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Zombie Genocidest

Kill 53,595 Infected.

Zombie Genocidest0
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01 Jan 2009 09 Nov 2013
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There is an easy way to get this:

Start up a campaign of No Mercy on the final chapter on EXPERT. Start by killing off your AI teammates and then grab a pipe bomb. Leave the safe room run up the stairs and into the hallway. Immediately throw a pipe bomb down the hall and then run back to the safe room. After the pipe bomb blows up run back up the stairs into the hallway. Next run back to the safe room and close the door behind you.

A boomer, smoker, and hunter should spawn. Stand a good 3 or 4 steps back from the door and rubberband your controller's left trigger down. The boomer will constantly puke on you from the stairs summoning a horde of zombies every 45 seconds. you will melee them all to death.

I rubberbanded my controller and left it on all night and got around 30k kills in one night. Did it again the 2nd night and got the achievement. Send me a msg if you have any questions :D Happy Hunting!

Note: Be sure to go all the way back to main menu before quitting to dashboard. There are reports of people losing kills while quitting to dashboard from the loading screen.

*Still works as of November 2013*
Golden138This does work.!!
Posted by Golden138 on 01 Jan 09 at 18:00
BoxThis is perfect, I would try it out before you put the rubberband on so you can get the distance just right. Also I hit the guide buttons and went into the properties to turn my controller vibration off so that the controller didn't get hurt and the band wouldn't come off :P
Posted by Box#4473 on 04 Jan 09 at 09:54
BoxThis is perfect, I would try it out before you put the rubberband on so you can get the distance just right. Also I hit the guide buttons and went into the properties to turn my controller vibration off so that the controller didn't get hurt and the band wouldn't come off :P
Posted by Box#4473 on 04 Jan 09 at 10:12
BoxI had this going all day, I come back to find it at a loading screen and all my kills were gone :| so be careful.
Posted by Box#4473 on 05 Jan 09 at 04:00
Turonelwere u too close to the door? sometimes the boomer will run to the door and he has a pretty long reach....
Posted by Turonel on 05 Jan 09 at 15:30
Scottish HuskyHeres a video I came across
Posted by Scottish Husky on 12 Feb 09 at 12:33
CyberKnightWorked fine for me as of last night, post-update. Make sure you do a Single Player game and not creating a lobby on a server, because a server will consider you "idle" if your controller state doesn't change for a few moments (but a local, single player game won't care).

Also, as noted above (by Turonel A47), make sure you have the distance right. I recommend getting boomed on, then backing up several steps and inching forward until you find the point where you just start hitting zombies. Too close, and the boomer *will* reach through and claw you in between your melees. Watch the game for a few minutes before leaving it, to make sure you're not getting clawed.

(My first night's attempt only got me a couple thousand kills before the boomer must've clawed me to death, as I woke the next morning to find my character with the rest of the AI alive and healthy in the safe room waiting to move.)
Posted by CyberKnight on 02 Mar 09 at 16:15
Dark Cell NZI might have to do this. I'll never get it the un boosted way. Games too boring now.
Posted by Dark Cell NZ on 08 Mar 09 at 08:44
Danny St1vvyNOTE: Plug your play and charge kit in (wireless) or use a wired controller or you will go idle.
Posted by Danny St1vvy on 24 Mar 09 at 13:35
Timerider42There is a melee timer now. No more spamming.
Posted by Timerider42 on 22 Apr 09 at 15:43
TuronelWell i guess it's a good thing it doesn't matter what you think then :D
Posted by Turonel on 26 Apr 09 at 21:55
Turonelplus its not that much of an achievement anywayz if its possible to be done with a rubber band least i'm doing it myself and not game saving it
Posted by Turonel on 27 Apr 09 at 07:19
FletchsterThere is a melee timer now. No more spamming.
Posted by Timerider42 on 22 Apr 09 15:43:13

The melee timer only works for survival.
Posted by Fletchster on 28 Apr 09 at 11:55
Turoneli can confirm that this still works
Posted by Turonel on 29 Apr 09 at 04:30
bizarre oreoThis is a great video.
Posted by bizarre oreo on 29 Apr 09 at 22:03
L0TS OF PIEgood thing i haven't dled the update deffintley gonna unplug the ethernet and do it but IMO achievements are really just a reward for wasting money on their games and i think i deserve a reward for wasting probably $10 in electricity by leaving my xbox on for 2 nights
Posted by L0TS OF PIE on 07 Jun 09 at 02:44
Trickgizmothis still works even with the update as long as you play on single player.
Posted by Trickgizmo on 15 Jun 09 at 20:33
Chris KeyesI joined this website JUST because I read this guide. VERY NICELY DONE. My control and xbox are working its magic right now.
WORKING AS OF: June 24, 2009

Tips if this is not working for you:
You must stand in the HALLWAY! Throw the pipebomb DOWN the hallway.
After that, run back to the safe room, stand inside then run back into the hallway, turn around, run back into the saferoom and close the door.
Now you etheir:
a) Have the Boomer && Smoker (didn't see a hunter)
b) Just see a Smoker

In b)'s case, just kill the Smoker through the saferoom door (use a weapon) then run out back into the hallway again and run back.
This should make the boomer see you.
Restart if it did not work.

