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Destination Vacation

Halo 2: View one of the seasonal signs on Zanzibar in classic multiplayer.

Destination Vacation+0.1
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11 Nov 2014 17 Nov 2014
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Offline Method:

This method involves changing the date/time of your console. If you do not agree with this method, an online method is included below.

1. Go to "My Games & Apps" > "Apps" > "Settings" > "Network" and then "Go offline" & "Forget Wireless Network"
2. Hard reset your console by holding the power button for 5-10 seconds.
3. Sign in and go to "My Games & Apps" > "Apps" > "Settings" > "System" and then change the date to any of the follow dates:

January 1 - "Baby Shark Petting"
October 31 - "Danger, Carnage Zone"
December 25 - "Danger, This Soffish, DO NOT EAT!"

4. With the changed date, load Halo MCC, select a custom game in Halo 2 Classic on Zanzibar.
5. Go to the beach and look at the sign next to water.
6. Go to "My Games & Apps" > "Apps" > "Settings" > "Network" and connect to your wireless connection by selecting it and entering the password. The achievement will unlock as soon as your Xbox connects to Xbox Live.

Online Method:

This achievement is only available on 4 days of the year, as follows:

January 1 - "Baby Shark Petting"
July 7 - "Are you finding Ling-Ling's head?"
October 31 - "Danger, Carnage Zone"
December 25 - "Danger, This Soffish, DO NOT EAT!"

On one of these days, in your local timezone, you will need to load a custom game in Halo 2 Classic on Zanzibar, and then go to the beach and look at the sign next to water. On the dates listed above, the sign will be unique and the achievement will unlock.
TonySkiHi Maka! I have to say that your guides over the past few years have been awesome!
Posted by TonySki on 11 Nov 14 at 23:24
Strategy OneHah if you plug in your online cord while staring at the sign, it flashes to the no swimming sign.
Posted by Strategy One on 12 Nov 14 at 03:31
Strategy OneBtw instead of going into your apps you can just press your start button on ur controller which has a settings in the selections, much faster and simplistic.
Posted by Strategy One on 12 Nov 14 at 03:33
AqueousTxDidn't work. Tried twice, following the guide step by step and when I log in, no achievement unlocks.
Posted by AqueousTx on 12 Nov 14 at 11:50
Cyrax1982July 7th didn't work for me or is possibly one of the glitched ones?
Posted by Cyrax1982 on 17 Nov 14 at 22:32
Maka91@Cyrax, I think 343 got rid of Bungie day related ones.
Posted by Maka91 on 17 Nov 14 at 23:42
Gh0stRid3r117I did your offline solution. Worked fine for me. Thanks Maka. But now for some reason, where the recently played games and apps go on the home screen, the settings app and Halo MCC are always the first two. No matter what games or apps I use, those two always go to the front. I've tried clearing my cache and it still happens. Has this happened to anyone else?
Posted by Gh0stRid3r117 on 23 Nov 14 at 16:20
SpoolinChaosIt's December 25th and this won't pop for me....I'm staring right at the fish sign, nothing, even loaded the map like 5 times. Nothing.
Posted by SpoolinChaos on 26 Dec 14 at 02:20
StIcKeNiT36^^ having the same problem
Posted by StIcKeNiT36 on 26 Dec 14 at 02:22
SpoolinChaosI even double checked to make sure it's not doing the weird glitch of "Unlocking", but not actually popping, nothing, even closed out the game can reloaded it a few times, still nothing.
Posted by SpoolinChaos on 26 Dec 14 at 02:24
StIcKeNiT36again i've done the same, turned off xbox, turned back on and tried, looked at it from every angle possible and nothing
Posted by StIcKeNiT36 on 26 Dec 14 at 02:29
SpoolinChaosYeah, think it's glitched......guess we'll have to try again on New Years.
Posted by SpoolinChaos on 26 Dec 14 at 02:32
Dilbert88achievement not popping for me either. guess I'll try again on new years
Posted by Dilbert88 on 26 Dec 14 at 02:34
StIcKeNiT36apparently I unlocked it now? weird
Posted by StIcKeNiT36 on 26 Dec 14 at 22:37
SpoolinChaosMine unlocked as well, no reason, just random.
Posted by SpoolinChaos on 28 Dec 14 at 00:54
yollom69Great guide Maka as always. Just confirming this still works after all the recent updates, though it was a little slow to unlock making me briefly doubt it had worked
Posted by yollom69 on 25 Mar 15 at 17:36
WintereenmasIs July 4th considered a holiday?
Posted by Wintereenmas on 03 Jul 15 at 21:31
AFYE92993Can confirm that the July 7 one still works. Just got it.
Posted by AFYE92993 on 07 Jul 15 at 14:32
Tulukaruq907If you want the achievement to have an online date stamp you can combine both methods. I did this on Bungie Day. I used the offline method and set the date and earlier one (January 1 in this case) and went to the sign then reconnected and let the date change (July 7 in this case) and went to the sign again. The achievement toast didn't pop but when I checked my achievements it was unlocked.

