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Skulltaker Halo 3: Cowbell

Halo 3: Find and claim the Cowbell Skull on Normal or harder.

Skulltaker Halo 3: Cowbell0
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14 Nov 2014
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This skull is found on the level THE ARK on NORMAL OR HIGHER difficulty.
Skulls DO NOT appear on easy.

The video below is all you need to see to find the skull. It is very easy to follow.
All credit goes to WikiGameGuides for the video guide.
illdizzogI'm playing through on Herioc, I have picked up the skull but the achievement isnt unlocking. Ive dropped it, picked it back up, killed enemies with it, quit the game, re-loaded and resumed my save - no achievement still. Any one else had problems?
Posted by illdizzog on 12 Apr 15 at 10:39
BadDogg55I'm having problems with this skull also. I played on normal after numerous try's at getting to the top platform there was no skull at all.
Posted by BadDogg55 on 01 Jun 15 at 21:00
SchiZoPHreNiikzDid you start from the beginning of the mission?
Posted by SchiZoPHreNiikz on 02 Jun 15 at 04:34
illdizzogI did yea. To be fair this has now unlocked, dated 12th Apr. The notification didn't appear, it said it was still locked on the achievement list and it didn't show up on TA. Now it has. No idea when it appeared.

Someone hold me.
Posted by illdizzog on 02 Jun 15 at 10:13
OptimalShadezI found that this skull in particular doesn't always spawn. Once you've used the gravity lift, reached the top and it isn't there. Jump back down and use the gravity lift again to make it spawn. Which should good for another 4-5 lifts at least till it breaks. If it breaks down before you can get it to spawn, then revert to last checkpoint and do it over again until it spawns. It took a while, but is method worked for me. I was on Normal when I unlocked this achievement.
Posted by OptimalShadez on 09 Apr 20 at 23:22
mik29I've been trying for almost an hour reloading the Checkpoint and jumping back up there. No luck spawning it for me. 😔
Posted by mik29 on 13 Jul 20 at 13:53
FlipYourWigHDI can confirm you can get this with the new "Acrophobia" flying skull rather than the gravlift however I did start from the beginning and I had the gravlift with me just in case
Posted by FlipYourWigHD on 19 Jul 20 at 10:06
Ridden ukThe guide should say start from the beginning of the level. It doesn’t work if you load check point bravo. I tried multiple times via loading a check point. Searched online, found others saying start the mission from alpha and I got it first time 👍🏻
Posted by Ridden uk on 28 Aug 20 at 20:28