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Halo CE: Finish The Silent Cartographer without shooting, grenades, melee, dying or restarting.

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NBA KirklandNBA Kirkland1,841,400
12 Nov 2014 15 Nov 2014
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Single controller method.

This is pretty easy on easy difficulty. The only trouble spot is the sword elite on your final run out of the last structure. I suggest you bring a warthog into the final structure and leave it after you go down 1 or 2 ramps. Then get in it again after you run by the sword elite on your way out. Drive it out to where you get picked up to end the level. It will kill or distract the hunters as you wait to get picked up.

You can do this on easy difficulty and it is OK to drive a warthog and have it kill enemies.

Final room overshield location: When you reach the final room and activate the map head out the back of the room and follow the path around to the left.
Breadly WeaponPerfect, thank you for this! You cannot get this by playing co-op and having the other person do everything, whether splitscreen or online. Just did it easy solo as you suggested and unlocked it. Just jump around and try to have an overshield, and keep your warthog with two marines and you're golden.
Posted by Breadly Weapon on 14 Nov 14 at 00:18
SDREW44^^^ I can Also Confirm This CANNOT!!! Be Done In Co-op..

I have Tried Online And Offline So Many times.. And
Still Never Got it!!!.. cry
Posted by SDREW44 on 14 Nov 14 at 00:37
NBA KirklandStrange, I would have thought co-op would work. But I guess not and maybe that's why the authors of the other 2 solutions don't have the achievement.
Edit: added overshield location.
Posted by NBA Kirkland on 14 Nov 14 at 00:44
iamtfcThanks for both the correct way to do it (solo) and the great advice of parking the warthog inside.
Posted by iamtfc on 14 Nov 14 at 02:58
dobsonthe3rdJust wanted to let you all know, you can throw a grenade and die as long as you load last checkpoint before the game actually counts your death. SO revert last checkpoint doesn't count against the cheevo as long as you do it before the game actually tells you you've died. Just did this and it popped for me.
Posted by dobsonthe3rd on 14 Nov 14 at 21:48
NBA Kirkland^Good tip. Thanks.
Posted by NBA Kirkland on 14 Nov 14 at 22:29
ROBBERT DHTThat tip isn't true. Tried it twice and both runs no achievement.
Posted by ROBBERT DHT on 15 Nov 14 at 18:28
platinumpwnzorI can confirm that using revert to last checkpoint does not void the achievement. In my case, while ascending from the map room, one of the jackals on the narrow ramps rolled and knocked me off. I used Last Checkpoint before dying, completed the level, and still got the achievement.
Posted by platinumpwnzor on 15 Nov 14 at 22:16
CF GaMeBReaKeRif anybody was wondering, i can confirm that splattering enemies is okay. died to that sword elite 4 times in a row so i just parked the warthog in the hall where he spawns and splattered him
Posted by CF GaMeBReaKeR on 21 Nov 14 at 18:51
FullMoonBeaverI'm having trouble early on. The part where you have to leave the Warthog with your men to past the tree. They just stand there and the enemies just stand up the top. What the hell do I do?
Posted by FullMoonBeaver on 28 Nov 14 at 23:34
NBA KirklandIf it's the part I am thinking you mean, you have to leave the warthog and the men and head up the path through the hills.
Posted by NBA Kirkland on 29 Nov 14 at 00:44
JobbenarJust run past them. The only part I struggled with was the sword elite kept getting me right at the end but I parked the warthog in the corridor he spawns in. Ran past him, jumped in the driver seat and backed up so the marine on the turret could take him out. Got this and par time achievement in 1 go
Posted by Jobbenar on 29 Nov 14 at 11:42
yollom69Great solution. Kept getting killed by the final sword wielding elite facepalm Parking the warthog did the trick as I just backed into him and killed him. Also used it to kill the Hunters outside before going inside to make for an easier exit.
Posted by yollom69 on 11 Feb 15 at 23:22
IAteYurDingoGood guide. However you should add in the fact that if you do die, you can pause the game immediately then save and quit. This will save your last checkpoint, not the point of your death. Proceed by selecting the resume (your campaign) icon from the main menu screen, and give it another go until you succeed. Also works if you accidentally throw a grenade or shoot, just save and quit then resume. Had it happen about 5 times myself, between the sword elite, accidentally throwing a grenade, or a jackel shoving me off a ledge. In the end, i still received my achievement using said method.

