talk?
Posted by Swyer87 on 13 Nov 14 at 23:10
Arch AdoniasYa I can't get him to speak either after several tries. No idea what the issue is
Posted by Arch Adonias on 14 Nov 14 at 01:20
Maka91@Swyer87 & @Arch Adonias, try playing on Normal difficulty? Maybe it doesn't trigger on Easy? No idea why it does this.
Posted by Maka91 on 14 Nov 14 at 01:25
WOW DYLANSame with me playing on normal and he wont speak! :(
Posted by WOW DYLAN on 14 Nov 14 at 03:01
WOW DYLANI did it again but on legendary and he spoke :).
Posted by WOW DYLAN on 14 Nov 14 at 22:31
ManuFlopsLegendary the trick for me as well. Thanks @WOW DYLAN. :)
Posted by ManuFlops on 14 Nov 14 at 23:17
iMaginaryydid it on easy, the elites killed everyone in the room for me lol
Posted by iMaginaryy on 15 Nov 14 at 13:55
C3LLDW3LLERDoes the scarab skull disable this achievement?
Posted by C3LLDW3LLER on 15 Nov 14 at 16:08
CTM AudiRS6On mine, I didn't think I got it because he wasn't talking. But a couple seconds later there was an explosion behind me. One of the brutes ran in to the next room, but came back. Maybe check the next room to see if anyone went in there.
Posted by CTM AudiRS6 on 17 Nov 14 at 05:34
z Mr Man zI got it to unlock on Normal for me. I think it's that you can't die while trying to reach the grunt. I was a bit careless my first two tries and died. Third time I focused on not dying and I got it. I also made sure I killed all the brutes in the last room. There's two. And one tries to run out the back door.
Posted by z Mr Man z on 26 Nov 14 at 04:19
John CabooseGot it on legendary with some skulls on, including IWHBYD. Died on the way.
Posted by John Caboose on 26 Nov 14 at 18:42
Elite1111111111It just seems to be weird about triggering the chat going off the comments. Seems random. I know when I went through on Legendary he didn't say anything.
Posted by Elite1111111111 on 04 Dec 14 at 06:04
FrustratedNerdJust tried easy with no skulls. Easy with skulls. Legendary without skulls. Legendary with skulls. Nothing. It's gotta be a RNG thing.
Posted by FrustratedNerd on 13 Dec 14 at 20:00
FrustratedNerdI ended up following this guide; killing basically no one (even left one brute in the room with the grunt and didn't realize until he punched me) and got it
Posted by FrustratedNerd on 13 Dec 14 at 20:14
k1dkashI just got the achievement on easy (no skulls), without having to kill all the enemies at the beginning and cavern. Went into the room, and killed the enemies in there, plus whatever enemies (in my case, a brute and jackal) that ran into the other room to warn the others. Then went back to the grunt and he spoke. This was after NUMEROUS attempts.
Posted by k1dkash on 18 Dec 14 at 07:43
Mr FiddlerI tried this maybe six or seven times on easy with skulls (bandana, envy and scarab for speed) with no luck. It unlocked the first time I tried it again on easy with no skulls (essentially just playing through normally).
Posted by Mr Fiddler on 28 Dec 14 at 07:18
Abaddon DGot it today on Easy with IWHBYD, killed all enemies and allies alive. Grunt talked :D.Ty for the guide.
Posted by Abaddon D on 01 Jan 15 at 19:18
KANEFAN84worked for me on legendary with scarab gun on, easy did not work for me.
Posted by KANEFAN84 on 18 Jan 15 at 03:27
oI 420 RUSH IoJust done it on normal there... I realised a potential loop as in why it works..... When u first enter inside and see your 2 grubts on a ledge jump up there using the light then follow the wall to the door. First jackals will come out but the key is after the jackals... One of those flying things with a plasma pistol comes out the door with the brutes and tries to fly away into the distance... Killing all enemies up to that point and into the room as well popped for me( I didn't even kill them all the brute ran in the door and the area was clear, he even came back and killed me while I was waiting for the pop)
Posted by oI 420 RUSH Io on 19 Jan 15 at 22:12
wbsCouldn't get this to work killing all the enemies 4-5 times so I tried speed running and it worked. I did kill all the brutes in the area with the grunt and the last brute I killed was really close to the grunt. Also did this in split screen and both accounts unlocked it.
Posted by wbs on 27 Jan 15 at 02:56
Games MasterI played on easy with bandana and envy, making a point not to kill ANY enemies until the room with the grunt. Then I killed the jackel trying to run to the next room and the 2 brutes. That's it, 3 kills. Worked 1st try doing it this way intead.
