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Halo CE: Complete The Library on Heroic or Legendary difficulty without dying.

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Col Double DCol Double D308,042
12 Nov 2014 01 Feb 2015
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Like many of you i played Halo CE Anniversary and got this pain the ass achievement using the Bandana skull and perhaps the save and quit/dashboard method. Bandana still works. Thanks to Breadly Weapon for the confirmation.

Alas it does not work on the xbox one because of the resume feature. I spent a good 4 hours tonight trying to do this just to fail on the easy last door. I continued playing and found that you can still use the old save and quit method to lighten the burden. Whenever you are close to dying or died BEFORE re spawning just save and quit to return to the campaign menu.

From there just resume game and youll be back to your last checkpoint with no death recorded. Please note that the bandanna can currently be used for this and other misc achievements although it is possible without it.

Note that when I was doing this i only died twice. Both times I saved and quit the INSTANT I was killed. When I resumed the deaths did not register as when I finished the level I looked at the score that popped up and checked my deaths. It read 0 and then the achievement popped making me number 8 with a 47 ratio. Come get it fast while its high!

It appears that, like its Halo CE Anniversary counterpart, this achievement is voided in co op if either person dies so it is best done solo. Thanks to Darkened Night for bringing this to light.
Strategy OneYou should organize your solution a little more my eyes cry
Posted by Strategy One on 13 Nov 14 at 01:25
Col Double DI noticed lol
Posted by Col Double D on 13 Nov 14 at 02:12
YinCan't be done on co-op? I just finished it with my partner not dying, and she did not get it.
Posted by Yin on 13 Nov 14 at 06:05
Col Double DThe anniversary one required neither person to die so I would assume the same for this version. Easier solo for that reason.
Posted by Col Double D on 13 Nov 14 at 14:36
QcK Dagger HeaTThaxs +1 from me good tips
Posted by QcK Dagger HeaT on 13 Nov 14 at 16:58
Strategy OneWell this is going to be hard solo........
Posted by Strategy One on 14 Nov 14 at 03:32
Strategy OneIm going to wait for maybe a video...
Posted by Strategy One on 14 Nov 14 at 03:33
FoogaI picked up the Bandana skull in the campaign but can't use it for some reason? I know it was a pre order bonus but now I can't use it even though I found it, which is pretty lame.
Posted by Fooga on 14 Nov 14 at 06:36
Col Double DThe skull for Halo 2 was pre order for this game. It does make this a bit harder without it, but there is plenty of shotgun ammo available.
Posted by Col Double D on 14 Nov 14 at 06:42
Breadly WeaponThanks for the guide it worked for me! I used Bandana so I couldn't get a score screen but I died three or four times and saved/quit and resumed every time and popped it. Went with shotgun rockets with infinite ammo just shotgun everything close and rocket the faraway groups of flood/ones on perches. Just take it slow, backtrack a lot, exhaust the not quite infinite spawns of every area you progress into. Watch out for the flood with rockets they were two of my deaths, and towards the very end I retreated into the tunnels I had just come out of and threw grenades up, then turned around because a bunch of puffballs will spawn in the corridor behind you, back and forth until all the flood in that area were dead.
Posted by Breadly Weapon on 15 Nov 14 at 00:39
Honz BrixI got this achievement on the XBOX 360 version with a co-op partner and he died numerous times. Just had him go ahead a ways and clear it out and then I would move up to re-spawn him when he would die. Not sure if you all got it later and they had an update that changed it, but that is how I got it on 360.
Posted by Honz Brix on 15 Nov 14 at 02:09
Hurricane MattOn the 360 version, you could only obtain it in co-op over xbox live with one partner dying. Local co-op always voided the achievement. It is possible the same is true still.
Posted by Hurricane Matt on 15 Nov 14 at 10:58
Col Double DThat makes sense about the local co op. I have heard co op voided it a lot, but of course no one specified local. I'll. Amend that accordingly.

The same goes for bandanna as it appears to work on misc achievements such as this
Posted by Col Double D on 15 Nov 14 at 11:05
Hurricane MattBandanna + Save & Quit works well Solo. I just did it that way.
Posted by Hurricane Matt on 15 Nov 14 at 11:42
platinumpwnzorThis achievement is very easy if you know what you're doing.

