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Skeet Shooter

Halo 2A MP: Killed 15 opponents that were airborne from a Man Cannon.

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Easy way to get this

2 players required

Load up Halo 2 anniversary in custom games and select the bloodline map

Mode > Slayer

Select options > Traits > Player traits > Shields and health > Change damage resistance to 10% and shields to no shields

Press B twice and go to respawn options, change the duration to instant

Have the player not going for the achievement stand by the man cannon (the blue thing on top of each base which sends you flying) have the player going for the achievement jump in a hornet and hover just outside the base and have the other player step on to the man cannon.

Shoot the player flying out of the man cannon with the hornet using the main gun (RT) and wait for him to tell you where he has respawned, then repeat the process.
Borg561Sniper rifle works well too, once you figure out where to aim. Think I also put the damage modifier on 500%. Stand right behind the man cannon and shoot them just after launch.
Posted by Borg561 on 12 Nov 14 at 20:22
Hornet is super easy just spray and pray.
Posted on 12 Nov 14 at 21:25
AirNathThanks,used the Hornet also,very easy.
Posted by AirNath on 15 Nov 14 at 16:20
RickyGBirdJust to add, I found it easier to do solo with forge. Just place a respawn point before the man cannon and then all you have to do is hold forward on the 2nd pad and RT on the 1st pad.
Posted by RickyGBird on 15 Jan 15 at 22:11
AFYE92993You can also do this with 2 controller method. I did it on Stonetown with the man cannon near the beach got a warthog gun aimed in the right spot with no shields and 10% damage resistance and was a piece of cake just press forward on one controller and hold down the trigger on the other.
Posted by AFYE92993 on 11 Jun 15 at 04:45