P.S. Heal after you see the boomer!!!!
P.S.S. You can stand farther away from the door & melee and still kill them EXPERIMENT.
P.S.S.S. Seriously? Rubber band the controller.
Posted by Chris Keyes on 24 Jun 09 at 22:37
GriZzly GRiPsometimes i would turn my t.v. on just to make sure it was working and the boomer would hide in the corner or up the stairs and his vomit wouldnt reach u so be careful
Posted by GriZzly GRiP on 16 Jul 09 at 18:24
One Eyed TighYes, it works...did a few thousand each night and had it before too long. I found that standing slightly to the left side while facing the door allowed the Boomer to always see/hit you from the stairs.

And make sure that you're not too close to the door, as some enemies will get an occasional lucky hit here and there and whittle down your health. It may take a little trial and error, but it DOES work.
Posted by One Eyed Tigh on 10 Aug 09 at 04:02
zagski13lol Clarion is telling us we don't desrve the achievement for rubberbanding when he has the 5 Avatar achievements on his profile.
Posted by zagski13 on 29 Aug 09 at 15:52
Posted by FattMikEAnarchy on 04 Sep 09 at 18:53
FailedSeppukuI have the 5 Avatar achievements and have finished the game, that makes me the awesome (i think :oP )!

Gonna give this a go in work, theres some great little ways to get the harder achieves in this game!
Posted by FailedSeppuku on 05 Sep 09 at 12:08
DeathGuard 123Hmm i was at 40k kills when i got back from work. so started playing myself, suddenly after i throw a molotov my game crashes and i'm back at 7k kills when i log back in....
Posted by DeathGuard 123 on 22 Sep 09 at 17:09
GizmoYIm having issues with this one!

Im doing it in 2 Hour bursts in my spare time, Yet i kept losing my kills and it was random to!

If for example i started on 6000 Kills and got 7500 Kills, i would get myself killed (as recommened above) to save my progress.

But when it came to restart, i was on 6800 Kills :S How does that work out?
Posted by GizmoY on 15 Oct 09 at 11:55
AptPupilSirSeems like a gnarly way to go about it, But still sitting under 20,000 kills is getting a bit annoying. Guess we shall have to give this one a go. Hopefully it can get me a few thousand and inch me towards Victory!
Posted by AptPupilSir on 21 Oct 09 at 02:51
Timerider42Worked for me on the PC and Xbox. On PC you just type +attack2 in the console.
Posted by Timerider42 on 25 Oct 09 at 20:10
OdenizedRubberbands are for losers
Posted by Odenized on 09 Nov 09 at 17:34
WanderSoul923This is a lazy way to get the achievement. Why even play the game?
Posted by WanderSoul923 on 26 Dec 09 at 13:54
I tried this last night but my controller kept shutting off after about 10-15 min of this. Not very practical if I have to sit here and turn my controller back on all the time. I was expecting to have the achievement when I woke up only to find my controller off and have only gained about 200 kills.
Posted on 27 Dec 09 at 17:52
JedgesaurusWorks like a charm but really needs either wired controller or play and charge kit otherwise the controller will turn off after 15 mins of it being idle. Bit annoying. Been needing to get a play and charge kit however..
Posted by Jedgesaurus on 09 Jan 10 at 19:35
CIN3RGYworks 100% just left my controller on a few nights and bingo "got it" the only bad thing is i wasn't there to see it pop up on the screen :(
Posted by CIN3RGY on 19 Jan 10 at 15:41
xxx iFIGHT xxxIt's amazing what 22 hours and a rubberband will get you?!
Posted by xxx iFIGHT xxx on 20 Jan 10 at 18:41
Negative ZZA Shanghai Surprise
Posted by Negative ZZ on 05 Feb 10 at 16:46
General Jourylol i still need the Achievement but i think that if i would rubberband the Controller, and leave the Xbox on all night, i will trigger a happy '' Red Ring of Death '' and i don`t want my Xbox dieing, its way too precious lol.
But anyway, i think i`ll try it for like maybe 6 hours a day or something like that.

Whatever, see ya guys =3
Posted by General Joury on 11 Feb 10 at 20:44
YoungSpicyBoyCan anyone confirm this still, as of March 20th?
Posted by YoungSpicyBoy on 20 Mar 10 at 13:31
camelman3Still works as of march 20th 2010.

As for all the haters "dissing" this method, i finished all other achievements (including dlc) while racking up only 23,000 kills. I had no desire in grinding out the rest and wasteing time. thanks to everyone for these time saving solutions and helpfull comments.
Posted by camelman3 on 21 Mar 10 at 21:02
keoskeyjust remember to finish the campaign or the kills you got will reset if you just exit happened to me 2 times
Posted by keoskey on 01 Apr 10 at 08:07
Adz j74Turonel,so if ya run back to the safe room and shut the door behind you,how are ya killin the zombies,are ya meleeing them through the door,sorry for being thick,and thanx for the guide,,wen i suss it,lol..
Posted by Adz j74 on 20 Apr 10 at 17:50
Turonelyou are hitting them through the bars on the door :D
Posted by Turonel on 25 Apr 10 at 18:06
JMJimmyA warning about this tactic: you can RROD your system (as happened to me!).
Posted by JMJimmy on 02 May 10 at 02:56
TuronelWow JMJimmy. You will not RROD your system by doing this technique. If your system fails while playing halo 3 do you tell everyone that halo 3 causes the RROD? It was just a coincidence. My 360 stays on for days at a time all the time and no problem. My 360 is hardly ever off.
Posted by Turonel on 02 May 10 at 13:11
x1001x PuppysWhat I do to prevent going back to the main menu is I move my guy to the left, and back to the right to his exact spot every 15 minutes.