Posted by Games Master on 23 Feb 15 at 08:14
j0z0r pwn4tr0nI tried it multiple times with different difficulties and skulls enabled/disabled and I could never get it to unlock. The grunt would just cower in the corner. This has happened with multiple achievements in this collection and it always works the next day when I go back for it, so I'm gonna try for this again tomorrow and see what happens
Posted by j0z0r pwn4tr0n on 27 Feb 15 at 02:42
H2 IV EZI got it on easy(or maybe it was normal but I don't think that matters) and I did skip some brutes, but I got it on the first time i turned on the IWHBYD skull. so try turning that on.
Posted by H2 IV EZ on 28 Feb 15 at 02:22
wosmacktried 4 times from start of the level and didn't work (normal w/ IWHBYD.) noticed I had been changing to classic graphics to jump on walls etc so I changed back to Anniversary graphics; restarted from checkpoint (right before going into the room with the grunt.) killed everyone in Anniversary mode. Guy said his thing. Achievement popped.
Posted by wosmack on 24 Mar 15 at 23:25
MadeToKillI just got him to speak finally and yet I got no achievement what the h.
Posted by MadeToKill on 14 May 15 at 01:39
Rednet5Worked on easy first try, thanks..
Posted by Rednet5 on 08 Jun 15 at 22:10
scotwolf2Hi, I tried six times last night on normal, no skulls, killed all enemies but he would never talk.
Did it this morning got it first go.
The only thing I did different is when I'm inside above the grunt on the ledge I didn't use brute shot or grenades nothing that caused explosions. I used plasma pistol, needler and when all enemies dead jumped down and bingo.
So maybe he gets extra cowardly with explosions, who knows?
Posted by scotwolf2 on 10 Jun 15 at 09:43
IllustriousYetiAfter restarting an awfully far back checkpoint 4 times the dialogue triggered when there was 1 brute left in that room. Was on normal with no skulls on, usually i have grunt birthday and iwbyd on but i turned them off hoping it would increase the chance.
Posted by IllustriousYeti on 16 Jul 15 at 13:58
KnoellLegendary difficulty, Scarab, and Sputnik skulls on. Finally got it after quite a few tries. The one time I got it, I noticed that one of the two grunts that are in the cave in the room prior, survived and while I was waiting for the Elites to catch up, this grunt ran ahead and was subsequently killed quite easily by the brutes and jackels below. I don't know if this was the key or not, but its the only thing I noticed differently this time.

I died. I used the scarab gun. I killed all enemies that I could find.
Posted by Knoell on 26 Jul 15 at 00:03
Absohaili tried it multiple times with multiple settings. The thing that worked for me was that in the beginning i didnt kill anything and when i went inside and I jumped up to the ledge where the 2 grunts are standing. From there i went straight to the cowardly grunts room and kill everything in it and it unlocked. It could be that you have to jump up the ledge to grunts for it to trigger.
Posted by Absohail on 28 Jul 15 at 14:26
FQXwhat I found worked for me is NOT using ANY explosives in the grunt room, and not jumping down until everything died
Posted by FQX on 13 Aug 15 at 01:46
Bobl76Tried several time. First time I got to the point WITHOUT dying, popped out immediately. EASY/2 skulls on/Classic graphic.
Posted by Bobl76 on 13 Aug 15 at 19:16
Archaeo1ogistI got it on a speed run on Easy. I made sure I killed *every* enemy, including a brute & 3 jackals that kept evacuating the room as I began attacking. They'd always leave out the door, go around the hallway that turns to the left, and jump off the ledge before turning around to engage. Once I was able to kill every last one of them before they escaped, the cowardly grunt would then talk to me.
Posted by Archaeo1ogist on 23 Aug 15 at 22:24
hypobonixFINALLY HE SPEAKS!!!!
After trying what seems like and endless amount of times and days, I got this on my first attempt today on Easy with IWHBYD on. I killed all the Brutes at the beginning of the level. After meeting up with the Elite ally and moving into the next area full of enemies I DID NOT, REPEAT DID NOT, kill all the enemies in the room. I grenade jumped up to where the 2 Grunt allies are and continued around to the door. I killed all the enemies that come out that door (the one just before Flipyap) and the Brutes and & Jackals who run away from you in the Flipyap room. I used no explosives just the Plasma Rifle and Energy Sword.

