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Starved For Shields

Halo 2: Complete a level with only the Streaking Skull active on Heroic or Legendary.

Starved For Shields0
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18 Nov 2014 18 Nov 2014 24 Nov 2014
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This achievement can be completed by simply loading up The Heretic on Heroic/Legendary with only the streaking skull active. You can skip the cut-scene and the achievement will pop.
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ShadowMachine X Worked great. Thanks.
Posted by ShadowMachine X on 20 Nov 14 at 20:39
Duality 290 Didn't work for me.
Posted by Duality 290 on 22 Nov 14 at 21:10
cB BaRriiCAdE it works you just need to ONLY have the streaking skull on
Posted by cB BaRriiCAdE on 23 Nov 14 at 05:56
Nhytmare I've added the only to the solution just to clarify.
Posted by Nhytmare on 24 Nov 14 at 01:56
DzeDawg Solution worked! Way too easy. This one is nearly on par with the 'press start to play' achievement.
Posted by DzeDawg on 25 Nov 14 at 15:52
Benn1e You can even skip both cut scenes and it still counts.
Posted by Benn1e on 01 Dec 14 at 00:49
Shadow XBL Nice. I was wondering if this worked.
Posted by Shadow XBL on 03 Dec 14 at 19:17
Shadow XBL confirmed! thanks.
Posted by Shadow XBL on 04 Dec 14 at 00:59
jc colding Can't pick Heretic mission when i go to mission tab.
And when i say quick start, i can't choose skulls. Any idea?
Posted by jc colding on 06 Dec 14 at 13:14
SockGORE828 Worked for me. seriously quick achievement. xsoenx not sure why you aren't able to select it under missions. It is the first one, so if you have played the campaign through you may need to scroll all the way left, but that is odd it won't let you select it.
Posted by SockGORE828 on 19 Dec 14 at 03:49
I Killed brunts Coop disables the heratic mission
Posted by I Killed brunts on 22 Dec 14 at 15:59
Strategy One 343 should be like facepalm
Posted by Strategy One on 30 Dec 14 at 07:27
CheneyHeadshot Absurdly easy! :)
Posted by CheneyHeadshot on 10 Jan 15 at 09:05
l BlackBrian7 l Thank god I read this before trying it normally. Thanks!
Posted by l BlackBrian7 l on 18 Jan 15 at 20:09
DragonFangDan Lol, perfect solution. Thanks.
Posted by DragonFangDan on 20 Jan 15 at 18:35
Samba still works, thank you
Posted by Samba on 27 Jan 15 at 10:47
wosmack still working today
Posted by wosmack on 19 Mar 15 at 06:45
TheOdd101 I thought this one would be a pain, thanks for this.
Posted by TheOdd101 on 22 Apr 15 at 07:59
sqidah Heavy, took me two hours..
Posted by sqidah on 21 May 15 at 20:43
MajorOfSweden lol, thx for that awesome solution! :D
Posted by MajorOfSweden on 02 Jun 15 at 14:54
scotwolf2 Thanks, quick n easy... thumbs up
Posted by scotwolf2 on 12 Jun 15 at 22:23
aka Kryptonian Fantastic solution!
Posted by aka Kryptonian on 25 Jun 15 at 09:40
V I can't believe you got a down vote on this its SUPER EASY! That person is just a hater... Thanks, for this quick method.
Posted by V on 27 Jun 15 at 19:54
Veezatron Still works 19th July 2015
Posted by Veezatron on 18 Jul 15 at 21:14
TMONEYRKO619 Still works 29th August 2015
Posted by TMONEYRKO619 on 30 Aug 15 at 03:40
Dan vasNormandy Thumbs up from me!
Posted by Dan vasNormandy on 08 Nov 15 at 22:57
Akester Still works 16th December 2015
Posted by Akester on 16 Dec 15 at 22:34
Moozipan Cheese Ha ha, wow it works! After spending a frustrating hour on the holo-drone and Scarab Gun achievements, this is exactly what I needed! Thanks.
Posted by Moozipan Cheese on 03 Jan 16 at 03:14
PHARREAL87 Still works January 4th 2016.

Posted by PHARREAL87 on 04 Jan 16 at 14:59
craig killed ya still works 2/2/16 (date ok for correct way and American)
Posted by craig killed ya on 02 Feb 16 at 23:27
Nhytmare ^
Posted by Nhytmare on 03 Feb 16 at 01:39
II7Mr Bubbles ^
Posted by II7Mr Bubbles on 20 May 16 at 01:27
aim employee 34 5/20/2016 still works!
Posted by aim employee 34 on 20 May 16 at 15:27
VaSaMiAn Thx dude, still works.
Posted by VaSaMiAn on 16 Aug 16 at 17:28
HeldMagicman Nice
Posted by HeldMagicman on 20 Aug 16 at 12:59
Dread Reaver Confirmed, still works as of 17 November 2016
Posted by Dread Reaver on 17 Nov 16 at 04:02
Drachen77 Yep, still works. Kind of funny that an achievement so easy to get has such a high ratio. I guess people need to read the guides.
Posted by Drachen77 on 21 Dec 16 at 19:28
Sharpnificent Works as of 5 March 2017
Posted by Sharpnificent on 05 Mar 17 at 20:57
ThinkBrightSide ^
Posted by ThinkBrightSide on 24 Mar 17 at 14:48
Im Invisible x thanks
Posted by Im Invisible x on 24 May 17 at 22:25
cooper101183 thanks
Posted by cooper101183 on 20 Apr 18 at 02:18
Flint Hisan Thanks for the info. Skipped the cut-scene and it popped as The Armory was loading up.
Posted by Flint Hisan on 22 Apr 18 at 08:54
MasterTimos Cheers! Easiest cheevo ever dance
Posted by MasterTimos on 23 Jul 18 at 03:37
Zerstuca 7/28/2018 Still Works, thanks!

*Popped when The Armory loaded up, but instantly on my phone app. Funny how the app works faster than the console. roll*
Posted by Zerstuca on 28 Jul 18 at 07:48
B4RN4RD5K1 September 7th, 2018: Still works! Haha, such an easy achievement! smile
Posted by B4RN4RD5K1 on 07 Sep 18 at 21:24
LaMaXxXFleey 18/03/19 still works. Thanks bud.
Posted by LaMaXxXFleey on 18 Mar 19 at 12:52
Darth6unner Still works 4/15/19 - big thumbs way up smile
Posted by Darth6unner on 15 Apr 19 at 12:37
Conga Scorpion Still works 6/25/19
Posted by Conga Scorpion on 25 Jun 19 at 16:36
Baradur Still works!
Posted by Baradur on 17 Nov 19 at 20:34
Billargh Yup, still works!
Posted by Billargh on 21 Dec 19 at 17:11
Costanzaaaaaaaa 1/2/20 - still works!
Posted by Costanzaaaaaaaa on 02 Jan at 09:52
Ninja Scroll Nice! Thanks! clap
Posted by Ninja Scroll on 09 Feb at 02:03