I got about 3500 an hour doing this while I did homework among other things, and I hope to get it by the end of the week :)
Posted by x1001x Puppys on 10 May 10 at 20:19
SecondHeartbeatWorked perfect for me last night..netted about 30k kills like you. Tonight I'm having trouble setting it up for some reason : / eh, I should get it going eventually and hopefully I'll have the achievement when I wake up :)
Posted by SecondHeartbeat on 14 May 10 at 01:13
SecondHeartbeatWoke up and the damn boomer had got himself in a strange position were that he was vomiting through the wall into the safe room but none of it was hitting me..still made some decent progress though. Got it going perfect again right now fortunately so I definitely should have it in 2-3 hours.
Posted by SecondHeartbeat on 14 May 10 at 09:28
JMJimmy@Turonel Two systems in a row can handle Gears of War (Party Like it's 1999 achievement) running all night and RROD on this one. It maybe coincidence but it's also fairly taxing on the hardware since you have ~30 enemies (4 unique types) on screen in a tight area (ie: lots of collision detection going on) + lots of blood effects + the barf & smoker effects every 30 seconds. At the very least it's going to run your system hot which is the cause behind RROD (melting solders)
Posted by JMJimmy on 22 May 10 at 16:55
IAmCrimsonChinthis is awsom
Posted by IAmCrimsonChin on 07 Jun 10 at 10:36
mast3r 0r0m1sJust so you guys know, dont try and get 10k kills in one shot, do a couple thousand and do some of campaign or something and quit to main menu or your going to lose all your progress you did that day.
Posted by mast3r 0r0m1s on 20 Jun 10 at 04:06
Bluepianist 444This didn't work for me AND it erased like 2000 kills.
Posted by Bluepianist 444 on 29 Jun 10 at 14:09
Sora401KI think they may of patched this now, as I tired it for "The Littlest Genocide" and it seems after repeated motion for 5-10 mins you get kicked.
Posted by Sora401K on 12 Jul 10 at 05:42
Riispawn NationWow, works for me, I got 20K kills last night! Thanks!
Posted by Riispawn Nation on 21 Jul 10 at 17:04
TuronelUpdated and thanks
Posted by Turonel on 26 Jul 10 at 03:28
prokopstill works as of august 27th. did it last night and got all my kills. thanks bro
Posted by prokop on 27 Aug 10 at 16:41
Posted by Turonel on 27 Aug 10 at 16:52
NighthawkJoVConfirmed, still works. Got about 2.9k kills per hour with this method. Thanks!
Posted by NighthawkJoV on 28 Aug 10 at 12:31
Leo AscendentFor all people complaining, these kills take forever. I've gotten all except like 5 or 6 and I'm only at 15k, so this is awesome.
Posted by Leo Ascendent on 15 Sep 10 at 03:56
RaisukaiSacrifice update completely erased my kill count. That, or Valve is doing something I don't know about....
Posted by Raisukai on 12 Oct 10 at 17:27
xXCHAPTERF0URXxThank you so much for this, trying it right now and so far so good!
Posted by xXCHAPTERF0URXx on 25 Oct 10 at 23:27
BrodieIsGodMy kill count reset. Argh!
Posted by BrodieIsGod on 10 Nov 10 at 14:01
Roland de VauxThanks for the help! I was going after this achievement legit and was up to 38,000 kills until an update erased my progress. Nuts to that crap, I feel I deserve to rubber band this one.
Posted by Roland de Vaux on 13 Nov 10 at 00:58
Dropkick Hope86this still works on 7th dec. but do not do it for too long. i left my game doing it over night. i woke up and had racked up almost enough kills. i was a few thousand short so i thought i would leave it a lil longer. BAD IDEA. the game reset itself and all the progress i had made was reset. i am sick of progress being lost in this game 4th time i have lost progress for this achievement
Posted by Dropkick Hope86 on 07 Dec 10 at 07:14
DEVILjay357Wow.... that's pretty freakin' great. Now I'm gonna have to borrow the game again and grab that achievement.
Posted by DEVILjay357 on 09 Dec 10 at 02:51
BrumtownMangleri would just like to say a big F*CK YOU to valve!
53,595 zombies is a stupid and unfun ammount to kill, this is not dead rising! (its not even original in that sense)
so i have to grind this out? damaging both my console and pad in the process?
maybe i would have, BUT the latest patch for this game just reset my zombie kill count to 1...
i have completed all the campaigns and have only killed 1 zombie? i don't think so
furthermore i will not be paying an additional 560MSP to play the sacrifice on L4D when i have already paid for it on L4D2 - thats 1020MSP to play the SAME DLC twice?
it also took the liberty of adding the DLC cheevos to my list when i havent even bought it and then i look on here and find that some of the SACRIFICE cheevos don't even work!?
crappy coding, lack of play testing, ridiculous pricing scheme...
Posted by BrumtownMangler on 13 Dec 10 at 14:34
BenJScarStill works as of January 2011 post-update
Posted by BenJScar on 19 Jan 11 at 15:29
kbkM347W4DMight be my own system or connection. But in all respects This method did not work for me. at around 300-500 kills is would disconnect me from the server (too bad its not L4D2 with local server option).
And further more I agree with Brum. Rediculous that we have to pay 2x for the SAME DLC!!!! Valve thought you were okay till this little stunt. Want to send a shout-out to anyone who got this legit. But also in agreement with Roland and Brum again. Was at 46,000+ and then update erased my progress. Not worth the time to NOT boost this one. And one last thing Brum. With the new system not game updates all chievoes are added to your list if you bought the DLC or not.
Posted by kbkM347W4D on 25 Jan 11 at 16:16
JODAWbest solution for this cheev nice work
Posted by JODAW on 27 Jan 11 at 18:22
APB PlaysMy progress got boinked when the Sacrifice update came out, but now with the new Jan. 2011 patch, it automatically pushed my zombie kill count to 30,000, which is way more than I previously had. Go figure. But it will make this achievement easier in the long run.
Posted by APB Plays on 28 Jan 11 at 17:24
MulticronXHmm, none of the kills I got with this method counted at all.
Posted by MulticronX on 29 Jan 11 at 22:02
Trivial FactorI used this method and got it, but it was before the update. You could always delete your update and do it the old school way.
Posted by Trivial Factor on 12 Feb 11 at 15:49
EffordJust did this. 32,000 kills in 12 hours. Great method.
Posted by Efford on 22 Feb 11 at 16:53
AngloSaxtonWorked perfectly. Set it up before I left for work today(7am) and the achievement popped on by 1pm. I needed about 17k after finishing every other achievement and plenty of playing just for fun. Love this game but 53595 is just excessive.
Won't be home for another 4 hours, so I guess poor old Louis is going to be pointlessly killing another 12-15k zombies for no reason before I get home.

