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The Long Haul

Complete 500 missions or multiplayer games.

The Long Haul-0.2
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23 Nov 2014 16 Nov 2014
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If you want a easier way to boost this achievement. I made a map and gametype that is an instant win. So all you have to do is hit B + A every 30 seconds or so after all the loading is done.

I'm not sure how to find or link to it, but if you search my gamer tag @ Bukowskaii you can find the Map and Gametype "WINFARM"
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Dimmock To download game types and maps you have to add the person you wish to download from.
Posted by Dimmock on 17 Nov 14 at 22:41
Bukowskaii If thats the case, just add me and I can add you back, I'm on most nights since I read somewhere that I have to be logged on to download from me.
Posted by Bukowskaii on 18 Nov 14 at 03:16
DeviSlator To save you having hundreds of friend requests, how about telling us how to create this custom gametype?
Posted by DeviSlator on 10 Dec 14 at 15:02
Agent Fritz My instant win setup:

Custom Game
Halo 3
Map: Cold Storage
Game type: KOTH
Off Hill Points: 1
Score to Win: 1
Posted by Agent Fritz on 13 Sep 15 at 09:03
Deadly Modified Thanks @Agent Fritz, worked brilliantly.
Posted by Deadly Modified on 20 Jun 16 at 16:33