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Complete 50 missions or multiplayer games.

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There are 12 achievements worth 120G for completing 500 games and there are 11 achievements worth 105 G for winning 500 games. In total there is 23 achievements worth 225 gamerscore for playing/winning 500 Custom or matchmade games for Halo: TMCC. This is a guide to obtain all of those achievements, plus I will list off all multiplayer achievements you can do in custom games, organized in what the requirements are to doing them.

The first thing I need let you know, if you plan on doing ALL multiplayer/custom achievements you should unlock the ones below first because they will give you progress towards the wins/games played achievements (it can save you 30 minutes to and hour by doing these first)

(Matchmaking only)
Halo: The Master Chief CollectionZealotThe Zealot achievement in Halo: The Master Chief Collection worth 43 pointsHalo 2A MP: In Anniversary matchmaking, win 10 games as an Elite.

(Read walk-through first before doing these, then use the method to get these)
*** Spoiler - click to reveal ***

This achievement will give you games won/played towards all 23 achievements, if you don't want to and just knock these out of the way then follow this guide!

Walkthrough for multiplayer wins/played

Edit 08/21/2015:
M E T H 0 D Man said:

I don't know if anyone has mentioned this but it is still possible to end the game early on forge and have it count as a victory. I tested it with halo 2,3, and 4.

Ham Man 89 said:

Halo 2 anniversary custom. Lockout, slayer, start game. pause and end game after match loads. works solo. halo 3 custom works... halo 4 also works... just quitting out as soon as u can

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This isn't the only multiplayer achievements that can be done in Custom, I have compiled a list of all the achievements and what you need to get them. Take a look:

Needed: 1 controller (can be done all by yourself):

*** Spoiler - click to reveal ***

Needed: A willing friend or 2 controllers:

*** Spoiler - click to reveal ***

Needed: A willing friend or another controller (best done in forge)

*** Spoiler - click to reveal ***

Needed: 2 willing friends or another 2 controllers

*** Spoiler - click to reveal ***

Needed: a willing friend who has the Legendary Anniversary achievement:

Halo: The Master Chief CollectionLegend SlayerThe Legend Slayer achievement in Halo: The Master Chief Collection worth 19 pointsHalo 2A MP: Kill an opponent that has the Legendary Anniversary achievement.

I hope this list helps everyone into doing all multiplayer that is achievable in Custom matches, I finished them yesterday and its good to know I don't have to play multiplayer anymore if I don't want to.

For this last achievement you can do it with another friend (having 3 controllers in total meaning one of you having 2 controllers in possession).


Having 3 controllers and doing everything yourself which would be extremely difficult


Having 1 controller and splattering an enemy in Campaign (extremely difficult also)

Halo: The Master Chief CollectionAirborneThe Airborne achievement in Halo: The Master Chief Collection worth 57 pointsHalo CE: Launch a Warthog for at least 5 seconds and have it splatter an enemy.

If my guide to all custom multiplayer achievements has flaws or can be improved please comment or message me and I will fix it immediately.

Good luck to everyone and have fun! toast
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Mattynicklin My campaign missions keeps resetting itself
Posted by Mattynicklin on 26 Nov 14 at 15:33
Un4given Raider @Le Lone Wolf

Thank you for making this. Saw and forgot to bookmark, so I was clicking on all the achievement guides. haha.
Posted by Un4given Raider on 07 Jan 15 at 11:09
Strategy One Np man, im glad this helps save people time, organization is a time saver, its probably going to be updated with the new achievements tomorrow since there are more online achievements coming according to 343.
Posted by Strategy One on 07 Jan 15 at 18:58
Bear5 Fan 4Ever You can't end game on halo combat evolved anymore... But in Halo 3 and Halo 4 it does work.
Posted by Bear5 Fan 4Ever on 10 Jul 15 at 17:21
Bear5 Fan 4Ever Correction you can end game, but the scoring screen won't come up. So, the match doesn't add to the progress towards the achievements.
Posted by Bear5 Fan 4Ever on 10 Jul 15 at 17:26