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Hunters Hunted

Kill 50 Hunters.

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Hunters Hunted

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Hunters have been known to be the biggest and baddest of them all in the Halo series, the send fear down your spine when you see one, especially on Legendary mode. But the most ironic thing is there is a extremely easy way to kill them!

In Halo: CE a magnum can kill a hunter with 1 bullet! all you have to do is have him lung at you, dodge his attack, you will see his orange spine on his back, shoot it, dead.

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If you load up The Silent Cartographer mission in Halo: CE get to the point in the video (with a magnum equipped) you can kill the Hunters, then reload the checkpoint and rinse and repeat until you reach the amount required for the achievement.

Video was done by Golden Cable Productions
Puma FistDamn, that video must be ancient. Let it Rock playing in the background? This was truly a different time.
Posted by Puma Fist on 02 Jan 15 at 03:45
CONKER1182This can only be done on easy too. Can't kill a hunter with one pistol bullet on normal or higher.
Posted by CONKER1182 on 23 Apr 15 at 01:28
Strategy OneReally? I remember it being any difficulty....?
Posted by Strategy One on 26 Apr 15 at 15:02
WonderfulWestThis can be done on normal difficulty
Posted by WonderfulWest on 05 Aug 21 at 17:34
LarentixCan confirm the one shot kill with the magnum works fine on heroic, CONKER1182's statement is false.
Posted by Larentix on 04 Dec 21 at 14:25
Courtjester138All for a measly 5 points lol
Posted by Courtjester138 on 09 Dec 21 at 21:40