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Halo 2: Oh, hi!

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Mission: Regret
Turn on the Sputnik Skull for this jump

To zoom in with the "Universal Zoom & Shoot" controller setup, you have to tap LT just a little to get into the zoom and then again to zoom in twice. You can use any other setup though.
Thanks to Sketchy77. I spent ages and couldn't figure this out :)

Right at the beginning of Regret you will fight some enemies. Kill them and walk outside. If you look right, you see a big gap. Grenade Jump over it and go into the room to your right. On the ceiling in a corner you will see the hidden message Hi Ben. You will have to zoom in twice and switch to classic mode to see it.
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Sketchy77 Zooming in twice works with every Controller Setup except for "Universal Zoom & Shoot".

You need to tap the left trigger again in zoom to zoom in twice using that controller setup.
Posted by Sketchy77 on 15 Jan 15 at 13:28
NE0182 I think i spent 20 minutes trying to get it to zoom in twice with this controller setup when i made the video. Figured it out now. ^^ Thanks for sharing, i added it.
Posted by NE0182 on 15 Jan 15 at 19:20