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Cold Fusion

Halo 2A MP: Kill an opponent by detonating a Fusion Coil.

Cold Fusion0
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Turtle MushroomTurtle Mushroom225,967
12 Nov 2014 30 Nov 2014
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Update by remedy Omg
Choose the map lockdown to get the cold as ice achievement as well. The coils should be on the centre platform.

Pretty simple to do.
-Can be done in custom game with a second controller or a friend.
-Simply turn shields off and start a game on stonetown.
-Run to the middle of the map in between the spinning circular thing and the base. You should see mutiple groups of fusion coils.
-the fusion coils are the barrel like objects that explode when shot.
-Have one person stand right beside the coils and the other one shoot them, and voila achievement. Then swap jobs and you both get the achievement.

Here is a link to an image of a fusion coil if you are unsure of what they look like.

In online just wait for a prime opportunity. some coils are in very common places only thing is can be quite difficult to make sure that someone is close enough.
Happy Hunting
Remedy OmGI'd recommend doing it on Lockdown as you can get the "Cold As Ice" achievement done as well. There are 4 different coils on the center platform.
Posted by Remedy OmG on 30 Nov 14 at 03:35
SinisterPledgeFor some reason it's not unlocking for me... Anyone else have that problem? I guess I'll wait a day or two for it to unlock but judging by the ratio and number of completions for this cheevo it doesn't seem to be buggy for most people.
Posted by SinisterPledge on 03 Dec 14 at 10:49
Turtle Mushroomdid you make sure your on halo 2 anniversary?
Posted by Turtle Mushroom on 04 Dec 14 at 01:22
Breedhate68cant seem to find out how to turn off shields, not in any options on my game
Posted by Breedhate68 on 24 Dec 14 at 19:08
Turtle Mushroomits not tewuired just find 2 coils
Posted by Turtle Mushroom on 26 Dec 14 at 13:19
FINALDEATHThis one isn't unlocking for me either, must have gotten at least 4 kills with fusion coils so far on h2a maps and still not unlocked. That's not counting the half a dozen times i killed my friend with coils trying to boost it in customs and it not unlocking for me yet it unlocked for him.
Posted by FINALDEATH on 09 Mar 15 at 21:39
Turtle Mushroomim not 100% sure but i think the custom games may have been patched so you cannot get achievements now. I am NOT certain though
Posted by Turtle Mushroom on 11 Mar 15 at 01:45
Taillear DubhWorked in a custom match for me just fine. Did split screen though.
Posted by Taillear Dubh on 13 Mar 15 at 19:25
ColdEagle86Still works in custom :)
Posted by ColdEagle86 on 01 Jun 15 at 11:13
TowerBUSTERTo turn off shields U have to find Player Traits it's not very clear ...
Posted by TowerBUSTER on 02 Mar 17 at 18:39
UraMallasThis isn't working as of 12/31/2017 in custom games with a second controller.
Posted by UraMallas on 31 Dec 17 at 20:10
guycarbHad issues as well, sniped the coils 3 times and each time, it said the other player committed suicide. What worked for me in a custom split screen game was: just placed my 2nd controller next to the coil, put a few bullets into him with the SMG then destroyed the coil with the SMG! toast
Posted by guycarb on 23 Feb 18 at 20:30
jeffcall23work for me today on custom game on first attempt !!
Posted by jeffcall23 on 17 Apr 18 at 21:07
The GalaxyThis one is still buggy, 5 years later.

Edit: It unlocked without the toast notification.
Posted by The Galaxy on 24 Dec 19 at 22:21