Use the bandana skull, but don't get grenade happy. The last thing you need is a frag thrown back in your face for a cheap death. Hang on to your trusty pistol, and swap the AR for a shotgun as soon as you can. Always watch your radar to make sure the carrier forms (exploding enemies) don't sneak up on you. When you shoot them, keep your distance, as their explosion can set off a chain reaction with any loose grenades on the ground. Make use of the shotgun's excellent range and keep your distance. USE BACKPACK RELOADING when you run out of ammo in combat. Memorize the 3 rocket flood locations so that you can kill them quickly. It's possible to run by large sections of this level, but if you're having difficulty, just take your time and methodically clear all enemies. If you can see an elevator, just forget the enemies and jump on. Once you're through the last door and can see the index platform, just dash straight for it while shooting enemies on the way. A well placed frag and some shotgun will take care of the cloud of enemies that spawn to your back-right as you move toward the platform.
Posted by platinumpwnzor on 15 Nov 14 at 23:47
Col Double DThx for confirming that it works. Not extremely necessary, but good to know.
Posted by Col Double D on 21 Nov 14 at 06:25
Stupid comment on mine so stupid comment on yours:

I posted an alternate way to make sure you don't screw up the death and you shit on me for it.

You should learn the ins and outs of the game mechanics before shitting all over solutions and posting dumb solutions.

It may have worked, but there is a much easier way that doesn't include freaking out every time your shields are down. There's also multiple ways to despawn enemies and hide in corners to avoid having to fight the flood.

Anyway, if I could down vote, I would down vote 30+ times.
Posted on 21 Nov 14 at 22:23
Col Double DEver caught a theif in a store? They freak out and act like they're the victim. Sounds a lot like you right now...
Posted by Col Double D on 21 Nov 14 at 23:53
count023Can't hitting "last checkpoint" when your health is low/just as you die do the same job as dashboarding? i've found in H2A legendary that if i last checkpoint before i let the game, "reload" results in the same outcome as dashboarding.
Posted by count023 on 25 Nov 14 at 00:06
Col Double DIn my experience that counted the death in halo CE anniversary for 360 so I'm pretty sure the same applies here.
Posted by Col Double D on 25 Nov 14 at 00:30
FoogaSaving and quitting as you die works in CE. For this and just about everything else (like par times and scores). The game saves on your checkpoints when you save and quit while the death screen is active.

For Halo 2 it penalizes you, and I'm unsure about 3 and 4.
Posted by Fooga on 25 Nov 14 at 03:25
DwaggieniteYou can use the bandanna skull to do it in coop. Shotguns and plasma pistols are your friends for this level. Don't use anything else in coop, except rocket launcher if you manage to find it. Also, ABUSE GRENADE SPAM MASSIVELY!!!
Posted by Dwaggienite on 26 Nov 14 at 13:40
I am MindslaveJust incase you needed more confirmation: I got the achievement with bandanna on and saving and quitting once during a floor and on the elevator. I would then completely quit the game and start up halo again. The funny thing was I never actually lost much health because I played so cautiously.
Posted by I am Mindslave on 05 Dec 14 at 06:34
Elite1111111111Well I thought I'd be cool and do it without dying but of course the rocket flood shoots it into the floor after I kill him. Thanks for the guide. (And of course he killed me like 4 more times. Must have been a mind thing cus I swear the bastard has never killed me before. Only times I did the whole level.)
Posted by Elite1111111111 on 10 Dec 14 at 06:11
Col Double DTell me about it. That guy is the biggest killjoy in the level
Posted by Col Double D on 10 Dec 14 at 15:56
ChknFingrsThese solutions are great and all, but what if you don't have the bandana skull? I do not have it. Should I have it?

