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PGR On Demand - Photo

Upload a photo and vote on a photo in PGR On Demand

PGR On Demand - Photo0
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01 Jan 2009
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In your career garage, just take any photo of one of your cars and it'll ask you to upload it or you can take one during a race, but this method is quicker if you're only after the achievement. Do so, then go over and vote on one of the photos that are on your wall. Simple as that. [Must be connected to Xbox live, by the way.]
B8TINGUHmm. Didn't think of that. I accidently found this durring one of my custom races.. if you go to the pause menu it gives you the option of camera mode.. poped in on that took a photo, then it asked me if I wanted to upload it. Did that and then whenI was in the main menu go to PGR on Demand - View Photos - my photos and then it will bring up a list of all your photos, choose one and an press X to vote on it.. right after my achievement unlocked!

Your way sound a bit faster and easier thumbs up!
Posted by B8TINGU on 14 Aug 11 at 08:07
mms99brI get the photo but no ask for upload, any manual method ?
Posted by mms99br on 28 Sep 12 at 22:16
nV KiD RoBoTcan you still unlock this?
Posted by nV KiD RoBoT on 10 Nov 12 at 15:22
GRECO827I don't think we can pop these achievements anymore
Posted by GRECO827 on 07 Dec 12 at 02:42
itsamultipassDoesn't work as of Aug 12 2013. PGR On Demand is unavailable.
Posted by itsamultipass on 12 Aug 13 at 23:44
Posted by Manb3arSquirrel on 13 Aug 16 at 15:23