Great solution. Thanks.
Posted by AngloSaxton on 01 Mar 11 at 18:42
CONKER1182This is a great solution I had 16,000 something kills before I started and now when I get home I have 25,000 something kills.

Great job on this solution. Thanks. :)))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))
Posted by CONKER1182 on 15 Mar 11 at 21:19
Benn1eThis still works as off 28/03/11. Got 20,000 kills in 7 hours. Even if the boomer moves and you don't see him anymore, he wil still vomit on you through the wall. It might take him an extra few seconds to vomit on you if you can't see him.
Posted by Benn1e on 28 Mar 11 at 13:30
Big Papa RezJust tried the solution today April 7th 2011 using a wired controller with this method and it would not work for me. After 5 mins of non activity I got "Connection to server has been lost" and got booted to the main menu. tried several times and kept getting the same message so this must have been patch this week seeing that my friend just got this last week.
Posted by Big Papa Rez on 10 Apr 11 at 21:05
PhonySpooncan somebody please explain something to me?...i am following this guide perfectly i believe.....but the stupid boomer always rushes to the door and he eventually cna i get him to just stay on the steps???
Posted by PhonySpoon on 16 Apr 11 at 16:37
SCARLET HARL0TI can verify as of May 15th, 2011 this technique does still work, though it did get a couple of tries before the spawning of the special infected to occur correctly for this achievement to work as described.

What I found worked for me was after killing the bots, deploying the pipe bomb and going back to the safe room, I waited for the Smoker and Hunter to come down the stairs with the door closed. I killed both (good time for the Jumpshot achievement if you don't have it already), then ran back up the stairs and the Boomer was waiting in the hallway. After running back down, he followed me but the horde's natural spawning cycle occured at the same time and kept him from coming totally down the stairs. Once inside with the door shut, I positioned myself as far left as I could go (the Boomer bile was knocking me out of position as he threw up so this helped steady me) and backed up as far as I could, making sure I was only hitting the infected that were right against the door, NOT the whole group at the same time. It took longer to do, but any closer and the Boomer can hit you and do damage and occasionally the Smoker and Hunter do as well if they manage to hit you at just the right point in your melee. By positioning myself far left, I also noticed the Boomer did spend a majority of his time on the landing before the landing facing the door, so he came to the door only very, very occasionally.

I noticed a wave of zombies every 45 to 47seconds that took about 20-35 seconds to knock down, depending on the volume of zombies and if the special infected managed to work their way to the front of the group. The Boomer did occasionally wander down the stairs and get knocked back to his position on the stairs. I can't be sure, but I do think I did manage to hit him enough where he died, though the waves of infected still come every 90 seconds or so (the in-game cycle) and another Boomer did eventually come again and the cycle repeated. When I was done, I didn't just log out, I completed the level so I could make sure I kept my kills.

