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Just A Taste

Collect 500 campaign or playlist medals.

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13 Nov 2014 06 Feb 2015
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Just A Taste

Medals unlock if you have settings on to see them or not to see them(To turn your medals on you must do under options while setting up your mission, it will be called Scoring and Time HUD). For this achievement you need 500 campaign or Matchmaking medals unlocked in total.

While playing you will naturally unlock medals but keep in mind while playing career you want to kill as many enemies as fast as you can, dying the least amount you can. Doing this you will get multi kill medals and killing spree medals.

Playing on Easy difficulty in the campaign will be faster then playing legendary because you don't gain any extra medals for doing Legendary. Easy will make you die less and kill more without much effort.

To view all medals and the ones you currently have, press the Start button anytime while not in a current match or mission (Anywhere on the menu) go to Career, then hit cn_RB to see your medals. Once in medals you can use your cn_LB and cn_RB to scroll medals from Matchmaking, Custom, Campaign, and Playlists. Below the medal icon it tells if its in Halo 1, 2, 2 anniversary, 3 or 4.

If you play splitscreen and are the 2nd player (probably 3rd and 4th too) you will not get medals towards this achievement. (Confirmed by Kooky Cow 32)

If you plan on going for the other achievements 10,000 medals is nothing and you should not go out of your way, I haven't even played the Halo 3 campaign yet and am halfway to 10,000. I just thought it was worth noting.
Nierly CrazyDoes this not work in split screen? I didn't receive in progress last night while I was split screen and playing SWAT
Posted by Nierly Crazy on 01 Jan 15 at 21:08
Strategy OneIt should, what progress are you talking about? Xbox achievement progress or TA progress?
Posted by Strategy One on 01 Jan 15 at 21:10
Nierly CrazyXbox achievement progress, but I noticed when I logged in today I was no longer stuck at the 558 medal mark like I was the other day, maybe the game was just slow to update in split screen? Kind of weird.
Posted by Nierly Crazy on 03 Jan 15 at 13:54
Kooky Cow 32Any update on split screen? I beat Halo: CE split screen over 2 sessions. I was the 2nd controller for both. Achievement tracker says 0% and the in game menu says I have none. All other achievements are unlocking/ progressing normally.
Posted by Kooky Cow 32 on 02 Feb 15 at 16:39
Strategy OneAlmost no one plays as the 2nd controller in split screen so ur the first, ill update my medal solution with that info, sounds like you dont get medals as 2nd in local?
Posted by Strategy One on 02 Feb 15 at 17:52
Kooky Cow 32Yeah, no in game or achievement progress. It could just be glitched for me though ;/
Posted by Kooky Cow 32 on 03 Feb 15 at 01:37
Kooky Cow 32I can confirm that the 2nd player in co-op does NOT get medals. Just played again and put myself as the first controller. I started getting progress towards this achievement, and my mate on the 2nd controller stopped getting any more progress.
Posted by Kooky Cow 32 on 05 Feb 15 at 17:56
Strategy OneOk, will put in solutions.
Posted by Strategy One on 06 Feb 15 at 05:14
SweetArkhaneSo if I set the option to display the hud for score and time to "NO", I still get the medals or not?
Posted by SweetArkhane on 02 Apr 16 at 21:12
Strategy OneI believe so
Posted by Strategy One on 03 Apr 16 at 00:19
SweetArkhaneI figured it out by myself yesterday^^ And yes, you earn medals whether or not you display the hud (:
Posted by SweetArkhane on 03 Apr 16 at 09:05