I mean, I could still play the level, it will just be more difficult and I have to be more careful, that's all.
Posted by ChknFingrs on 10 Dec 14 at 19:52
Col Double DMy original solution didn't use it because I didn't use it when I unlocked the achievement just use ammo sparingly and don't try to kill everything when running and gunning is the better option.
Posted by Col Double D on 10 Dec 14 at 21:41
Col Double DMy original solution didn't use it because I didn't use it when I unlocked the achievement just use ammo sparingly and don't try to kill everything when running and gunning is the better option.
Posted by Col Double D on 10 Dec 14 at 22:20
bikingkrazy9can confirm using the "save and quit" tactic on heroic...huge pain in this ass still...
Posted by bikingkrazy9 on 14 Dec 14 at 04:37
SaDi5TiKJust got the achievement. "Save and quit" plus "Bandana skull" still works as of the December 22nd update.
Posted by SaDi5TiK on 25 Dec 14 at 01:16
RSDAY1/2 still works bandana and save and quit
Posted by RSDAY on 02 Jan 15 at 23:06
GorillaBuddhaConfirmed on Jan 17. Used Bandana on Heroic. Died twice near the end but immediately went to Save and Quit, and then resumed. Pops at the end of the cutscene.
Posted by GorillaBuddha on 17 Jan 15 at 17:30
Smittyx5498As of 1/20/15 on an update this method DOES NOT WORK. Due to the update the bandana skull no longer registers for achievements
Posted by Smittyx5498 on 23 Jan 15 at 03:47
Smittyx5498As of 1/20/15 on an update this method DOES NOT WORK. Due to the update the bandana skull no longer registers for achievements
Posted by Smittyx5498 on 23 Jan 15 at 03:51
Bond OO7Not true, as of today (24th January 2015) that both bandanna and the save and quit method can be used. I just got the achievement using both.
Posted by Bond OO7 on 24 Jan 15 at 19:11
RogI can confirm as well, I just got the achievement today with the Bandanna skull on and the save and quit method.
Posted by Rog on 25 Jan 15 at 06:16
Bandanna skull method does not work anymore so I'm downvoting this solution
Posted on 30 Jan 15 at 21:16
Col Double DI already stated that it doesn't work in the edit.
Posted by Col Double D on 30 Jan 15 at 22:51
Surfer2308It is still working. Just got the achievement using the bandanna skull and the save&quit method. Thanks for the tips
Posted by Surfer2308 on 01 Feb 15 at 20:38
dingleingusCan confirm that at least as of today (2/8) you can get the achievement with the Bandana skull and the save/quit/resume trick - had to do that 3 times. Achievement popped about halfway through the loading screen for the next level.
Posted by dingleingus on 09 Feb 15 at 00:32
AbsohailI can confirm that bandana skull works. Even though it says that it will not record any achievements, I was able to unlock to "Oh these baubles?" and "That Just Happened" with the bandana skull activated.
Posted by Absohail on 10 Feb 15 at 16:42
JappeThis is actually quite easy. Just use Bandana skull to get unlimited ammunition and then use your pistol all the way through the level. And of course play on Heroic. I died about 10 times during the level and used save/quit method to reset the death counter back to 0. Just take your time and try to kill every enemy so you can get as many checkpoints as possible.
Posted by Jappe on 04 Mar 15 at 10:50
x athiktos xI just did this on solo Legendary while going for my speedrun. I died a fair amount of times and used the save/quit method. I used it mostly before...and I'm pretty sure even once AFTER I respawned. Still didn't affect the achievement because my checkpoint was prior to said death.

Really, this achievement is well within range with a little patience. I didn't even use the Bandana skull.
Posted by x athiktos x on 01 Apr 15 at 15:45
X1337Sn1PerzXBandana skull and the Save/Quit/Resume method are still working as of 4/24/15.
Posted by X1337Sn1PerzX on 24 Apr 15 at 20:04
IDARIK SIHAIDOWBandanna skull still works as of 5/31/15. Just got my achievement.

I didn't die in my run so I can't confirm if the Save and Quit method still works.
Posted by IDARIK SIHAIDOW on 31 May 15 at 22:11
Blood DMIn addition to above comment about bandanna still working I can confirm the save/quit/resume method is also still working.
Posted by Blood DM on 01 Jun 15 at 12:44
I3EAR iN MiNDDecent solution, why so negative? Here, have a positive one !! wave
Posted by I3EAR iN MiND on 08 Jul 15 at 09:11
herbal1st+1, still works perfect!clap
Posted by herbal1st on 23 Jul 15 at 17:48
Cartoon MorgothGreat solution! Can confirm Bandana Skull and the Save/Quit method still works. +1
Posted by Cartoon Morgoth on 02 Aug 15 at 22:47
iAlecPThat's a +1 from me! Excellent, helpful solution - can also confirm that as of 24th Aug 2015, bandanna and boom skulls enabled + save/quit method still works :)
Posted by iAlecP on 24 Aug 15 at 14:37
DaeryoonI did this without dying and without Bandanna skull on Heroic (Legendary is brutal for no deaths). I honestly did not think about using Bandanna, but that would life easier. Just take your time and use the U-shaped outcrops to funnel your enemies around the corners. You can then shotgun them one after another or throw a grenade down and avoid the blast. Then clean up what is left with your shotgun, and alternate with the Plasma Rifle. Also, the Pinata skull helps to get more grenades for you and on the ground for "landmine" effects. Any enemy drops them when melee-ed, including little headies. So you can throw all your grenades, then clean up the little guys with melee to refill your grenades.

