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Halo CE: Beat the par score on The Pillar of Autumn.

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Shand Alk3Shand Alk3515,679
12 Nov 2014 12 Nov 2014
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It seems that these "Score" achievements are quite difficult but ill tell you how I did this level. Every kill gets you points and dying or losing Marines loses points. These points are multiplied by what difficulty you play on and the skulls you use. To play with score showing, choose to show score in the HUD when you choose your mission. The par for this map is 25,000.

I had my score showing, heroic difficulty, and all main skulls on EXCEPT for Foreign. Keeping this skull off allowed me to use plasma grenades which really helped clear out groups. With these setting, I ran through killing EVERY enemy I came across. I managed to finish the level with just under 9,000 base points. I beat the level in 11:55 which yielded an extra 3X multiplayer.

My suggestion is to melee everything. You can shoot some grunts, but honestly, they wont go down easy. If you continuously melee a grunt or elite over and over, your shield won't drop, allowing you to stay alive while killing. And don't die...using the Iron skull is crucial to your multiplier and dying makes you restart the mission. One last thing: If you do die, press start and restart manually. Letting the game restart not only starts you with negative points, your time doesn't reset.
FoogaGreat solution. Doesn't seem like you can do this in co op either, which sucks, as I remember doing the metascores in 3 with friends.
Posted by Fooga on 13 Nov 14 at 20:47
Σχ şlαy3rDoesn't work in co-op??? Really??? That sucks! :(
Posted by Σχ şlαy3r on 14 Nov 14 at 10:15
FoogaA friend and I did it, and the achievement tracker counted my score itself, not our total team score.

So yep, looks like we're soloing these unless 343 updates them (which they should, since working towards this sort of stuff is always better with friends).
Posted by Fooga on 14 Nov 14 at 12:51
MIL5Yfoogey pls, you gotta do that competitive score bro. not the team score !
Nice guide Shand!
Posted by MIL5Y on 14 Nov 14 at 14:01
Big EllTried in co-op last night. Played on Normal with 5 skulls but came nowhere close. It did seem to add our two scores together, Fooga.
Posted by Big Ell on 14 Nov 14 at 19:01
FoogaYes, but your individual score has to hit the par, not the team. I know the scores combine, but that's not what the game looks at when it gives you the achievement.
Posted by Fooga on 15 Nov 14 at 00:08
FoogaMIL5Y, that's what I'm saying lol
Posted by Fooga on 15 Nov 14 at 00:08
QcK Dagger HeaT^Actually your wrong and I can confirm your wrong. Me and my friend were playing the Library on Heroic no skulls somehow our score hit 25k, think it was because we were killing Everything. The Achievement popped for both of us as well.
Posted by QcK Dagger HeaT on 16 Nov 14 at 21:05
Big Ell*you're, *you're, *my friend and I.
Posted by Big Ell on 16 Nov 14 at 21:18
QcK Dagger HeaTSorry I know my grammar isn't the best. My strong subject was mathematics and my weakest has always been English.
Posted by QcK Dagger HeaT on 16 Nov 14 at 21:36
FoogaQck, then you each, as in individually, got 25k each. Pay attention to the scores next time.

And as Big Ell hilariously pointed out, use a spell check, too! headspin
Posted by Fooga on 16 Nov 14 at 21:39
QcK Dagger HeaTNo because his score said 0, trust me I paid attention it was a combine score. Plus there is NO WAY both of us individually scored 25k points each for a total of 50k points, on Heroic difficulty with no skulls turned on. So in Co-op it IS a combined score, and if your combined score is over 25k you both will unlock the achievement. It was split screen Co-op though, as I was playing with my roommate.