For those who want a reference so they can try and duplicate where I was standing, I stood far left, facing the stairs... The bar just below the "exit" sign on the door was lined up so the bottom corner of the bar was almost exactly at the halfway point (or a straight line from the nose) of the on-screen skull for player 3 (the player furthest to the right, not counting you), and the very bottom edge of said bar and point was just barely, barely on the very top of the on-screen skull. Also, the railing for the stairs was exactly at the bottom right corner of the door's window and through the exact middle the intersection where the middle horizontal bar of the window intersects with the vertical bar that is second over from the furthest right vertical bar. The upper part of the railing went almost perfectly into the upper right corner of the open window as well. So from my angle, the railing made a visual triangle with the right side of the door's open window.
I did not do this until the achievement unlocked... I have over the course of normal playing killed about 42k of infected but somehow my counter was reset, so I did it only to get back to the level I was at before the mysterious reset that undid all the work I'd done since launch (so... 3 years of work?). However, I did over the time I did this go from 247 kills to over 37k.

I will say, make sure you remember to shut off the vibrate on the controller. I didn't and since it took me awhile to get set up the way that worked, I didn't want to go and tinker with the settings so I had to cram the controller between pillows on the couch to keep from hearing it go off for 8 hours.
Posted by SCARLET HARL0T on 15 May 11 at 17:54
SCARLET HARL0TOh, also played on single player, not on online player campaign. Prevented me from going idle.
Posted by SCARLET HARL0T on 15 May 11 at 17:56
STlNKY FINGERGood solution.
Posted by STlNKY FINGER on 07 Jun 11 at 01:05
JediJohnny7I tried this last night, and I got myself up to around 18k kills. So I figured I would save these kills for now and carry on with them later. So I carried on with the level going all the way up to the top of the ladder and killing myself by jumping off, then quit back to the main menu. And now today I go back onto the game and find its gone back down to 8k kills.

WTFFFFFFFFFFFFF WHY DID THIS FUCKING HAPPEN? Thought quitting to the main menu works :/
Posted by JediJohnny7 on 14 Jun 11 at 15:43
Harlequin GodDoes not seem to work anymore, after a while, or more like one round of infected, even though the boomer hits you with vomit and more infected appear, they stop counting towards your total. You can then try shooting them or the boomer, and eventually you get wave after wave of infected anyway due to waiting around, but the melee thing stops registering kills and well it gets kind of boring if you actually have to shot and reload.
Posted by Harlequin God on 16 Jun 11 at 09:08
boldyno1Worked for me last night, make sure your doing it on single player, kill the other 3 ai and away you go.

I switched to easy after the first wave come, just make sure you have plug and play in as well.
Posted by boldyno1 on 16 Jun 11 at 15:02
Harlequin GodI did play it on single player offline, yes the set up works, i get to a point where i can melee infinite zombies , but the problem is the kill count doesnt go up in the achievements, i left in on for 2 hours and my kill count didnt even go up by a 100.
Posted by Harlequin God on 16 Jun 11 at 22:10
Tony Starcworks as of 7/8/11. here's exactly what i did:

- change difficulty to expert
- kill teammates with a shotgun + grab a pipe bomb
- run up the stairs (melee'ing any zombies along the way), walk a little bit into the hallway and toss the pipe bomb
- run back to safehouse, don't close the door
- run back up the stairs a little into the hallway, wait 3-4 seconds, rush back to safehouse
- close the door and position yourself a few steps back. when you can't hit them, inch yourself forward until you can barely hit them. this ensures you wont take random damage.

taped down my lt with tape, let it sit there. watched tv and hit the jump button every now and then to make sure the controller doesn't go off. kills racked up, then i just hit start and quit and the kills were there at the menu. just make sure the kills are going up in the achievements list in the menu and you'll be fine
Posted by Tony Starc on 08 Jul 11 at 09:15
MarkLaing07still works as of 12th july 2011 tape or rubber band and leave it over night
Posted by MarkLaing07 on 16 Jul 11 at 18:26
TigressMojoThis stills works GREAT !!! Did it last night went from 20,ooo killed to 53,000. I left my new slim xbox on 10hrs and killed 33,000 using this solution. If you have older boxes leave on for shorter times maybe don't risk burn out. Make sure get position right 1st attempt died within hr. re-positioned checked bck after watching tv 2 hrs. Left over night.

Also you must have wired controller or plug and play charge kit.
Amazon has Charge Kit for $14.99 not a bad price to pay.
Posted by TigressMojo on 22 Jul 11 at 14:21
TwistMckawesome solution. Thanks :D
Posted by TwistMck on 10 Aug 11 at 21:01
TuronelGlad I could help.
Posted by Turonel on 25 Sep 11 at 18:56
Dacius DeciumJust so you guys know this method still works as of this posting. Another note that I'd like to add is that any kills accrued for the 'The Littlest Genocide' achievement will count against the 'Zombie Genocidest' achievement as well.
Posted by Dacius Decium on 11 Nov 11 at 10:36
Barnsley PalI am using this right now and it works really well. For those like me who only have a wireless controller, you obviously need to keep the controller active. I found the easiest way to do this is quickly push the crouch button (LB) twice every 10-15 minutes. It is easier than moving the joystick because you can be sure that you are still exactly on target.
Posted by Barnsley Pal on 14 Dec 11 at 13:18
wiLLYb0ifR3Shtook me about 3 tries for my kills to actually register but still works great
Posted by wiLLYb0ifR3Sh on 25 Jan 12 at 22:41
Doc ChopperAfter my killcount got reseted when i cleared my harddrive chache, i started to use this method. I now have 40k kills after 10 hours or so. Works perfectly fine in singleplayer. The first time i was in a selfcreated lobby, when i let the console one during work, just to notice, i was back on the title screen when i returned home.

