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Skulltaker Halo: CE: Bandana

Halo CE: Find and claim the Bandanna skull in remastered mode.

Skulltaker Halo: CE: Bandana0
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11 Nov 2014
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This skull can be found in the video below. The timestamp shows the exact location of it in the video.

[3:22] - Skull: Bandana - Mission: The Silent Cartographer
InfiniteRefrainAny trick to get this solo? In CEA I had a friend to continue, but may need a second controller with my play times.
Posted by InfiniteRefrain on 11 Nov 14 at 23:30
Dr Peach PAre the achievements glitchy? Picked up both Famine and Bandana and no cheevos. Also bandana doesn't show in my skull list before I start the game.
Posted by Dr Peach P on 12 Nov 14 at 01:25
AradorTook me so long to get up there then no pop, WTF??!! angry
Posted by Arador on 12 Nov 14 at 02:17
Dr Peach PYeah I'm unlocking other achievements but the skulls and terminal achievements are not unlocking.
Posted by Dr Peach P on 12 Nov 14 at 06:05
is that HydroThere is a little window you can crouch-jump into when playing with someone else... Its in the hallway right before you have to make the right to grenade jump... All you gotta do is have a person sit there while the other guy kills himself - He will respawn outside of the map, fall on your head and he can jump up to grab the skull...
Posted by is that Hydro on 14 Nov 14 at 16:06
is that Hydroat 3:25 is where you want to look right and crouch jump into that window.
Posted by is that Hydro on 14 Nov 14 at 16:08
IIIDarkmasterIII got the Achievement but the skull do not show up in the select skull screen wtf???
Posted by IIIDarkmasterII on 15 Nov 14 at 17:06
XEvilJimmyXalso have the problem of the skull not showing up on my skulls screen but the achievement did pop for me..... after about 20 min of playtime. I am noticing when i restart at the skull point the skull is still there like i never got it.....any able to get the skull to appear on their skull screen after this problem please post something. or has this problem stopped you from getting the headhunter achievement?
Posted by XEvilJimmyX on 19 Nov 14 at 03:34
FullMoonBeaverI got this last night thanks to this video. Don't know if I'm gonna have the same problem as everyone else though. Probably will knowing my luck
Posted by FullMoonBeaver on 19 Dec 14 at 11:36