I think this can confirm that all enemies before Flipyap do not have to be killed, just the ones coming out of the room before you go in the room he is in and the ones trying to leave it when you enter, and USE NO EXPLOSIVES.
Posted by hypobonix on 14 Sep 15 at 22:37
hypobonixI also used Classic Graphics.
Posted by hypobonix on 14 Sep 15 at 22:38
CrocsxGot it the first time on EASY without ANY skull. i killed EVERYBODY from the start to the grunt's room.
Posted by Crocsx on 25 Oct 15 at 17:51
FINALDEATHGot it on easy without killing any enemies at all except the brutes in the room he's in and he talked.
Posted by FINALDEATH on 06 Nov 15 at 05:47
CrankyCalamari2I got it the first time I tried: Easy + IWHBYD + Scarab + Bandanna. I tried several combinations of Easy/Legendary, multiple skulls/no skulls/only IWHBYD. I'm not sure what to say.
Posted by CrankyCalamari2 on 22 Nov 15 at 03:59
Moozipan CheeseGot it third try. First try on Easy got me nothing, as did a second attempt on Legendary but with multiple skulls on to make it easy (including the Scarab Gun skull). Third try was the same as the second, but without any deaths, and he finally decided to speak.
Posted by Moozipan Cheese on 03 Jan 16 at 02:03
AradorWhy is this fucking achievement not flagged as bugged
Posted by Arador on 07 Jan 16 at 05:17
AradorI hope who ever programmed this fucking Achievement dies
Posted by Arador on 07 Jan 16 at 05:37
x meltiger xPopped it today 31 Jan, on Legendary with Scarab IWYHB on.
Posted by x meltiger x on 31 Jan 16 at 04:19
KiRRAYNEFirst try on Easy, thank you!
Posted by KiRRAYNE on 05 Feb 16 at 04:15
SlabbaI got it on easy with the IWHBYD skull active, killing all the enemies along the way. I also made sure the two friendly grunts remained alive.
Posted by Slabba on 04 Mar 16 at 22:55
lildevilbmxerGot it second try just making sure no enemies retreated worked like a charm
Posted by lildevilbmxer on 26 Mar 16 at 08:57
Master IrishmanIt works for me first try on easy with no skulls on and i killed all enemies with sword, needle and brute shot also frags too... works just fine for me.
Posted by Master Irishman on 04 May 16 at 10:06
Gaz NCFCI got it the first time I didn't die
Posted by Gaz NCFC on 20 May 16 at 21:02
VaseraxI'll add to the apparent randomness of this achievement. Got nowhere 3 times. Went with Easy and killed nothing, just camo and run until the grunt room. Didn't drop down till I killed everything with the carbine. TA-DA! He finally talked.
Posted by Vaserax on 28 Jul 16 at 21:26
Bernman 117What a pain. Tried a lot of setups in the end I did it on easy and made sure the friendlies; 2 grunts and 1 elite, made it through all the way past the coward grunt. Once they'd walked out of his room and through to the next area the achievement popped.
Posted by Bernman 117 on 05 Oct 16 at 16:58
J4CKA1I ran this without killing anything, and with killing everything. Both on easy and I waited at the grunt for 10min after each. I truly think this is just RNG.
Posted by J4CKA1 on 16 Feb 17 at 11:55
GamerscoreYep skulls seemed to be the issue for me. Do this on normal with no skulls, clear out all the enemies like Maka said and you should get it.
Posted by Gamerscore on 06 Jun 17 at 19:13
ll BENNO llAfter not being able to get it to pop on easy with no skulls i tried Legendary with IWBYD and scarrab skull on and got it first shot. I did kill all friendlies as well, not sure if that made a difference or not but worth a try if you can't get him to talk.
Posted by ll BENNO ll on 22 Nov 17 at 15:30
jordan macitThis worked for me first time on legendary,with the Bandana, Envy, IWHBYD and Scarab skulls on. Legit blasted everything in the way (one of the boxes went flying and almost killed the little grunt) but soon as I went up to him it worked like a charm.
Posted by jordan macit on 25 May 18 at 01:50
UnfurledEmu75Legendary seems to work the best. Tried many times on easy but nothing. I think the trigger its that the AI kills all your other allies.
Posted by UnfurledEmu75 on 02 Jul 18 at 22:19
sseagleWas going through Uprising yesterday for the Ghost skull and it popped in the correct place... never did when I was intending on it popping... XD
Posted by sseagle on 19 Aug 18 at 12:17
MoustachioI did this with no skulls and took a it few times using the restart option. The time it worked, I used the Brute Shot exclusively (had tried about all weapons save the sword) and one of the Brutes retreated into the room he came out of so I went and killed him. Walked back out to the Grunt and he started talking for the first time. Chivo popped. I had killed all of the enemies every time as well.