Posted by Doc Chopper on 14 Feb 12 at 08:51
Basanakingot 7800+ kills in 2 hours and 57 minutes

So easy ^^
Posted by Basanakin on 16 Apr 12 at 11:26
Morpheus414Also, make sure to save(exit to main menu) semi-frequently. Don't be stupid like me and try to get ALL 53,000 in one sitting. I checked a few times, went up to 22,000--then 34,000. Next thing I see is the damn Valve logo, and I get bumped back down to 6,000. So...Don't forget that!
Posted by Morpheus414 on 04 May 12 at 20:00
FallenLegateI don't know if it's L4D or xbox being broken. I keep getting randomly put back to the main site and it states "a sign in change has occurred". I think it's from going afk for so long or something. I have no idea why it's doing it but it puts me at the main screen but i'm still connected to live. I assume it's from going full idle or it's part of one of the updates to prevent idling and I assume it'd stop if I removed the updates but to lazy and sick of it resetting my stats :P. Going to just tap A every now and then and it works fine when I do that.
Posted by FallenLegate on 09 May 12 at 01:02
FallenLegateWorked last night. Still works online. Guess I was losing xbox live connection randomly or some kind of network issue yesterday. Thanks for the guide.
Posted by FallenLegate on 09 May 12 at 11:29
hckyplyr20It's working for me right now. Anyone have a solution for someone who only has wireless controllers like myself? I'm doing it during the day and occasionally touching a button so that it staying on. I can't do it overnight because the controller just shuts off after 30 minutes or so.
Posted by hckyplyr20 on 17 Jun 12 at 20:22
Hunter KahnI can't seem to make this work. Sometimes I can get it rigged up to the point that it appears to be working, but I check back in a half hour and the Boomer has moved to an area where his vomit isn't hitting me anymore. Most of the case though I can't get the boomer to stay at a distance. He'll just come down to the door with the rest of the zombies and starting hitting me and my rubber-banded controller melees him a few times until he dies and the whole thing stops.

