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Halo CE: Complete Halo.

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Strategy OneStrategy One673,515
13 Nov 2014 10 Dec 2014
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This achievement is finishing the mission HALO which is the 2nd mission of the Halo CE campaign. If you run through the game from beginning to end you will unlock this and isn't missable.

Note: The mission achievements have been really bugged so if your achievement says "Done.... Unlocking" your in the same boat as basically every gamer. I still have 1 mission achievement unlocked a week and a half ago and it still says "Done.... Unlocking" don't keep attempting to unlock it because it won't happen. Just pray Microsoft or 343 (whoever has to fix this will) which with the amount of people its affecting, I can assure you something will be done.

Update 12/09/2014: Seems as though they fixed all level achievements, either it will unlock on you randomly (some say) or you can definitely unlock it by replaying the level. It won't unlock immediately, but at a random time, most likely you will have it in 24 hours.
GuruThaGreatI beat the mission on Legendary and didn't get the achievement but I did get the 'How Pedestrian' achievement. I wonder if it's a little buggy with some of the unlocks.
Posted by GuruThaGreat on 13 Nov 14 at 03:32
Phenom1 T SMITHDid not unlock after beating mission. Same with Pillar of Autumn and a couple other missions' achievements. DID get the achievements for beating the whole game on Legendary, though.
Posted by Phenom1 T SMITH on 13 Nov 14 at 04:36
GuruThaGreatI guess I'm not the only one then. I've also not gotten the achievements for beating Tsavo Highway in Halo 3 and for getting the skull on that level. I wonder what's causing these to not unlock.
Posted by GuruThaGreat on 13 Nov 14 at 18:05
XxXGhostOfOnyxI read somewhere that because the achievements register as unlocked on a server outside of your Xbox it sometimes takes awhile to actually get the achievements to pop. This game, because of the sheer number of achievements, might be causing lag on this external achievements server. (My theory anyway)
Posted by XxXGhostOfOnyx on 13 Nov 14 at 18:40
XxXGhostOfOnyxAnd yes I'm having the same problem with the achievements too
Posted by XxXGhostOfOnyx on 13 Nov 14 at 21:17
MXR5150No unlock for me neither, and I completed the stage twice.
Posted by MXR5150 on 14 Nov 14 at 01:05
Halodan123Still waiting for this to unlock, this happened the same with me with "How Pedestrian" achievement but it unlocked 2 days later, just hope this unlocks soon.
Posted by Halodan123 on 14 Nov 14 at 02:36
MXR5150Do skulls and/or coop affect this achievement? So far whenever I use it the bandana skull at least, the level achievements won't unlock. I replayed the 3rd mission without skulls, and that achievement finally unlocked today. I just need to replay (for the 4th time) the 2nd mission without skulls maybe.
Posted by MXR5150 on 14 Nov 14 at 15:09
MattynicklinIf it says done unlocking on the achievement it means it will pop eventually.
Posted by Mattynicklin on 14 Nov 14 at 16:43
GalaxiaGuyI believe there is more going on that just the slow Xbox One achievements...

I completed this as part of a playlist. The playlist is listed as completed in the UI, but the level is not listed as completed in the UI (nor did the achievement pop - it's not even listed as "Done... unlocking").

@MXR5150 - 0.00 point skulls (such as bandanna) do invalidate earning many of the achievements.
Posted by GalaxiaGuy on 18 Nov 14 at 09:50
Savage J117Same trouble here. Also the Pillar of Autumn achievement doesn,t pop to me, even after play chapter 1 and 2 twice. I´m boring with those achievements bugs on xbox one... This kind of troubles doesn;t happen on 360... Shame
Posted by Savage J117 on 22 Nov 14 at 11:34
Strategy OneYea I hope they fix it myself its a pain in the ass. Also don't keep trying to unlock them if they don't unlock. First thing you do is check your achievements and if it says "Done.... Unlocking" there is nothing more you can do. If it says 0% that either means its bugged or achievements are down. With the Xbox One you want to give it a day or 2 to see if it unlocks.
Posted by Strategy One on 23 Nov 14 at 03:23
Hirogen Hunteras of 28th of November still not unlocking
Posted by Hirogen Hunter on 28 Nov 14 at 01:38
Strategy OneYes Hunter I still have one of my Halo CE achievements not unlocking, your not the only one.
Posted by Strategy One on 28 Nov 14 at 05:33
Halodan123It finally popped up, there was an update for this game and just a few minutes later it popped up while I was playing a custom game with a friend so I am assuming this update may have fixed the glitchy achievements. I am hoping anyone else here also gets the same result. :)
Posted by Halodan123 on 04 Dec 14 at 03:06
Stigga97It unlocked for POA but not this level bah humbug!
Posted by Stigga97 on 04 Dec 14 at 04:06
Hirogen HunterDecember 4th Still not unlocking even after playing the playlist again
Posted by Hirogen Hunter on 04 Dec 14 at 23:10
The Great GABOI've played through three times and this is the only campaign level achievement not unlocking for me, preventing me from getting the all 4 campaign completion achievements. A littttle frustrating.
Posted by The Great GABO on 05 Dec 14 at 00:10
Strategy OneYea... Your not the only one, make sure you aren't using any skulls that prevent the achievement. If it says "Done... Unlocking" then you can't do anything until they fix it.
Posted by Strategy One on 05 Dec 14 at 01:13