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To Live or Die in Los Santos

Complete the final mission.

To Live or Die in Los Santos0
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18 Nov 2014
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*Spoiler*(in the video and guide) Check the video for all endings
If you want to get this achievement very easely and fast pick the choice A or B because these missions are quite fast BUT if you are still trying to get other achievements and if you are enjoying the game and you don´t want to rush then you should choose the option C/Deathwish (the best ending in my opinion). Once you complete the mission, you will see the credits roll and the achievement will pop up too.

*Once again if you need other achievements make sure you create 2 save files, 1 before this mission and another when you complete this mission just to make sure that you get all the achievements in the game.
Don´t forget that if you want you can play all the ending choices by pressing START then GAME and then Replay Mission option.

Hope this guide and video were helpful if you have any questions and/or sugestions leave in the comments.
RotcatOohhh shit. I ended the game with killing Trevor- I had no strangers & freaks missions anymore with him. But is it now still possible to get further with the 100% ? I didn't made 2 saves :(
Posted by Rotcat on 09 Apr 16 at 11:52
Fireash322456i did the same with trevor and still forgot
Posted by Fireash322456 on 29 Mar 20 at 17:33