Am I missing something or doing anything wrong?
Posted by Hunter Kahn on 01 Aug 12 at 18:25
Hunter KahnFYI, this method did eventually work for me but it was a bit hit or miss and I had to do it several times. I had to keep moving so that the Boomer would be barely within my vision at the top of the stairs, kind of moving to the side so only his arm and part of his face was visible. Eventually I'd get it so that I could rubber band the controller and leave it, but a few times I'd wake up the next day to find somehow the boomer moved and wasn't vomiting on me anymore. Still, after a few tries, I did eventually rack up the kills. Thanks for the guide!
Posted by Hunter Kahn on 08 Aug 12 at 02:18
EggBigotGreat way to grind while you go other things. Thank thumbs up!
Posted by EggBigot on 13 Aug 12 at 15:36
chefdrew07Still works as of October 17, 2012
Posted by chefdrew07 on 19 Oct 12 at 02:01
llDurbinllI'm having an issue doing this. I've left it running for two nights and it was fine when I checked in the morning but when I get home in the afternoon its returned me to the main menu. I've selected single player both times but it keeps kicking me out. Any ideas?
Posted by llDurbinll on 28 Dec 12 at 22:59
hunterIVI had a weird little mistake all night. Somehow, after I turned my TV off, my reticule moved down enough so I wasn't hitting the zombies but I was getting vomited on all night. Now that I moved it back up and am killing the zombies, the boomer has stopped vomiting, but an infinite stream of zombies are running up to the door at super speed and waiting to be killed. Very strange!
Posted by hunterIV on 06 Feb 13 at 14:08
GW2I did this for around 10 hours today and i was up from 181000 to 35000 the last time I checked on it (about half way through) but I left for the rest and when I got back I noticed the intro cutscene was playing so I figured the game ended somehow, I checked the achievement tracker and all my progress is gone! WTF!
Posted by GW2 on 27 Mar 13 at 06:23
SwearySeanI can confirm this still works. Dunno what you other guys are doing wrong.
Posted by SwearySean on 01 Apr 13 at 14:52
GameOverFaboI second Mr. HingedMonster. It still works. Got smoker, hunter and boomer on every single try. But just to be on the safe side, I am exiting to the main menu every 5.000 kills or so.
Posted by GameOverFabo on 18 Apr 13 at 09:11
JTOKES 420 1989awesome method i didnt want to do it all over on my new profile so this method was great left it on while i went to work 15000+ kills when i got back went to sleep 20000+ kills.hats off to u and thanx 4 a very good solution
Posted by JTOKES 420 1989 on 22 Apr 13 at 17:02
Mobius EvalonI love methods like this where I can get achievements while I sleep. Still works best I can tell, just set it up now.
Posted by Mobius Evalon on 27 Apr 13 at 22:00
DUTCH HOSSWorked like a charm!
Posted by DUTCH HOSS on 14 May 13 at 05:26
Fuzzy Gray WolfHad to lure the boomer down, but still works!
Posted by Fuzzy Gray Wolf on 13 Jul 13 at 14:11
ShaneKarmaI can't thank you enough for sharing this, Thank you for the bonus hours of my life!
Posted by ShaneKarma on 15 Jul 13 at 00:36
DJ RJesterStill works 12/08/13. Thanks for the tip, I like grinding for some achievements but this one I could not bring myself to do, was only up to 10,000 kills after attaining every other achievement in the game.
People really shouldn't vote negative for something that isn't cheating and is saving you mindless hours of replaying the same thing over & over.
Posted by DJ RJester on 13 Aug 13 at 06:13
DetsEightyOneSCARLET HARLOT's comment is gold, thanks for great guide! 12/22/13
Posted by DetsEightyOne on 22 Dec 13 at 13:38
WAR PsycoI can get this set up correctly, and it seems that i am killing the zombies, the boomer isn't moving anywhere but my kill count in not increasing at all. once i move my guy a little it will go up a bit but otherwise nothing, any tips or suggestions ?
Posted by WAR Psyco on 02 Jan 14 at 08:42
TheBongoFuryThis works kind of like a charm. Only, after kills, the screen went black. And I returned to main menu, all kills gone. WTF?!?
Posted by TheBongoFury on 10 Jan 14 at 09:57
Detr0itz Pr1nceJust competed this achievement the other day and it still works. I let it run while I was sleep and only needed 1500 or so when I woke the next morning.
Posted by Detr0itz Pr1nce on 08 Mar 14 at 03:27
McLovin88869Banded my controller and watched Braveheart in the meantime come back after and only like 5,000 kills? Braveheart is 3 friggin hours plus commercials! What the hell
Posted by McLovin88869 on 13 Mar 14 at 01:36
xX Au5t3n XxStill works as of today. Would recommend keeping an eye on it tho as mine froze after getting fifteen thousand kills and had to redo them.
Posted by xX Au5t3n Xx on 22 Apr 14 at 02:37
VaseraxStill works as of 05/06/14. Thanks!
Posted by Vaserax on 07 May 14 at 00:44
KanchanaburiDon't know if anyone will read this far, or if it has already been said....BUT DO NOT CLEAR YOUR CACHE WHILE GOING FOR THIS! I Did and It resets your counters. It reset them when I cleared it and then reset them again when I reinstalled the update
Posted by Kanchanaburi on 17 Jun 14 at 14:19
very good solution!!!
Posted on 04 Nov 14 at 10:40
BabyishDuckHello, I'm thinking of starting this method now. Just wondering what's the best way to rubber band your controller?

thank you
Posted by BabyishDuck on 11 Nov 14 at 20:34
SwearySeanWith a... rubber band, believe it or not
Posted by SwearySean on 11 Nov 14 at 21:03
scotwolf2Did this last night, took a couple goes to get it just right I.e. getting boomer to come to the stairs, but with boomer on the stairs barfing on me I got a horde about every 45 seconds I stood just to left of door rubber banded mêlée trigger and left it.
P.S I used wired controller

I was about 30000 kills before doing this and from approx. 1 am till 7am I got the kills needed over 20000+ kills in six hours pretty good going

Give this a go I would have got it far quicker, easily doable over couple of nights.
Thumbs up from me......thanks
Posted by scotwolf2 on 15 Dec 14 at 11:49
Chop Tops plateThumbs up and thank you for this solution. My first go I had it running overnight and awoke to having gained over 20k but went to finish the mission and got jumped on by a hunter and lost all progress. I currently have it running and will try quitting to main menu after a few hours.
Posted by Chop Tops plate on 23 Dec 14 at 20:02
SpKXmasSpiritthanks for helping me knock out an achievement that I thought I'd never pick up, everything worked perfectly.. just have to keep turning the flashlight on and off with a wireless controller
Posted by SpKXmasSpirit on 28 Jan 15 at 00:17
RainleafThanks , saves a lot of time clap
Posted by Rainleaf on 28 May 15 at 21:55
Eric FiltroI tried this as of November 2015 and still works perfectly. I followed the exact same instructions as the solution suggests.
Posted by Eric Filtro on 09 Nov 15 at 10:38
ChubbySweetheadgreat solution. the worst thing was trying to figure out the best place to stand so to not get hit. plus 1 from me
Posted by ChubbySweethead on 22 Mar 16 at 08:47
Mysterio400lol, I'm at work and this site says it just popped for me about an hour ago. Awesome guide, +1.
Posted by Mysterio400 on 17 Jun 16 at 20:56
CoPeLiToThx !!! Acheivement pops finally !! I plug my Madcatz TE when I found the perfect spot in the safe zone. My coffee mug on the "LT" button and let's roll for 7 hours :D

