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Halo 2: Collect the Librarian toy in Uprising.

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11 Nov 2014 11 Nov 2014
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There are a total of 8 toys available in Halo 2 Anniversary. The location for this specific collectible can be found in the video below. A timestamp for its exact location can be found underneath.
[5:11] - Librarian - Mission: Uprising
BILB0 FR4GGINSI could not get that grenade jump to work!!!! Ahhhhhh!!!!! However, you don't even need a grenade. You can crouch jump up using the tree. Try prying yourself in there, it works!!
Posted by BILB0 FR4GGINS on 23 Nov 14 at 23:55
Benn1eI collected this one but it didnt pop. Any ideas?
Posted by Benn1e on 30 Nov 14 at 22:38
Conky UKGreat tip from BILB0, the tree jump is much easier clap
Posted by Conky UK on 11 Dec 14 at 09:14
BKLortzI couldn't get that grenade jump either. But with Sputnik Skull it was easy.
Posted by BKLortz on 23 Dec 14 at 17:38
Johnny TurkTwo of these toys have jumps that are ridiculous and there a much easier ways.

Even the tree jump on this is hard compared to this one.

Sorry maka, I like a lot of your guides but this one was much !such easier.
Posted by Johnny Turk on 06 May 15 at 15:09
vHucsConfirmed works with Arcophobia so no nade jump needed
Posted by vHucs on 25 Oct at 16:24