On a side note spell check only checks for spelling error's, not grammar error's.
Posted by QcK Dagger HeaT on 16 Nov 14 at 21:57
Big EllHe's right. It also wouldn't notice unnecessary apostrophes in plural words. Errors. Not Error's. That would be if someone named Error (Like in Zelda 2) owned something. :)
Posted by Big Ell on 16 Nov 14 at 22:11
Big EllSo anyway. The walkthrough says to play on Normal with a few skulls. That doesn't get me nearly enough points. Any way to get these without playing on Heroic?
Posted by Big Ell on 16 Nov 14 at 22:24
FoogaQck, that's actually interesting, since my experience was online. I'll give it a go in local co op and see what happens.
Posted by Fooga on 17 Nov 14 at 00:18
Σχ şlαy3rWell atleast this Guide worked like a charm and I scored over 30k with no problem. Thanks! :)
Posted by Σχ şlαy3r on 17 Nov 14 at 08:57
AradorAnyone else having issues on levels where the score stops going up and kills are comming up as a 0?
Posted by Arador on 17 Nov 14 at 14:35
MA0TELUSI've only had that happen twice and both times it happened in flood levels in CE heroic after I had been taking a long time to complete a level because I kept dying, like about an hour in The Library. I assumed it just does that after you've taken too long so you can't farm points, but I don't know for sure.
Posted by MA0TELUS on 17 Nov 14 at 15:52
FoogaYep, going a bit over par prevents point gain, as well as ticks away your current points.
Posted by Fooga on 17 Nov 14 at 19:49
Tokisaki JrCan you be more specific as to which skulls you had turned on?
Posted by Tokisaki Jr on 21 Nov 14 at 18:23
NBA KirklandTurn on the Iron skull and when you die quickly press menu and save/quit. Then resume and you'll be at the last checkpoint. In Halo CE your time will also revert, but not in the other Halos.
Posted by NBA Kirkland on 21 Nov 14 at 18:27
Shand Alk3All the main skulls except Foreign. I.E. Mythic, Iron, Black Eye etc.
Posted by Shand Alk3 on 21 Nov 14 at 19:01
shelbygt5252This guide works. It is still a hassle though, you need to be able to run through the level in a decent time - finished Heroic 11:54 and managed to get 30.7k
Posted by shelbygt5252 on 24 Nov 14 at 07:21
AradorGod these Par Score achievements are annoying
Posted by Arador on 05 Dec 14 at 23:06
Strategy OneWorked 2nd try, sweet, 32k points in 12 minutes, thanks +1
Posted by Strategy One on 17 Dec 14 at 06:26
THE DEADLY DOGScore is 17,000 now following patch.
Posted by THE DEADLY DOG on 31 Dec 14 at 18:03
Slapshot777What skulls CANNOT be used?
Posted by Slapshot777 on 02 Jan 15 at 22:28
MadeToKillWhile your solution might be good, these achievements are garbage.
Posted by MadeToKill on 17 May 15 at 05:29
TheBigBBFor this level I think it's much simpler than this. I got 30,000 points setting it to legendary with the skull that makes grenade explosions twice as large. You're in tight spaces in this level, with tons of grenades available. This skull is considered a 1.00x multiplier skull, not zero. Just toss grenades at groups, and take cover. I got up to 9 kills a throw, twice. The AI isn't programmed to avoid an explosion of that size. If you die, you can save and exit and resume to avoid the point loss. There are still some parts where you need to shoot enemies, but they're manageable.
Posted by TheBigBB on 21 May 15 at 03:41
I3EAR iN MiNDI don't know if this is relevant to anyone but here goes: i've achieved a score of 21.357 and no achievement unlocked ( my skulls were: scoring:eye patch, famine and fog non scoring: boom, grunt birthday party and pinata. Then i redid the level scored 34.512 had the same skulls on except for pinata and grunt birthday party this time it unlocked so maybe there are other non scoring skulls except bandana that void achievements.
Posted by I3EAR iN MiND on 07 Jul 15 at 22:52
Tozi TiberiusTo stress what's in the guide: DO NOT put on the foreign skull. This prevents you from using plasma grenades as well as the covenant guns.

Also, the iron skull is great for this since it adds a decent multiplier and forces you to go back and reset the clock to the last checkpoint. If you can handle the tedium of manually quitting and reloading, it helps a lot.
Posted by Tozi Tiberius on 25 Nov 19 at 17:07
EliteAssassin13Worked like a charm. 33K points on first try! 😁
Posted by EliteAssassin13 on 25 Feb at 17:42