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Would It've Killed You To Take The Elevator

Halo CE: Beat the par time on Assault on the Control Room.

Would It've Killed You To Take The Elevator0
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16 Nov 2014 17 Nov 2014 19 Apr 2015
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Those going for the Goat Roped achievement (
Halo: The Master Chief CollectionGoat RopedThe Goat Roped achievement in Halo: The Master Chief Collection worth 278 pointsHalo CE: Halo CE: Complete all Halo: CE Legendary campaign missions in under 3 hours.
) as well as this one (the goat roped achievement is for completing the halo combat evolved anniversary on legendary in under three hours) i followed this guy's video. Also, when you jump off of the bridge, I found it easier to jump off of the left side instead of the right like in the video. When you do this, no enemies will spawn past the bridge and makes it very easy. My time was around ten minutes but as you can see in the video it is possible to speed run in under seven minutes.

Make sure to get practice with jumping off the bridge because, although not impossible, it is difficult.

Credit for Pidgeonator for making this impressive video. Also, in order to get the Goat Roped achievement, you have to complete each level in under 18 minutes, so this method gives a lot of leeway time.
Last Video: credit to Clumpsy Jimmy
If you play co-op, you can kill your second player then do the jump. Even if you miss, sometimes your second player will respawn down on the second cliff. This makes it way easier.
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Strategy One Takes some massive skill to do that drop shit though, attempted it for about 20 minutes, to do it perfect the first time, you have to be skilled or DAMN lucky.
Posted by Strategy One on 17 Nov 14 at 01:24
XxXGhostOfOnyx Yea exactly. The extra four minutes on my speedrun time was because I died a lot of times on the bridge jump. laugh It is still a better method than just running through legendary difficulty enemies I think.
Posted by XxXGhostOfOnyx on 17 Nov 14 at 01:27
Strategy One Oh funniest shit ever, the fastest person to do Legendary at the moment according to the leaderboards, his GT is Goatrope no shit.
Posted by Strategy One on 17 Nov 14 at 01:28
XxXGhostOfOnyx wow that's a coincidence smile I wonder if he changed his gamertag right after he got it or before.
Posted by XxXGhostOfOnyx on 17 Nov 14 at 01:29
Strategy One Omg he did The Silent Cartographer on legendary in 4 minutes! how the fuck do you do that!
Posted by Strategy One on 17 Nov 14 at 01:33
XxXGhostOfOnyx wot? dang!
Posted by XxXGhostOfOnyx on 17 Nov 14 at 02:25
Erickson187 The achievement was named after him just as the other ones for the other halo games.
Posted by Erickson187 on 18 Nov 14 at 07:15
Tay to the lor Yeah like Erickson said, the achievement is named after him. Goatrope is a Halo speedrunner that mainly does Halo CE and has held a lot of records for Halo CE speedrunning. All the speed run achievements are named after record holders for the game. Halo 2A is Monopolized, named after Monopoli. Halo 3 is Devasting, named after DarkDEVASTAT10N. Halo 4 is You're Joking, named after ProAceJOKER.
Posted by Tay to the lor on 19 Nov 14 at 01:12
XxXGhostOfOnyx That's really cool! I'm going to have to work on these for a while. smile
Posted by XxXGhostOfOnyx on 19 Nov 14 at 01:16
Tay to the lor Here is a video of Goatrope doing the whole campaign in under 2 hours. He also explains some of the tricks he is doing, so it is helpful for the 3 hour achievement.
Posted by Tay to the lor on 19 Nov 14 at 01:19
XxXGhostOfOnyx ^Thanks for that!
Posted by XxXGhostOfOnyx on 19 Nov 14 at 03:33
EggBigot Fucking jump is bullshit because I can't do it! lol
Posted by EggBigot on 21 Nov 14 at 06:07
BLAZERMAN2122 So when i get to the part where you take the banshee and fly up it always flys up with an enemy in it...and not to mention there are a shit load of enemies unlike his run where they happen to magically not be it cause im doing it on easy and not legendary?
Posted by BLAZERMAN2122 on 01 Dec 14 at 17:32
Shadow XBL when does the timer run? If you restart a checkpoint is your time still going? Does it run when you are paused?
Posted by Shadow XBL on 02 Dec 14 at 18:49
pyr0lyZer I think the bridge jumps are nearly impossible on console...I think the PC has the advantage here because the movement buttons (W,A,S,D) give the specific direction commands to move in the PC version. On the consoles, I think due to the "infinite" movement of the left thumbstick, it's too hard to land. Has anyone seen or know of anyone that landed it on XB1 or 360 in either MCC or Halo CE: Anniversary??
Posted by pyr0lyZer on 02 Dec 14 at 22:04
m4DD0gg Its is also impossible to do the bridge jump on a PAL console as well, the drop timer is different to that on NTSC so even if you hit that jump spot on you will die. Cant even get close to 15 minutes doing this legit.
Posted by m4DD0gg on 07 Dec 14 at 13:39
XxXGhostOfOnyx I have done the landing a few times on the xbox 360 so it is possible. If you are having trouble then try it on cooperative and kill your second player. wait a few seconds and then jump to the lower ledge. Sometimes the second player will re-spawn on the ledge, so if you die you will just re-spawn on the second player. The timer does continue ticking even if you reset to last checkpoint so the best option is to reset completely or save and quit at a certain point and just reload. If the enemies are still there I am not sure how to fix that. It could possibly be because you're on easy but I don't know.
Posted by XxXGhostOfOnyx on 07 Dec 14 at 17:59
XxXGhostOfOnyx Oh and pausing should stop the timer unless maybe you're playing on cooperative.
Posted by XxXGhostOfOnyx on 07 Dec 14 at 18:02
Shadow XBL thanks!
Posted by Shadow XBL on 08 Dec 14 at 07:29
Shadow XBL got 7:10 on MCC console with the bridge jumps.
Posted by Shadow XBL on 14 Dec 14 at 16:36
NJDuke007 It is definitely possible to bridge drop on MCC / XB1. I've been practicing it and you can line up the second drop with the background. I think its way easier than the shield bump on Keyes. I also don't drop on the rocks goatrope does in the video. I use the ones in the right corner if the area (assuming your back is to the ledge).
Posted by NJDuke007 on 14 Dec 14 at 19:09
Shadow XBL Here's my first two drops:

Third drop:

Make sure you do the hops I do or you'll fall off the ledge. After these drop it's smooth sailing until the end. It's almost impossible to die.
Posted by Shadow XBL on 14 Dec 14 at 19:27
XxXGhostOfOnyx Thanks! It's nice to get a video from someone who isn't a speed run legend.
Posted by XxXGhostOfOnyx on 14 Dec 14 at 19:29
Shadow XBL I forgot to mention I go to the left because I can't usually hit the first drop. You must hit crouch right before you land. Usually you won't lose much if any health if you're lucky. The second drop you should do exactly what I do but watch this tutorial, it helps (great tutorial):
Posted by Shadow XBL on 14 Dec 14 at 19:31
Shadow XBL ugh the hops didn't get caught on video. So near the first "peak" on the ledge there is a spot where the edge comes to a meeting with the wall. You'll need to do a hop from one angle to another. If you pay attention you'll see what I mean.
Posted by Shadow XBL on 14 Dec 14 at 19:34
friedRubb3rduck i made this jump by myself a couple of times, but i found out a very easy way to do this jump. 2 players, jump off the bridge. when you are under the bridge the second player run off the cliff while the first player make the jump as usual. when the first player hits the ground the second player will spawn on the cliff and when the first player dies he will spawn with the second player.

here is my video
Posted by friedRubb3rduck on 31 Mar 15 at 19:19
XxXGhostOfOnyx Yea I noticed this when I tried to get the achievement for my brother^. I'll add your video to my solution now that there is a video. Thanks!
Posted by XxXGhostOfOnyx on 31 Mar 15 at 19:27
CyberKnight The video linked by Shadow XBL (the last one, the shortcut tutorial by SillyGooseGaming) helped me loads. I gave up on going around the mountain and decided to go for the Warthog, and I got it really quickly.
Posted by CyberKnight on 23 Apr 15 at 17:11
Shadow XBL glad to help!
Posted by Shadow XBL on 24 Apr 15 at 13:53
BombasticGinger Nailed all the jumps first try, changed the third one to get a ride on the pelican, and Halo MMC decides now is a good time to NOT record my run time. By now, this really should have been fixed... thanks for all the vids though.
Posted by BombasticGinger on 23 Jun 15 at 09:47
XxXGhostOfOnyx That really sucks! Hopefully it works for you in the future
Posted by XxXGhostOfOnyx on 23 Jun 15 at 17:29
buzzo9neo Was doing the ghost side 2nd drop for HOURS and only was able to get it twice, after the time for par had already passed. Used the video from Shadow XBL and was able to do the 2nd Drop on my first try. Very, Very helpful. Thank you for posting the link
Posted by buzzo9neo on 13 Jul 16 at 13:02
Shadow XBL welcome!
Posted by Shadow XBL on 13 Jul 16 at 15:50
Borshajen Can you do the jumps on the PAL version?
Some claim it only works on the NTSC.
Posted by Borshajen on 14 Jul 16 at 10:51
Shadow XBL I think the PAL version might have slightly different geometry? Unsure.
Posted by Shadow XBL on 14 Jul 16 at 15:00