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Halo 3: Find the poster of the missing man.

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Mission: Floodgate (or The Storm)

At the very beginning of "Floodgate" you'll walk forward, up a small ramp and you'll see a fence with a destroyed ship behind it. Talk a left turn towards the next checkpoint, and there will be a narrow pathway with small indents on the side. In the first "hole in the wall" on the right hand side you'll see a Missing Person poster on the ground of Jason Jones. Look at it and the achievement will unlock.

This can also be found in The Storm in the exact same spot, near the end of the level. As you approach the hologram of the Prophet, you'll take a left turn and end up in the same area as above. Because you approach from the opposite side, the poster is found in the last "hole in the wall" on the left side.

Note: Not possible in split screen!
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Phenom1 T SMITH Without doubt, your intro is the most annoying of any guide.
Posted by Phenom1 T SMITH on 04 Dec 14 at 14:38
olanmills This isn't unlocking for me. Do you have to be on a particular difficulty level or something?
Posted by olanmills on 07 Dec 14 at 08:28
Vedic I could not get this to unlock on the "Storm" level, but it unlocked with no problem on the "Floodgate" level.
Posted by Vedic on 23 Dec 14 at 20:58
bikingkrazy9 I was playing through on legendary, and tried unlocking this on storm...wasted a bunch of time...unlocked fine on floodgate
Posted by bikingkrazy9 on 31 Dec 14 at 06:24
Ditto51 The image isn't spawning at all for me... Is it difficulty based? Or can it only be obtained when not on split screen? (I was because I had just gotten another achievement)
Posted by Ditto51 on 04 Jan 15 at 21:00
Ditto51 I managed to get it after signing my guest account out, so I guess it can't be obtained while on split screen... Which is stupid!
Posted by Ditto51 on 04 Jan 15 at 21:04
Tulukaruq907 This wouldn't unlock for me while playing the Master Chief Saga playlist. A comment on the monkey achievements during the 1st mission said they wouldn't unlock during playlist games. I switched to campaign game mode and it unlocked right away. It looks like some of these achievements must be unlocked in campaign.
Posted by Tulukaruq907 on 08 Jan 15 at 18:15
Gaz H1 Confirmed - cannot be obtained using split-screen.
Posted by Gaz H1 on 15 Apr 15 at 20:10
New Meddle
*** Spoiler - click to reveal ***
Posted by New Meddle on 17 Apr 15 at 18:45
Chizzle e4 Ha reloaded like 5 times on split screen, should have read the comments much sooner!

Also I love the intro to your videos, it makes you stand out.
Posted by Chizzle e4 on 02 Jun 15 at 20:10
SinisterPhoenix Awesome guides Maka, I love them, especially the intros! I was having a bit of difficulty getting this to unlock for the first few tries on Floodgate. I just stared at the poster and nothing happened, reloaded the checkpoint several times and still nothing. I even selected restart mission to no avail. However, I ended up quitting the mission and then went through the mission select option to start Floodgate again, overwriting my previously saved game and the achievement finally unlocked.
Posted by SinisterPhoenix on 13 Mar 17 at 04:04
Darklord1899 I love the intros. Though I am a Mac also and find this to be great.
Posted by Darklord1899 on 05 Oct 17 at 10:24