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Pillar of Autumn

Halo CE: Complete The Pillar of Autumn.

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11 Nov 2014 10 Dec 2014
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Pillar of Autumn

The pillar of Autumn is the first mission on Halo: CE and once you complete it you will obtain this achievement.

I recommend to get the most out of it is play Co-op and on Legendary, if you have a hard time on legendary just take your time, and use grenades on elites or Plasma pistol and magnum to take the shield out and head shot to kill the elites.

According to The Kudi Zone you cannot use bandana skull and unlock this achievement.

Note: The mission achievements have been really bugged so if your achievement says "Done.... Unlocking" your in the same boat as basically every gamer. I still have 1 mission achievement unlocked a week and a half ago and it still says "Done.... Unlocking" don't keep attempting to unlock it because it won't happen. Just pray Microsoft or Bungie (whoever has to fix this will) which with the amount of people its affecting, I can assure you something will be done.

Update 12/09/2014: Seems as though they fixed all level achievements, either it will unlock on you randomly (some say) or you can definitely unlock it by replaying the level. It won't unlock immediately, but at a random time, most likely you will have it in 24 hours.
Raw Sauce Rossshould mention that you can't use bandana
Posted by Raw Sauce Ross on 11 Nov 14 at 19:17
Tao LogosWow, what is the point of a preorder bonus that you cannot use?
Posted by Tao Logos on 11 Nov 14 at 22:26
Raw Sauce Rossthis is strange i've played through the mission a few times and the achievement still won't unlock it says its at 0%
Posted by Raw Sauce Ross on 12 Nov 14 at 01:30
Strategy OneAchievements are broken atm
Posted by Strategy One on 12 Nov 14 at 01:47
Specialist01I got the achievement for beating par time but not the achievement for just completing the mission. I didn't have any skulls on and I know achievements were down earlier but they're back up now. I hope I don't already have unobtainable glitched achievements for this game :(
Posted by Specialist01 on 12 Nov 14 at 08:10
ScorchPSOMe and my girlfriend completed this level today and last night. No Achievement but we got others for killing 100 grunts etc.
Posted by ScorchPSO on 12 Nov 14 at 09:40
Razzer070Yeah I done about 5 missions and only got achievements for killing 100 enemies etc aswell! Piss take
Posted by Razzer070 on 12 Nov 14 at 09:56
Rafael D ArroyoSame here... No achievement for completing the level but I got the par time one... This game is a broken mess man...
Posted by Rafael D Arroyo on 12 Nov 14 at 14:11
SashamorningYeah... thanks 343 for the glitch! facepalm Hope it's fixed soon.
Posted by Sashamorning on 12 Nov 14 at 18:53
Strategy OneGuys its 343 im sure they will fix all unobtainable or broken achievements, there are some in the unknown DLC that are broken too.
Posted by Strategy One on 12 Nov 14 at 22:37
PendiRulzstill glitched!
Posted by PendiRulz on 14 Nov 14 at 08:01
ScorchPSOYeah, Post Patch 5 days later. Still locked and glitched - One other I unlocked around the same time has finally unlocked but not this or completing a co-op level. There has to be another reason for it, because I cant see why an achievement that I unlocked earlier (Which was glitched) is now showing but this one isnt.

Seems to be a problem with level specific achievements because there's a huge thread on the Waypoint forums with most of the glitches achievements being level completion ones.
Posted by ScorchPSO on 15 Nov 14 at 13:20
Always SaucyUpdate today and this still hasn't unlocked... all my other ones did but this one still sits at Done! Unlocking...
Posted by Always Saucy on 21 Nov 14 at 04:23
ScorchPSOSame here, I've given up with MCC - Going to go play something else until this is fixed. If it's ever fixed.
Posted by ScorchPSO on 21 Nov 14 at 06:26
Strategy OneThere is a ton of people with broken achievements on this game or other games, dont worry they will be fixed, its a big matter to so many people not getting their achievements.
Posted by Strategy One on 21 Nov 14 at 20:17
Rafael D ArroyoThis is achievement not unlocking is starting to annoy me...
Posted by Rafael D Arroyo on 25 Nov 14 at 11:20
Always SaucySame here bro ^
Posted by Always Saucy on 26 Nov 14 at 05:29
SloppyJoe811I think the glitch has something to do with the game not being fully installed when we earn the achievement. I would be willing to bet that most of the people, like me, who beat the level but the cheevo didn't pop was because the game was still installing to the hard drive
Posted by SloppyJoe811 on 26 Nov 14 at 14:09
Always SaucyI beat this level after the game was installed and it still didn't pop so I don't think that's it.
Posted by Always Saucy on 26 Nov 14 at 16:08
Stigga97In that case should the game be reinstalled? I can confirm I played those two levels on legendary the same time the game was installing to the Harddrive. Good observation sir!
Posted by Stigga97 on 26 Nov 14 at 17:55
Always SaucyI talked to xbox support about this achievement, they sent me a link to do a survey. Guess this is a huge deal since they have a specific survey for it. Anyway, they said they have been looking into achievements being done and not unlocking and said they should have this resolved soon.
Posted by Always Saucy on 27 Nov 14 at 09:16
Always SaucyThis finally unlocked today!!! 3 weeks later :p
Posted by Always Saucy on 03 Dec 14 at 22:05
Strategy OneMaybe the fixed it?
Posted by Strategy One on 04 Dec 14 at 05:51
ScorchPSOMine is still locked 3 weeks later. So no idea why some peoples are unlocking and others not. :(
Posted by ScorchPSO on 06 Dec 14 at 12:02
ScorchPSOReplayed the level. No achievement. However when I checked this morning it said the achievement unlocked yesterday at 1pm. So try replaying the level and then waiting 24 hours. Worked for me and a few others. Seems patch it loosening up some achievements
Posted by ScorchPSO on 07 Dec 14 at 12:17
zJakey^Worked for me too, achievement finally unlocked after 3 weeks
Posted by zJakey on 09 Dec 14 at 08:49
Strategy OneIll give it a try, updating solutions for people to try them if it works
Posted by Strategy One on 09 Dec 14 at 09:04
xbox4xmas07I was watching hockey on T.V. and this achievement popped. Haven't played the game in weeks. Weird.
Posted by xbox4xmas07 on 10 Dec 14 at 02:51
Rafael D ArroyoThey patched it up! the last update fixed it!
Posted by Rafael D Arroyo on 11 Dec 14 at 01:48
notion3000Can you get this achievement on 'Easy' difficulty?
Posted by notion3000 on 18 Mar 17 at 12:28
Strategy OneYes
Posted by Strategy One on 18 Mar 17 at 13:51
BarbellxBrigadeCan anyone clarify that you can't use the bandana skull for these level achievements? Because the walkthrough states that you can and they will unlock.
Posted by BarbellxBrigade on 15 Apr 18 at 20:11