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Halo 3: Complete three Halo 3 playlists.

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14 Nov 2014 14 Nov 2014
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If you want this the fastest way possible, the three shortest playlists are as follows:

- Wheels, wheels, and more wheels (3 missions on normal)
- Mixin' it up (3 missions on normal)
- Heavy anticipation (3 missions on legendary)

If you really can't bare legendary and want the easiest method possible (regardless of time) do the first two I listed above and as a third, do the easy or normal campaign playlist

This shouldn't be too hard to get, however, "Heavy anticipation" might be tricky for any beginners. On the normal missions, for the most part you can just run through the enemies to minimise the time. For heavy anticipation, you're going to want to take your time for this one seeing as enemies are tougher and much more aggressive.

Tips for Heavy anticipation:

Crow's nest, Floodgate and The Covenant are the three missions you need to complete. The first two are pretty quick and straightforward. However, The Covenant is where it gets tricky. In my opinion its the hardest mission in Halo 3, especially during the Hornet sections. So here's some advice:

- If you can skip a fight, then skip it. Most battles can be ran past if carried out swiftly and effectively. This can be done most easily on Floodgate and I managed to complete this level in 10 minutes using this method.

- For the two scarabs in The Covenant, make sure you take out all the banshees before going for the scarabs. This will make the fight MUCH easier.

- Play on co-op if you can. Its a lot easier than on solo.
Nyancat7I would recommend the easy campaign instead of heavy anticipation. There are 9 missions and each one can easily be done in 15 to 25 minutes.
Posted by Nyancat7 on 28 Nov 14 at 21:30
the games mastaIf you don't want to online co-op on legendary, I'd suggest local co-op with a second controller. Makes legendary difficulty a breeze
Posted by the games masta on 27 Jan 15 at 20:47
ParadoxReal8??? Wtf???
I just did Wheels, mixin' and Easy.
I see on Halo 3 playlists that I have 3/8, but no achievement? shockangry
Posted by ParadoxReal8 on 10 Nov 16 at 04:17
ParadoxReal8More! The achievement is at 33%...
Posted by ParadoxReal8 on 10 Nov 16 at 04:22
YaziteI just saw your status, so if it's on TA then it has unlocked. Just hard reset your console and it will show there too.
Posted by Yazite on 10 Nov 16 at 09:17