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Skulltaker Halo: CE: Bandana

Halo CE: Find and claim the Bandanna skull in remastered mode.

Skulltaker Halo: CE: Bandana0
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20 Nov 2014 20 Nov 2014
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If you have 2 controllers or playing onlineco-op, have one person crouch jump into the first window as you go down the hall and move as far right as possible without falling off. Kill the other person and they should spawn on top of you; if they don't keep inching right until they do (you may have to have the one in the window facing down the hall)

Once they spawn on top of you, simply jump up and grab the skull. The below video (which is not mine so I take no credit for it) shows it :)
GeoffistophelesDecidedly the easiest way to get it. Thanks!
Posted by Geoffistopheles on 27 Dec 14 at 13:40
PuzlaDefinitely works. Cheers
Posted by Puzla on 15 Dec 19 at 01:47
TeamBonesCOThanks! Took a while but I finally got it on the console.
Posted by TeamBonesCO on 08 Jan at 03:19
zZGRIMJIMZzNice and easy perfect way to get it thanks
Posted by zZGRIMJIMZz on 25 Jul at 10:02