I did it this way because I kept forgetting to play on one of the dates and did not want to wait until Halloween to get the achievement.
Posted by Tulukaruq907 on 07 Jul 15 at 18:14
Iceberg082006The July 7th didn't unlock for me
Posted by Iceberg082006 on 07 Jul 15 at 22:38
Dan vasNormandyI just got it. Thumbs up from me!
Posted by Dan vasNormandy on 08 Jul 15 at 02:21
Timeless MagicCan't get it to work unfortunately.
Posted by Timeless Magic on 08 Jul 16 at 04:43
ariesfenixmxNo problem if you use that as being banned
Posted by ariesfenixmx on 23 Dec 16 at 23:52
Offline method isn't working for me.
Posted on 23 Jan 17 at 18:10
AvidousOffline method for Dec 25 isn't working for me.

Edit: None of the other dates are working either. I tried changing year in addition to dd/mm, 2014/2015/2017 did not work.
Posted by Avidous on 16 May 17 at 04:37
WiizKiinCan confirm that 'Bungie Day' (7th July) does work!!!!

Go get it guys!
Posted by WiizKiin on 06 Jul 17 at 23:17
LAZY SHIKAMARUXNo one has gotten the achievement since last Bungie day, so I am assuming the offline method no longer works since it didn't for me... I guess this Halloween it's Halo MCC for me...
Posted by LAZY SHIKAMARUX on 20 Aug 17 at 17:59
ToXiC is SiKFound the he online method. It's definitely new year. Baby shark petting sign. It won't pop :/
Posted by ToXiC is SiK on 01 Jan 18 at 23:00
ptracey1421Checked the sign today twice and it wasn’t giving me the 50% completion on the Achievo. I checked both signs by the water and they just had the shark with ‘No swimming’.
Posted by ptracey1421 on 04 Jul 19 at 17:47
QuasitarI was convinced that this wasn't possible online anymore as I had tried the exact same method a few weeks back. I decided to try one more time and once again nothing happened. I got off the game played different game for around 30 minutes. Went back to the dashboard and it popped.....
Posted by Quasitar on 06 Aug 19 at 02:53
BaradurHad a look on oktober 31st 2019 and got the achievement..
Posted by Baradur on 31 Oct 19 at 07:40
VauIt Boy 111Tried this 9 February 2020. Followed the guide. Done it 3 times Nothing happened for the Zanzibar map even thou the sign changed I gave up and went on to do the 2 Valhalla sigils On halo 3 after doing both of them I got nothing and was met with a laggy map I left the game open and went to the dashboard for a few seconds then went back in about 3 minutes later the achievement for halo 2 Zanzibar unlocked. Seems all the date changes are confusing and lagging the system which it’s trying to make sense on and correct resulting in delayed achievements. But looking for the positive that one worked. Waiting to see now if the halo 3 sigils achievement on Valhalla will unlock....

Nothing happened. Tried a second time still nothing think I’ll leave it there for now and try again another time

(Please note... hard reset 5-10 seconds option has been replaced by the restart button which appears when holding down the Xbox button for a couple of seconds)
Posted by VauIt Boy 111 on 10 Feb 20 at 00:17
xzDEATHWALKERzxI have an awesome trick for getting this achievement that will save you all an incredible amount of time and effort.

You will likely need a PC, tablet, or a smartphone to make this process more efficient. For me to unlock this achievement I used an android based Samsung S8, but any phone should work even an iPhone.

Once you have your preferred device in hand you are going to need to locate a particular app. I can't be sure what the name will be on your specific device, but it will function similarly regardless.

What you are looking for is some sort of time keeping and/or informational app. On my device it is simply called "Clock." Yours might be called this, or "Time", or "Calendar", etc. Once you have located this app you need to identify the function for setting an alarm or a reminder.

Some sort of mechanism to alert you on the proper date you will need to launch the game, check Trueachievements for details, and then proceed to pop the cheevo.

I just did this while drinking my morning coffee easy peasy. No console reboots, no game lag, no hung up achievement delays, it just works. It just simply works. I can't believe I didn't do this for all of the date based Halo MCC achievements. Oh wait I did. It was just as easy every time. Weird...
Posted by xzDEATHWALKERzx on 07 Jul 20 at 12:09
RIP GangstasAs of 8/3/20, this can be easily achieved on PC by changing the date on your computer and following the instructions to find the sign. Popped immediately
Posted by RIP Gangstas on 03 Aug 20 at 10:57
x ShadoVV xLmao @ death walker laugh
Posted by x ShadoVV x on 23 Dec 20 at 18:08
OSanBrazilWorked for me just fine. Didn't have to hard reset my Series X, just restarted it from system options. And, since it was wired, just disconnected the cable and connected after viewing the sign on the beach.
Posted by OSanBrazil on 20 May 21 at 03:25
SumirePC Steam here, not working by changing the date, I'm gonna wait until October 31. :(

Oh wait, I just checked my steam achievements and I have it, didn't popped for some reason but it works.
Posted by Sumire on 31 Jul 21 at 22:31
BadDogg55Didn't work for me. Tried it 3 times no banana. 8/5/2021.
Update: I did get it. Was playing a game and it popped about 20 mins after I did the achievement.
Posted by BadDogg55 on 05 Aug 21 at 17:58