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Skulltaker Halo: CE: Foreign

Halo CE: Find and claim the Foreign skull in remastered mode.

Skulltaker Halo: CE: Foreign0
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11 Nov 2014
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This skull can be found in the video below. The timestamp shows the exact location of it in the video.

[2:06] - Skull: Foreign - Mission: Truth and Reconciliation
Edward HyenaYou should provide some text for your solution as well. Some people don't want to / can't watch videos.
Posted by Edward Hyena on 03 Dec 14 at 18:20
Der BardFrom video voice-over:

"On Truth and Reconciliation. Once you reach the bay with the two ships on the main floor, in the very [far right] corner there will be a door that opens up with Hunters and Grunts. You will need to go through this door as quickly as possible, as you'll notice that it locks if the enemies aren't coming out. It will lock you out unless you run to it as the enemies are coming out"
Posted by Der Bard on 12 Apr 18 at 23:37
DolphinChic03Actually...u can still get it if u aren't quick enough to run thru the door while enemies are exiting it. The door will reopen if u lure 1 of the hunters (probably any enemy) back towards the door for the hunter to enter.... just run ahead into the door to grab the skull. If you're playing co-op & ur buddy didn't make it thru the door with u, then after the hunter is killed in that corridor, the door will open for u when u pretend to exit the corridor so ur buddy can run in to grab the skull too.
Posted by DolphinChic03 on 16 Mar 20 at 11:36