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Sounds Familiar

Halo 3: This stuff is your history!

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13 Nov 2014 10 Dec 2014
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This is found on the multiplayer map High Ground, it can be done in forge and custom game( not sure about Matchmaking).
What you will want to do is go left of the huge missile launcher at the back of the map to the computer room. You will find a computer with a radio below, It will eventually stop making static and morse code and play random Halo songs throughout the series.

It may take some time for the music to play, it took me about 15 min of just standing my the radio, but if you are lucky it might play sooner. Good Luck :)

Edit: Thanks to PRlSTlNE for confirming that this is also obtainable in online MP.
BudgetBallin360Unfortunately, this took me way more than 15 minutes of standing by the radio. I wound up falling asleep with the controller on, woke up hours later, and turned my console off before heading to bed. The next day at work, I saw on the TA site that the cheevo popped. I probably got the achievement during the 1st 15 minutes of standing by the radio and it probably didn't pop until hours later. Lol. Anyway, +1.
Posted by BudgetBallin360 on 20 Nov 14 at 14:37
ShottyEddieHaha damn that made me laugh, Thanks for the thumbs up.
Posted by ShottyEddie on 20 Nov 14 at 17:01
TG IceStormGot it within a minute of listening to the radio.
Posted by TG IceStorm on 21 Nov 14 at 10:40
Proxy LionheartHave to say mine unlocked to within the first minute of standing by the radio. Good guild tho. Thanks
Posted by Proxy Lionheart on 25 Nov 14 at 15:30
ChknFingrsI started a bomb custom game (default gametype), and I was making my way to the spot from the very back of the map (where Ghost spawns). I was about to pick up the brute shot and then I unlocked this.

I was nowhere close to the missile control; I wasn't even in the room yet. Just thought I'd add this in.
Posted by ChknFingrs on 29 Nov 14 at 04:31
FiatimTook a lot longer than 15 minutes, that said it popped before the music started by about 10 to 15 seconds.
Posted by Fiatim on 06 Dec 14 at 22:45
BLAZE FENIX 617I got mine in forge after I got back from bathroom I got it
Posted by BLAZE FENIX 617 on 07 Dec 14 at 02:41
DoomstuffI guess i'm one of the lucky ones. only took about 30 seconds.
Posted by Doomstuff on 09 Dec 14 at 10:20
Z YaLtrUnlocked as soon as I walked up to the radio. Thanks!
Posted by Z YaLtr on 09 Dec 14 at 23:31
PRlSTlNEI got this in MP. Spawned in the shack, ran straight out and it popped?
Posted by PRlSTlNE on 10 Dec 14 at 01:56
ShottyEddieokay :) so you can get this in MP, i will add that.
Posted by ShottyEddie on 10 Dec 14 at 02:57
platinumpwnzorGot it in 30 seconds. No music, just static.
Posted by platinumpwnzor on 12 Dec 14 at 07:03
EggBigotWired for me getting this achievement! Played a assault game and heard the music ( NO achievement). Then played a Multi Flag game and got it right when I ran up to it lol.
Posted by EggBigot on 01 Jan 15 at 00:41
Neeners CleedusI got this in about 15 seconds and happened right after i zoomed in on the radio leaning on the wall to left of radio with noise. Not sure if thats relevant or not but just saying.
Posted by Neeners Cleedus on 02 Jan 15 at 20:16
Strategy OneI got it walking into the room, BOOM
Posted by Strategy One on 03 Jan 15 at 07:02
ShottyEddieHahah, alot of lucky people herelaugh
Posted by ShottyEddie on 03 Jan 15 at 13:44
farmnoobGot in about two minutes. Just stand by the larger of the two display boards. Hopefully it wont take you to long to get it.
Posted by farmnoob on 24 Jan 15 at 06:35
STAGGERILLAhave heard the music and no cheevo... I continue to wait
Posted by STAGGERILLA on 13 Apr 15 at 01:02
HmizzzGot this playing normally splitscreen matchmaking with my friend for the first time randomly
Posted by Hmizzz on 08 May 15 at 19:33
gemueseapfelGot i by playing online multiplayer. i did not know what i did when it popped :)
Lucky me
Posted by gemueseapfel on 25 Jun 15 at 10:38
GhostWrexFor what it's worth, my cheevo didn't unlock until the Morse code started playing, about 2 minutes after I had heard the music.
Posted by GhostWrex on 27 Jul 15 at 23:14
sharknado523My brother and I got the achievement in 2-3 minutes around when the Morse code started playing.
Posted by sharknado523 on 11 Jul 16 at 02:30
Gloss666my cheevo popped after the morse code as well as those above after the music had played, but great guide +1 thumbs up from me
Posted by Gloss666 on 04 Oct 16 at 20:57
Ereaser NLGot mine within 10 seconds of standing by the right radio that started playing morse code. I was standing at the radio on the other side of the room first (the smaller radio) for like 20 seconds until I turned around and looked here.
Posted by Ereaser NL on 07 Mar 17 at 21:09
ViciousSpear18Funny, I stood beside the radio for probably more than 15 minutes but I heard nothing. Decided to call it quits and the achievement popped while on the menu screen. Unexpected and curious...
Posted by ViciousSpear18 on 14 Apr 17 at 02:44
nemesis646I stood around for probably fifteen minutes, can confirm this works. +1.

