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Third Time's A Charm

Halo 3: Play a game of Halo 3 on the 25th of any month.

Third Time's A Charm0
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12 Nov 2014
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A Day To Remember

To unlock this achievement you must load up Halo: 3 on the 25th of any month, quite simple.

If you want to unlock it on any other date you can do so offline. Now this doesn't just mean you disconnect yourself and do it, you must first follow a few steps.

First going into your settings by hitting the button towards the middle of your controller with 3 lines across it (otherwise known as the start button).

Second go into Network.

Third "Go offline" and "forget wireless network"

Then you are going to need to hard turn off your Xbox by holding the power button for 10 seconds.

Once you turn it back on go back into settings, then system, to the way right you will be able to click on your date and change it to any day you want. For this achievement you change it to the 25th.

Load the game up and start Halo: 3, quit out once it loads up, reconnect yourself back to the internet and it will unlock for you. smile
Mistwalker45just a note the achievement does unlock but it won't pop up so once you've done the steps snap your achievements to see if it's popped up since it should have :)
Posted by Mistwalker45 on 14 Nov 14 at 17:27
KalebI got this today (11/24) for some reason, not by switching dates or anything either.
Posted by Kaleb on 24 Nov 14 at 22:49
FUBAR8888This worked awesome.Thanks
Posted by FUBAR8888 on 05 Mar 16 at 03:05
IceeLadyDon’t be an idiot like me. I kept trying to play Halo 3 over and over again

Solution ***You must have Halo MMC installed to play Halo 3. My excuse is it’s around 4:30 am. My story & I’m sticking to it*** 🥱 At this time, it’s excruciatingly slow to install 😡
Posted by IceeLady on 25 Feb 21 at 10:23
Pure Pip RaptorFor people who don't know the settings very well... go to General > Network Settings and then System > Time.
Posted by Pure Pip Raptor on 15 Apr at 14:36