Major watchouts are the 3 rocket launcher groups (down the hall with the big heads, around the corner through a big door, then in an open area around the central ring). You can use a pistol to pop them a few times until they go down or lose an arm to be safe. Other watchout is corpses on the ground, which can hide grenades that chain with a big head exploding. Hopefully that helps.
Posted by Daeryoon on 24 Sep 15 at 12:29
GBCheeseheadBandana - Cost of a skull
Heroic - Cost of doing business
Solo - Cost of being a loner
Save/Quitting in death screen about 15 times to save my skin - priceless

Bleep Bloop, achieve done.
Posted by GBCheesehead on 08 Nov 15 at 00:31
Rknb117Bandanna skull still works, cannot verify save and quit as I didn't die on heroic
Posted by Rknb117 on 18 Dec 15 at 12:39
Living LegendsSave/quit with bandanna worked like a charm. Just got it a few minutes ago
Posted by Living Legends on 31 Dec 15 at 06:08
Jamone the AfroBandana skull and save/quit method still works as of 19/03/2016, good guide
Posted by Jamone the Afro on 19 Mar 16 at 23:32

Bandana skull - works
save/quite - works

as a side-note i did this twice, the first time i had it set to score and it didn't unlock then i set it too time, Boom achievement unlock
Posted by Photikx3 on 19 Aug 16 at 01:30
RuneSlayer4421Bandana skull and save/quit methods both work. Died twice but save/quit before I respawned both times and it popped at the end of my run.

4 Apr 2017
Posted by RuneSlayer4421 on 04 Apr 17 at 05:41
FFX BrotherhoodCompleted it with Bandana. Can't confirm whether Save and Quit still works because I didn't die.

17th July 2017
Posted by FFX Brotherhood on 16 Jul 17 at 23:19
ThanagarNov 12th 2017 bandanna and save and quit still work
Posted by Thanagar on 12 Nov 17 at 19:06
BIGB EC+1 from me still works Dec 19th 2017.
Posted by BIGB EC on 19 Dec 17 at 18:40
nLz06Still works, 07th March 18.
Posted by nLz06 on 09 Mar 18 at 08:46
DominusTenebraeCompleted 3/8/18. Had bandanna, boom, grunt b-day & piñata. Still works. Boom made this so much easier. Launch ‘nades like I’m a QB in the NFL & watch them explode from a distance. In the hold ground areas hid in a cubby and just threw ‘nade after ‘nade until the music stopped. Easy as pie.
Posted by DominusTenebrae on 09 Mar 18 at 17:09
The Last RascalWorked like a charm. Same as above. Used Bandanna, Boom, and B-Day.

Few things I wish I remembered before I started:

*If you hear enemies, start backing up.
*Boom means it's much easier to kill yourself. MUCH. EASIER.
*Since you're not picking up grenades, the ones left on the ground are now mines.
*Grab the launcher, it makes the locked rooms a little easier.
*Don't use grenades around sentinels, Boom knocks them out of the sky.
*Guilty Spark is STILL really annoying.
Posted by The Last Rascal on 07 Jul 18 at 09:22
lightsup55Confirmed that the Save & Quit method still works (if used at death, but before respawning), even with the title update that was released Monday, August 27, 2018.

And yes, I did have the Bandanna skull turned on when I did my run and still got the achievement. No other skulls were used and I only played on Heroic difficulty (the minimum required for this achievement).

The title update requires a full reinstall of the game (73.70 GB with Halo 3: ODST campaign install / 65.3 GB for the base game if you don't have the DLC) but allows for installation of individual game campaign/multiplayer parts to decrease the installation size. This is because of the Intelligent Delivery system that was added.

When you get the title update, it will be FastStart enabled. This allows you to start The Master Chief Collection before it finishes installing. You can then load the game and customize the install to change the priority for the installation of a specific game and/or not install a specific game's campaign/multiplayer.