(I'd recommend that anyone else doing this achievement do something else in the meantime; read, have a shower, grab something to eat, because this seems to take a long time for most people).
Posted by nemesis646 on 09 May 17 at 07:57
Tupper29Just got this. Achievement popped as soon as the Morse code started less than a minute after getting in the room. The music started a minute after that.
Posted by Tupper29 on 08 Dec 17 at 10:46
cwella88This achievement just popped up when I played with matchmaking.
Posted by cwella88 on 02 Jan 18 at 23:52
NexusBee714got this cheevo in a solo custom, last 10 seconds of one bomb after the second morse code signals
Posted by NexusBee714 on 19 Jul 18 at 12:30
DarkPlug666Got this when playing offline ark mission halo 3
Posted by DarkPlug666 on 29 Mar 20 at 18:00
PillCosby303Waited a whole 15 minute game and got nothing.
Posted by PillCosby303 on 02 Sep 20 at 17:45
GamerWeddersJust doing this, but how has no one pointed out that this room is to the *right* of the missile launcher?!
Posted by GamerWedders on 11 Sep 20 at 22:23
ColdEagle86could only get this to unlock via the the forge option, unlocked there within 1.30.
Posted by ColdEagle86 on 21 Sep 20 at 20:02
BaradurGot it in Forgemode. Took about 10 minutes.
Posted by Baradur on 22 Sep 20 at 18:42
iksolokosTook about 8 minutes for me!
Posted by iksolokos on 28 Sep 20 at 17:13
SpeciallyTDerpTook about 7 mins for me.
Posted by SpeciallyTDerp on 28 Sep 20 at 19:35
SpeedyCrossfireforge works fine!
Posted by SpeedyCrossfire on 14 Oct 20 at 13:00
Got it in about 30 secs.
Posted on 08 Nov 20 at 22:17
TheSierra11705took about 2 minutes. Great guide!
Posted by TheSierra11705 on 08 Jan 21 at 18:26
MikeBugslayerTook me very long time to get it playing
Posted by MikeBugslayer on 22 Feb 21 at 14:21
MorgurtTheRoundThis just popped for me at playing Heroic campaign on Tsavo Highway playing co-op with the Famine, Fog, and Tough Luck skulls active. No idea what happened, but I’ll take it!
Posted by MorgurtTheRound on 07 Jul 21 at 07:31
Riahi JrOn PC if this doesn't pop up even after 10 minutes restart a custom game, it took me like 6 tries for some reason but it eventually popped.
Posted by Riahi Jr on 13 Jul 21 at 16:34
PeachRecluseTook me about 2 and a half minutes!
Posted by PeachRecluse on 10 Nov 21 at 19:58
Cl4nD3St1n0 MxNov. 2021. Works offline bro.
Posted by Cl4nD3St1n0 Mx on 26 Nov 21 at 15:37
UNSC Jon 117Seems the only thing consistent about this is that it's inconsistent - might just be the nature of the object, i.e. that it randomly plays static, Morse, music. My wife and I tried this co-op; I got it within 2m, she didn't. Left, made her team leader, tried again - nothing. Tried in Forge, still nothing. Dropped from team, STILL nothing. She had to quit and restart the game and go in solo before it popped in the first ~2m.
Posted by UNSC Jon 117 on 10 Feb at 21:49
outlaw player05Took 30 seconds
Posted by outlaw player05 on 03 Apr at 19:39
Pure Pip RaptorTried it on Slayer and the music wouldn't start, just morse code. Started on Assault and stood by the radio holding the bomb and it started and unlocked for me after a minute.
Posted by Pure Pip Raptor on 15 Apr at 18:09
HoggyBear08Popped this in forget today was waiting 3-5 mins.
Posted by HoggyBear08 on 26 Aug at 19:10
LaathsDidn't pop for me when I waited for like half an hour on the right side of the table. Once I moved to be standing right into front of the laptop (like I was going to work at it), it popped in 30 seconds.
Posted by Laaths on 15 Sep at 18:39