Posted by CoPeLiTo on 20 Jul 16 at 23:12
DarkestSerenadeI woke up to the intro playing it completely put back to the start menu and the kills didn't save. Gotta keep a better eye on it. Only slept for 4 hours
Posted by DarkestSerenade on 04 Jun 17 at 10:12
Jacob4526went from 50k back down to 15k angry
Posted by Jacob4526 on 05 Jun 17 at 20:56
CodeRedAddictMDSet this up last night, had no problem, still works, achievement popped in my sleep, completing my ABC Challenge!
Posted by CodeRedAddictMD on 13 Jun 17 at 18:26
Inferno118Method doesn't work anymore. Only hunter and smoker follow u, and if u go back to the hallway with the boomer he just runs backwards in the opposite direction
Posted by Inferno118 on 21 Aug 17 at 01:48
JMJimmyMethod still works, that's standard Boomer AI. After he barfs he goes into "flight mode" when you go near... wait for him to recharge and he'll start following again
Posted by JMJimmy on 21 Aug 17 at 02:42
adamrulzMethod Ian still working right now, 9/25/2017. Just started it up and already have 150 kills in less than 20 mins. Mega THUMBS UP DUDE!!!! THAAAAAAAAANK YOOOUUUU!!!!!
Posted by adamrulz on 26 Sep 17 at 00:59
adamrulzJust as update for what I had to do. At first the boomer came as did a smoker and hunter... I killed them all and accidentally got the boomer too. Boomer never spawned for 5 mins, til I killed 3 smokers and 2 hunters... I got them to respawn after running back up the steps and right back down after hitting the hallway. Worked on the 3rd try, killed smoker and hunter and boomer has been on the steps for the last hour and a half, puking every 30 seconds... I have over 5k kills in under two hours. Absolutely genius!!!!!
Posted by adamrulz on 26 Sep 17 at 02:51
Inferno118Yeah so turns out obviously I was wrong, but this strategy still messes up but still definitely the best strategy. My boomer stopped puking on me and I had to move after 4k kills. But luckily I saw it before I went to bed, hopefully I’m able to keep him puking on me by the time I wake up
Posted by Inferno118 on 19 Nov 17 at 06:35
HaztronauttBeen doing this a few hours now, works like a charm. Great solution :)
Posted by Haztronautt on 19 Nov 17 at 21:26
CKnowles93The method itself still works great on xbox one. Unfortunately the controller still goes idle after 15 mins even with the rubber band. Nevertheless still helps massively
Posted by CKnowles93 on 03 May 19 at 21:21
NaywynJThis still works as of 2019.
If you're playing on Xbox One just plug in the controller via USB and it should still stay on.

Another tip i have is that taping or rubber banding your triggers could ruin the springs in the triggers making them loose so what i would recommend is to change controller preset in the settings to "Config 3" which moves the melee button to RB and then you can just tape down the RB button and leave it on for the night until you earn the achievement.
Posted by NaywynJ on 12 Jun 19 at 19:15
Old ZengunnerAwesome solution! Thanks for the great time-saver!!
Posted by Old Zengunner on 04 Dec 19 at 19:58
xNewFieBoixI am currently working on this achievement now and using this method.Seems to be working as of right now, stay tuned for an update. I currently have 47 000 kills.

Stay tuned for an update later today!!
Posted by xNewFieBoix on 01 Jan 20 at 20:15
HungryNic42Is it safe to turn the tv off while doing this?
Posted by HungryNic42 on 27 Sep 20 at 07:47
HungryNic42My Xbox shut off on its own, how do I turn that feature off
Posted by HungryNic42 on 27 Sep 20 at 17:12
LukzillaX@HungryNic42 you should go to Settings > Power & startup > Don't turn off automatically. I also recommend you to connect your controller to a USB cable to avoid it turning off.

I'm doing this cheevo on Crash Course Finale over the top of the other generator (by the wall) and I think this method is a lot easier than this one, because you dont depend on Boomers. There's a guide from @Cheezy Cheezes here on TA.
Posted by LukzillaX on 03 Oct 20 at 15:49
Still works now in 2020
Posted on 25 Nov 20 at 14:16
AHTOOOLLIStill works and we are all still alive in 2021 :D
Posted by AHTOOOLLI on 06 Jan 21 at 00:40
RadgetaThis method popped for me on June 29th 2021 while I was at work.
Posted by Radgeta on 29 Jun 21 at 18:47
XxBiG MaTT 77xXGoing strong as of 9/8/21. Thanks!
Posted by XxBiG MaTT 77xX on 08 Sep 21 at 19:49
otaku1412Method still works as of 1/25/2022. Great guide
Posted by otaku1412 on 25 Jan at 12:02
DefancinManBest method, can still do this in a couple of days as of 3/18/2022.
Posted by DefancinMan on 18 Mar at 21:58
PrioritiessStill works as of 3/20/2022
Posted by Prioritiess on 21 Mar at 00:33
FreakyROBig Ell, this still works as of 9/7/22.
Posted by FreakyRO on 10 Jul at 18:17