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Play GTA V in first person mode for 15 hours.

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20 Nov 2014 20 Nov 2014 20 Nov 2014
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For this achievement, all you have to do is spend 15 hours in FPS mode. To play in first person mode by pressing cn_back a few times. You can try play through the campaign and multiplayer to get your 15 hours.


This achievement is easly attainable by finding a nice quite alley for your character, plug your controller in by USB and go do something else (overnight or during a shift at work). After your game hits the time mark you unlock the achievements. If you're unsure you have unlocked it, check your notifications.

Happy hunting! wave
jvest Maybe you could add to your solution, that you can check your progress on under gtav--> stats --> general
Posted by jvest on 21 Nov 14 at 09:41
StoneAgeMachine You can also check ingame under stats-> general
Posted by StoneAgeMachine on 01 Dec 14 at 00:31
Arador jvest is wrong, it's under Career not General
Posted by Arador on 11 Mar 15 at 09:14
Gundel AvHeadi hmm didnt work for me my xbox was 12 hours on while i played gta in ego perpective and the statistic counter says : time in ego: 1hour
Posted by Gundel AvHeadi on 23 Sep 15 at 07:23
Gundel AvHeadi hmm didnt work for me my xbox was 12 hours on while i played gta in ego perpective and the statistic counter says : time in ego: 1hour
Posted by Gundel AvHeadi on 23 Sep 15 at 08:15
Tonicarborist Where in the social club can you check the stats for time spent in first person?
Posted by Tonicarborist on 14 Jan 16 at 22:26
EmiLy ez multiplayer does not count
Posted by EmiLy ez on 16 Jan 16 at 01:14
Yazite Just to clarify, would it be better just to do it in one sitting? Or does it still add up fine in multiple sittings?
Posted by Yazite on 19 Jan 16 at 11:12
Runner eGirl ^^ It's cumulative, no need to do it in one sitting. However, I had 4+ hours in MP and I still had to get to 15 hours in single player, so I guess it is only SP or it's all 15 hours in the same mode at best.
Posted by Runner eGirl on 07 May 16 at 22:01
AWOL Xenif Just a heads up. Rockstar Social Club (not sure how often it refreshes) was showing me as 4m after a while-I-slept idling for the achievement. However the game says I'm at 10h, so to get a more accurate number I'd check the in-game stats.
Posted by AWOL Xenif on 11 Aug 16 at 17:41
KEBAB MASSACRE Does not work for me on the xbox one. after 15minutes my controller gets disconnected (even when plugged in via usb. This is an annoying achievement. I have every achievement except this one and i really could not stand playing this game in first person.
Posted by KEBAB MASSACRE on 09 Jun 17 at 02:23
TheIcemanCometh Came here to say the same thing as Kebab Massacre in regards to the controller turning off. Even taping a stick forward or to the side isn't enough to keep it from turning off.
Posted by TheIcemanCometh on 30 Oct 17 at 09:35
BusyRich Yeah, this guide is incorrect I'm afraid. Even a plugged in, rubber banded controller will go to sleep after 15 minutes. You can leave it running while doing other things, but you're gonna have to jog it every 15 minutes to keep the clock ticking so there's little point in setting it up to run overnight or while you're out of the house.
Posted by BusyRich on 10 Jan 18 at 17:19
NE0 31 I unlocked this cheev with 7h 29m 8s on story mode & 8h 4m 54s online mode with a total of 15h 34m 2s.
Posted by NE0 31 on 26 Jan 18 at 10:43
L4D Pills Here Controller turns off even when plugged in, maybe you should mention that in solution
Posted by L4D Pills Here on 10 Jul 18 at 01:14
The Sharkopath Solution was great but needs to be updated since Xbox added the "away" screen details when the system idles too long and stops the timer bc it pauses the game.
Posted by The Sharkopath on 11 Sep 18 at 20:17
The Nerds Club UPDATE: Solution is still valid & works Xbox fixed the controller issue. I just tried I have xbox one x & controller battery charge pack it comes with a long usb cord which I used with this guide I only got 7hrs in though but still works.
Posted by The Nerds Club on 25 Jun 19 at 14:10
TonyTwoSteaks Agreed. I had a controller plugged in and left it idle over night. Only got ten minutes of time logged. An Xbox message was idle on the screen showing achievement details. Trying again rubberbanding it.
Posted by TonyTwoSteaks on 04 Jul 19 at 00:43
Large Coffee 69 Solution is definitely NOT VALID!
Controller keeps disconnecting!!
Posted by Large Coffee 69 on 24 Jul 19 at 19:53
SSahm A usb on a wireless controller WILL NOT stay connected. However, if you have a wired controller and change your idle setting to "never shut off" it will stay on.
Posted by SSahm on 17 Sep 19 at 05:28
DeniWhiteRPG FPS mode on this game it's the worst that can be!
Posted by DeniWhiteRPG on 30 Oct 19 at 07:00
Apostle92627 If something goes wrong and it exits on you, you lose progress. I just learned that the hard way. Not happy, since I went from 10+ hours back down to under 3. angry

To avoid this issue, you can press cn_up and select Quick Save.
Posted by Apostle92627 on 06 Jan at 14:04