You'll find custom installation options under:
OPTIONS & CAREER (or press the Menu cn_start button) -> SETTINGS -> GAMEPLAY (press Right Bumper cn_RB 4 times) -> CHANGE INSTALLED GAMES

More information about the update:
MCC Update Patch Notes (8/27)
MCC Update (blog post with screenshots of the new update)
Posted by lightsup55 on 02 Sep 18 at 20:19
UtahRuggerJust worked for me using the bandana skull plus save/quit method. Thanks!
Posted by UtahRugger on 17 Sep 18 at 16:12
CRAWFORD696Heroic, bandanna, boom, 3 save quits. Worked like a charm for me. Still works Jan 15, 2019.
Posted by CRAWFORD696 on 16 Jan 19 at 03:12
Aventral11/04/19 Still works. Bandanna, save/quit.
Posted by Aventral on 11 Apr 19 at 12:20
BioFire6419/04 Still works :)
Posted by BioFire64 on 19 Apr 19 at 11:51
JoKeRWiNs89oct 20 2019 still works
Posted by JoKeRWiNs89 on 20 Oct 19 at 16:23
Yushir0Dec. 26, 2019 - still works. Speed run tips help to deal with the nearly infinite spawns. toast
Posted by Yushir0 on 26 Dec 19 at 06:51
Redsleeysave/quit & Resume with Bandanna Skull for the win.
thanks for the guide
Posted by Redsleey on 03 Jan 20 at 18:34
DarkthingWIf you did not have time to save / quit before respawn, I managed to continue by going to the "Dashboard -> Quit Game".
Posted by DarkthingW on 24 Feb 20 at 13:44
VauIt Boy 111Did this with the save and quit method as soon as I died and used the halo completionist par score YouTube video as they factor into time as well and I find they are more helpful at skipping sections with de-spawns etc
Posted by VauIt Boy 111 on 01 Mar 20 at 14:43
mo0ohammed19988November/2020 still works, Heroic, bandanna, boom, +10 save quits and resume and unlocked at the loading after the last cutscene. I found the most important thing is to immediately save quit after dying, if you take too long it will void the Ach that's what happend to me in the first run.
Posted by mo0ohammed19988 on 13 Nov 20 at 10:11
SpaceCowbuoyJust to note if like me, you accidentally quickly pause the game and select last checkpoint before respawning, instead of saving and quitting then resuming the campaign form the main menu, the achievement will still pop.
Posted by SpaceCowbuoy on 08 Feb 21 at 21:39
Lostprophet33As of 5/6/21 the last checkpoint glitch appears to no longer work. Two separate playthroughs of only 1 death where I did that immediately and still didn't pop.
Posted by Lostprophet33 on 06 May 21 at 21:31
spraggot122Checkpoint glitch doesn't work as of 5/28/21
Played on co-op and tried to use last checkpoint twice, achievement didn't pop
Posted by spraggot122 on 29 May 21 at 02:28
ThurminatorVIICheckpoint save and quit glitch still works fine. I died probably 10 times on heroic, using the bandana skull, and it still popped for me.
Posted by ThurminatorVII on 31 Aug 21 at 15:23
mezz0 xxWas quite easy on heroic solo. Didn't die once. Bandana and sputnik skull on. Pick up a plasma rifle as soon as you can so you don't have to reload. And of course a shotgun. Also grenade spam group of enemies.
Posted by mezz0 xx on 27 Sep 21 at 19:44
Pure Pip RaptorI can confirm that on February 19th, 2022 I got the achievement using the save, quit and resume feature on Heroic. I even saved and quit yesterday and came back to it using resume today and I still got the achievement. I used the Bandanna and Sputnik skulls.
Posted by Pure Pip Raptor on 19 Feb at 23:14
EliteAssassin13I concur!! Still works like a charm with the Bandana. 😎
I also used Sputnik like mezz0 suggested. It was a blast (literally), but both of my save/quit/resumes were caused by that skull 😅. Explosions during combat launched dropped enemy frag grenades towards me unexpectedly, and FAST AF!!
Posted by EliteAssassin13 on 25 Feb at 04:59
MSF Crystas of june 21 2022 the save and quit method still works. i died about two times and immediately save and quit and went back in and still got the achievement. used bandana skull and sputnik as well.
Posted by MSF Cryst on 21 Jun at 19:02
Miadaskate6/23/2022, I died at least 4-5 times, save / quit & resume works flawlessly!
Posted by Miadaskate on 24 Jun at 00:25