As for my technique, i basically just speed ran it. Used the backward method, going the opposite way as the beach at the beginning. I used the video by korbek gaming found in the additional solutions for this chevo. Just watch ahead a few seconds, cuz he gets turned around momentarily which threw me off. As for the sword elite, i think i just got lucky after a few tries. The vid showed to just keep jumping up the ramps, try to jump the corners, and hopefully youll be just barely out of his reach if youve kept up your pace. Then run towards the wall to your left once you get to the outdoor platform, go down the dirt hill hugging the mountian, and you will come to an entrance to a tunnel, go in for a second or two till you see the yellow blip of your ship show up, then run out and hop in. Seemed to work pretty well for me, hope the additional info helps guys!
Posted by IAteYurDingo on 14 May 15 at 01:34
IllustriousYetiGot it on the first try. Thankfully you reminded me of the overshield in the cartographer room, not sure if i'd been able to survive running past the zealot otherwise. Surprised he followed me all the way outside and i had to hide in the left cavern for the pelican to arrive then bum rush past all the elites and hunters.
Posted by IllustriousYeti on 16 Jul 15 at 14:30
AL1You actually can do this in co-op as long as neither player shoots, etc. Not the recommended method, but I just tried with another player. I already had achievement, he did not. Neither of us did any of prohibited actions, and achievement popped for him.
Posted by AL1 on 10 Oct 15 at 05:45
Fly1nDutchmnCo-op works so long as you both follow the rules, just did it with a buddy, we both got it!
Posted by Fly1nDutchmn on 25 Oct 15 at 18:55
SollyBearsifThanks for this! Got it first attempt. Was a breeze with the sword elite too! The warthog idea worked perfectly!
Posted by SollyBearsif on 12 Nov 15 at 03:59
Doc ChopperOut of curiosity. Did this achievement replace the "Grenadier" achievement from the original Halo CE:A ???
Posted by Doc Chopper on 15 Nov 15 at 15:16
DCM7734For some reason, this won't pop for me. I had to start from scratch 3 times because I stupidly died from falling twice... I got Hit The Beach... But this didn't pop and I followed the instructions
Posted by DCM7734 on 13 Mar 16 at 19:35
Im Invisible x-_- didn't pop
Posted by Im Invisible x on 01 Jun 17 at 23:12
Kennyannydennydid the whole damn level without any problem, get wacked by the stupid sword elite. Damnit, Foehammer was just landing at that moment.
Posted by Kennyannydenny on 15 Aug 17 at 14:24
BoxKingKevinIf you die, quickly save and exit so it won't register your death. Then go to "resume game" and it'll pop. That's how I got it with the sword guy following you and being annoying
Posted by BoxKingKevin on 27 Sep 18 at 19:04
etop1For the sword elite i tricked him into killing himself off the ledge with the cutscene where you kick the grunt mask.
Posted by etop1 on 17 Aug 19 at 00:37
MrKoolxDoodcan u splatter enemies with the warthog
Posted by MrKoolxDood on 08 Apr 20 at 15:46
keke7302Thank you for the solution!
Posted by keke7302 on 14 Apr 20 at 17:01
The JoelstrI died from the sword elite, saved and quit, then resumed, finished the level and still got the achievement.
Posted by The Joelstr on 19 Jun 20 at 07:53
Goat Of God 101Great advice from The Joelster. I got splattered by my own Warthog when I was getting out to get in the Pelican to complete the mission. I saved and quit then resumed and got the achievement no problem.
Posted by Goat Of God 101 on 20 Oct 20 at 06:07
MasterCrafty77I am having trouble with this. I ran through it on easy, using a Warthog... Parked my hog at the bottom of the ramp (for the sword elite) and did it all with only WH kills....

I got knocked off the ramp a couple of times (By Hunter) but pause, Saved & Quit while I Was still falling - then resumed.... Does this count as a 'restart'?

Not sure why it is not popping I am playing on GamePass - Xbox - MCC does this make a difference?
Posted by MasterCrafty77 on 10 Nov 20 at 01:31
Falcon Eye 22Did this by running backwards on the beach, and beat the time limit at the same time. The sword guy was a pain, but I kept jumping as I ran and got away.
Didn't use the warthog at all.
Posted by Falcon Eye 22 on 20 Jan 21 at 03:53
DoomScottBlocked the hallway after the sword elite with a warthog full of marines before going down. Got it first try.
Posted by DoomScott on 26 Jan 21 at 18:41
Fyre InsydeJust in case anyone needs to know this: if you think you're about to die, you can reload checkpoint and it does NOT void this achievement. You can also Save and Exit then resume checkpoint without voiding the achievement.
Posted by Fyre Insyde on 18 Feb at 17:44
InterracialJust popped this, I even fell off a ledge and just before I died, I loaded last checkpoint. Finished the level off and this popped loading the next level up.
Posted by Interracial on 11 Jul at 14:30
Bunny BreakfastFYI - If you are playing in co-op, both people have to complete the requirements
Posted by Bunny Breakfast on 13 Nov at 06:00