Posted by Moustachio on 25 Aug 18 at 05:52
Ink SplittersI got it on my first try on normal difficulty while playing the cross game playlist that includes all 4 Halo games.
Posted by Ink Splitters on 06 Sep 18 at 23:51
PunkxWad07Got it first try. Played on easy, IWHBYD skull on. Killed everyone as I went. Even cleared out the room ahead of the cowardly grunt. Went back to him and sat by him for a minute or 2 and it popped.
Posted by PunkxWad07 on 30 Sep 18 at 23:16
z0rrofoxNot sure if I got lucky or this was (un)intentionally fixed with the recent massive patch but I managed to get this last night on normal with no skulls on. Just cleared out the room and stood next to him. He started talking almost immediately.
Posted by z0rrofox on 24 Oct 18 at 09:16
BioFire64Followed the video exactly and got the achievement straight away. Thumbs up!
Posted by BioFire64 on 27 Jan 19 at 14:02
Cawnguh TTVWorked straight away. Played on Normal, killed all enemies and walked up to him. Cheevo popped right away. 6/28/19
Posted by Cawnguh TTV on 28 Jun 19 at 23:32
BORNST3LLARIf it may help i unlocked it (on 8/28/19) on easy, no skull active: when you get into the room of the grunt try to kill the brute that escapes before it leaves (as i did); i unlocked it at first try with this requirement
Posted by BORNST3LLAR on 28 Aug 19 at 18:08
Leo AscendentLegendary with Bandanna and Scarab, didnt unlock. Seems like this is one of those rare dialogues, might help to have IWHBYD on.

After 3 or 4 tries I was able to get this. Played in Easy with no skulls (not even IWHYBD), and killed all enemies in the jungle area as well as inside. Left my allies alive, basically stayed with them throughout the cave area. Maybe you need to get a small group to that room as well, who knows, but worth a shot if it isnt unlocking.
Posted by Leo Ascendent on 09 Sep 19 at 23:09
Z1PPYZ3NOSo i tried 6 times in easy and I just could not get the dialogue to play, but I then tried to cloak in the room, take out the left brute while cloaked and then fast killed the other one. I went straight to the grunt and it spoke!
Posted by Z1PPYZ3NO on 26 Dec 19 at 02:25
EAsucks4324Unlocked very first try. Easy with IWHBYD skull on. No deaths, killed all enemies. If he doesnt talk at first try leaving the room and getting a checkpoint and then coming back. That's what I did.
Posted by EAsucks4324 on 24 Jan 20 at 08:42
EB89AUI just did this, no skulls, I skipped killing enemies at the start and. Just ran past everyone I could

Killed the enemies in the room with the grunt

I did not die, I feel like not during might be part of it
Posted by EB89AU on 04 Mar 20 at 11:15
Mad Dog MalcsNormal, no skulls, kill everything, don’t die. This was the only way I could get this to pop that I tried.
Posted by Mad Dog Malcs on 20 Jun 20 at 04:32
daylightEXI had to do this on Legendary with the IWHBYD skull activated before it would pop. No deaths and killed all enemies on the way to the grunt.
Posted by daylightEX on 06 Aug 20 at 22:26
Yummy BaklavaNormal, no skulls - I did what EB89AU said and I skipped most of the enemies until the room where the Grunt is hiding in the corner.

Achievement unlocked.
Posted by Yummy Baklava on 31 Dec 20 at 11:51
PilkatronI tried everything. What worked for me was a speedrun (1:10) by the time I got in the room woth the grunt, quickly killed every enemy with a sword and then went back to the grunt and he spoke. Normal, 0 skulls.
Posted by Pilkatron on 22 Mar 21 at 17:16
UGWRayneJust got the achievement.... On easy... No skulls... Died 1 time but before the game could register it (literally while my guy was falling to the ground) I paused and loaded the check point. Killed jackels first so now alerts then killed the brutes. Went back to the scared grunt and he spoke.
Posted by UGWRayne on 09 Apr 21 at 23:17
AbsconderAfter years of trying to get this achievement unlocked it finally worked for me today. I was completing the easy campaign playlist, I killed all enemies in the level, most with the sword, and the cowardly grunt finally spoke.
Posted by Absconder on 24 May 21 at 20:30